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Surnames: Holloway, Holaway
I am looking for anyone who has any information on my father's family.

My grandfather is buried in String Prairie Cemetery and his headstone says Charley Macklin Holaway, April 22, 1867 to July 21, 1921.

My father is buried in Pebble Stone and was born the month after his father was killed.

Any information you can provide will be so appreciated. I have so little information.

My grandmother (Renia Flinn Holloway) remarried Hall Tyson.

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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Surnames: Hollaway, Holloway
I dont have personal info on this family, but i have just entered a bunch of names with pictures of the headstones for Pebble Grove Cemetery, Milam Co TX and some of these names were entered at FINDAGRAVE.COM

Maybe this will help

Re: Hollaway/Holloway - Charles M., son of Pricy of Jackson Co., AL, & Milam Co., TX

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I don't want to go too far out on a limb because I'm new to this Holloway family (and am not even a Holloway descendant - studying them for earlier connections back in Alabama and Georgia) ... but I do think I can give you some avenues.

The man listed on the census in 1900 in Milam Co. as "Charliie H. Holloway," son of Pricy Holloway has a birth on the census as Apr 1869. The same man seems to be listed in 1910 in Milam Co. with a FIRST family as "Clay M. Holloway."

He's "Charles M. Holloway" (son of Pricy Holloway) on the 1880 census in Jackson Co., AL. In 1870 in Jackson Co., AL, he's just plain "Charles Holloway," son of "Prica Holloway."

His brother is James Milton Holloway, last found on the 1930 census of Carter Co., OK. His sister is "Ann Eliza Holloway" who md. Elisha Lewallen (found living inside Pricy Holloway's household in 1900 in Milam Co.). Elisha Lewallen died in 1904, and his widow & children went back to Jackson Co., AL, from Milam Co., TX ... but Eliza is found in Carter Co., OK, in 1930 living with her daughter Ethel Lewallen Steele ... except that the census taker oddly lists her by her maiden name as "Louisa Holloway."

I get it that the census taker heard " Eliza" in a southern accent and spelled it "Louisa," but why her maiden name is used instead of her married name is a mystery.

There was a probate filed on an uncle Daniel Lewallen in Jackson Co., AL, which specifies these relationships, including a mention of the marriage of Ethel Lewallen to Roy Steele, she being a daughter to Elisha Lewallen and Eliza Holloway and entitled to a share of the estate of Daniel Lewallen.

I have more specifics if you are interested, as well as sepculation as to how the Holloway line goes further backwards. You'll probably be able to order Oklahoma death certificates om James Milton Holloway and Eliza Holloway Lewallen (or Holloway) to get info on mom Pricy Holloway.

Leslie McConachie

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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Are you Betty or Marie? I know alot about your father. I was his niece. I loved Uncle Buster. He was a very fun loving man. I could tell you many stories about him. I know that both of the girls were fairly young when he died. I have been researching the Holloway family. I remember stories Mom has told me. I have written quite a few on the Holloway Board under Pricilla Holloway.
The funny thing about how to spell the Holloway family name is that my Mother, Fannye, did not know for sure how it was spelled.
I would like to know where String Prairie Cemetery is located. I have been there but I was a teenager and did not pay attention to where I was going.
I was at Uncle Buster's funeral. And Beauty's. I was told by one relative that Charles M. Holloway was Charles Maxwell but the Macklin makes more sense since his father was Henry McLin Roach. I am sure that the Macklin is mispelled. I would like to know who put the tombstone on the grave and if Pricey has a tombstone.
Yep, Beauty did call him Charley. Last time I spoke to her she talked about Charley and Daddy Hall (Tyson). I hope you have memories of Beauty.
Let me hear from you. I live most of my life not know anymore than the name of both of my grandfathers and I have really enjoyed learning more about my ancestors past the grandfathers and grandmothers.

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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This is Bette Mae Holloway Remmert. Which child of Aunt Fannye's is this?

Yes, I have great memories of Beauty. I used to go spend part of the summer's with her when she lived with Scott and Linda in Caldwell.

I guess it is my age (55) but so many things from my youth are cloudy. Plus, I believe we had family members who loved to spin tales and might have made some slight changes to stories. I would love to know more facts our our family.

When I cannot sleep I surf the web hoping to find details.

Why did you write stores under Pricilla Holloway? I don't know who that was.

Aunt Myrtle and Aunt Billye put the tombstone on Grandpa Holloway's grave, I believe. I went to String Prairie Cemetery in the last few years but I cannot remember exactly where it is. I will find out and let you know. My brother Charley goes there all the time and has even sent me pictures of the cemetery.

Please tell me everything you know about the Holloway family. What nationality is the family? I know my mother was full German, but I am not sure what my father was. I have always assumed English due to the name, but names in history are such a funny thing. People could not spell and made mistakes or their writing was so poor and not legible that people made mistakes or they just changed their names. Do you know who the Holloway family came to Milam county?

I will gladly share my email with you if you want to communicate that way.

Do you live in the Austin area?

Love, Bette

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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I am Fannye's youngest daughter, Catherine Lois. My family calls me Lois, but I have been known as Catherine my entire adult life.

