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Lantosque Cemetery

Lantosque Cemetery

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Surnames: Oakman
Jeannette (Thaon) Oakman has recently passed away and the obituary says: "Burial will be with her husband, Bob, in Lantosque, France."

I cannot find a name for that cemetery. Can someone help me? Thank you.


Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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Lantosque is the name of a very beautiful town located high in the Vésubie Valley 20 km north of Nice, adjacent to a national park (Parc national du Mercantour). The town has 1,260 residents, and it famous for a chestnut festival in the mountain foothills each autumn.

Your cemetery is located in this town.

Here is an article about Lantosque at Wikipédia (français) :

(There is also an article at English Wikipedia, but it does not have any information.)

Please search for Lantosque at Google Images to see photos of this really lovely place.

I hope you can visit some day !

Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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Thank you for your answer.

I have looked all over the internet before posting this question, including Wikipedia. The specific thing I am looking for is the name of the cemetery.

Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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I don't understand.

Every small town in France has one cemetery. The cemetery has the same name as the town. They do not have special names.

(In a towns with more than one cemetery, a cemetery almost always has the name of the nearest church, usually for Blessed Mary, or a saint. In medium cities, cemeteries have mostly Catholic names, such as Miséricorde, Assomption, etc. In largest cities, cemeteries are mostly named for topographical place names, such as Montmarte, Montparnasse, Le Tertre, Boutellerie (an old factory), etc.)

What more is to know?

Lantosque is a very small place. Why is Lantosque Cemetery not satisfactory for you?

All I can say is write to the mayor of Lantosque. His name is Jean THAON. Here is his complete address:

Mairie de Lantosque village

Or better, call him on your telephone. His telephone number is : 08 99 69 58 50 --- Note: The city hall is only open Monday through Wednesday & Friday 8h00 to 12h00, and on Thursday 14h00 to 17h00.

Here is the official French government informational website for Lantosque if you are looking for other informations:

Bonne quête !

Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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Thank you for the explanation. Many times here in US the cemetery does not have the name of the town but something about the area, like Lakeview, Lakeside or Forest Home. I appreciate your time.

Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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Surnames: Annesley
I noted your comments about the Lantosque Cemetery, and like the other lady we have a relative who died in France in Cannes Alpes-Martimes Provence Alpes Cote de'Azure. Would that mean that he was burried in the Cannes Cemetery?, being that it is in the Martimes Provence in the Cote de'Azure region. We have driven around France, and unfortunately we did not know this information at the time. His name was Arthur Annesley.

Re: Lantosque Cemetery

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Cannes is not at all like tiny Lantosque. It is a large city with two very large cemeteries -- Cimetière du Grand Jas and Cimetière Abadie -- and a crematorium.

If your relative died in the city of Cannes within the last 75 years, write to the mairie (city hall) or directly to the cemeteries or crematotium with the full name and death death date of your ancestor, and request information about the place of burial.


Mairie, 1 place Cornut-Gentille, CS 30140, 06406 CANNES Cedex.

Cimetière du Grand Jas, 205 avenue de Grasse, 06400 CANNES

Cimetière Abadie, 258 avenue Michel Jourdan, 06150 CANNES LA BOCCA

Crématorium, Chemin de la Plaine de Laval, 06150 CANNES LA BOCCA

They usually reply quickly.

Also, here is a link to the website of the cemeteries of Cannes:
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