There is quite a bit about the Holloway line that we are from on the Holloway board here. There are several different descendents from the three Holloway brothers from Alabama on this board. I have communicated with another branch of the family through Pricey Holloway's brother, James M. Holloway. Pricey is our great grandmother. She was Charles M. Holloway's mother. Charles M. was your father, Buster's, father. I never called your dad, Charley or C.D.. I use to call your brother C.D.
Yeah, I think our family had that bit of Indian story telling in them. My mom use to entertain us before TV with story about your daddy, her father and her family. Growing up on the creek were my favorite.
My mom had a scar under her fingernail where a squirrel that was not quite dead bit her when she picked it up. According to mom, Beauty could shot a squirrel through the eye saving all the meat for eating. That is why the shotgun was taken from her when her father was shot in front of her. She swore she could remember that day. Billye and Mrytle said she could not have remembered it since she was very young when it happened. One might remember something that dramatic. She said Beauty was screaming, "Get my shotgun." Mom said she got it but she was so small that she had to carry it cradled in her arms. When she reached the front gate, she could not get through due to the width of the gate as opposed to the length of the gun. She said she remembered a man leaning over her and saying, Here little lady let me help you with that. He took the gun. She said it was because he knew if Beauty got that gun, she would shot them. Aunt Mrytle said that the gun was kept over the mantle and Mom could not have reached it. The sheriff shot Charley as he pulled in the drive. They were all gamblers and according to Mom, they had lost a lot of money to Charley and they killed him. I have not found any newspaper articles yet, but there was a trial. I don't know if the sheriff was found guilty or not. Aunt Mrytle told me that the sheriff begs her to come see him on his death bed. He begs her for forgiveness, but she said she would never forgive him for shotting her father.
To the older girls Charley Holloway was a god. To my Mom, he was just a man, her father. She loved him but did not worship him. The older girls remembered him better. Of course, you dad never knew him. Daddy Hall raised him.
Your dad was a character. When he was young, he came to visit us quite a few times. He would pick up us kids and walk us across the ceiling of our kitchen. We burn coal oil and it smoked up the ceiling. All we had to do to remember Uncle Buster was to look at the ceiling. It had little footprints all over the ceiling.
Another story about your dad was after he came home from the war, he pulled some crazy stunts.
Once he was going to blow some stumps on the Farm where he and your mom were living. He tied dyamite around his waist. He did not have the caps in it. He rode the bus to Mayfield. The bus was empty by the time he got to Mayfield from Cameron, Texas. All the people had gotten off even though it was not their stop. At least, this was one of the tales Mom told me.
Also, there was a movie made based on your dad experiences in the war. He was Navy and his landing craft was shot out from under him. Beauty got the telegram that said he was missing in action. He went on a fought with the Marines. It was quite awhile before he was found. I actually saw the movie when I was young, but I don't remember the name of it.
Uncle Buster was also the person who shot Ben Milam in the town square. The statue that is. Shot him with a shotgun. Mom said that was true. I don't even know if that statue is still there.
I never knew Pricey of course. She died in early 1900 before Charley met Beauty. She was Indian. That is why they were not married. A white man could not marry an Indian. I have not found proof of it yet. But many different family members that I have reconnected with have said that. She was either Cherokee or Chotaw. The land in Oklahoma that was given to the Holloways is in the Chotaw Reservation. Aunt Billye actually lived in Oklahoma for awhile.
Aunt Billye had a picture of Charley at one time. I don't know who has it now. My sister Mrytle said that she saw it one time. She said he looked like an Indian. Jet black hair, hook nose, dark skin and all. A very handsome man.
The Holloway name is English but there are Indians with the name Holloway. (Holiway, Holoway, Holaway)
I always thought English too. Especially looking at your dad. My mom had jet black hair. It was very shiny, blue black with very little wave.
Pricey's children's father was named Roach. That is English. I read where Henry M.Roach's father bought the land along with several other men that was the town square of the town where they settled. His name was Charles Lewis Roach. I have the cemetery list where his parents are buried. But Henry is not in that cemetery. I don't know where he is bured. I have seen his will giving all his world goods to Pricey's four children. He names them.
I am glad you got to know Beauty. She was a great lady especially since she never went to school that I know, was from Arkansas, one of fifteen children from Irish/Scottish blood. When she met Charley, she was fourteen years old. Her hair had never been cut and she had never worn a pair of shoes. She survived two husbands, numerous cancers, delivering fourteen children and buried eight of them. There were two or three sets of twins. I found one son that died before your dad was conceived. Mom never told me about this one. Maybe she did not know. He died in 1920.
Yet, through all of this, I don't think she had a mean bone in her body.
Yes, I live near Austin. I work in Austin.
I like to tell these stories about the family online so that others can share it. I did not hear about your mother passing until after the funeral. I did not hear about Aunt Billye until after the funeral.
I visited Pebble Grove last year with my daughter and grand daughter. So many graves added since I was at Beauty's funeral. It made it more real to see the graves of all of the people I had known and loved. I did not know that your brother,Bill, had died. I might have been in Atlanta and no one bothered to tell me. The last time I saw him, he was at the Farm with long blonde hair. I don't remember the year now.
I talk to Billye Lake ever once in awhile.

Put in a search on the board for Pricilla Holloway and you will pick up alot of the information about the Holloway family in Alabama and Texas.

Nice to find you.
Catherine Lois

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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Wow! What great information. Thanks for sharing with me.

Some of the stories I had heard bits and pieces of.

I remember your mom and also visiting Austin with Aunt Myrtle during the summers probably around 1968 or so.

My brother, Bill, passed away in 1985 on the anniversary of Buster's death. We never called him Dad or Daddy, always Buster.

What started my searching for information was wanting to find proof of how Grandpa Holloway died. That was so long ago and in such a remote area, I believe anything could have happened without punishment.

Do you remember when Beauty passed away? I heard so many stories that she left everything she had (I do not even know if she truly had anything) to Erma's daughter. Do you know if that was true or not? I had also heard my entire life that Erma's daughter was really Uncle Scott's child. (Erma worked as Scott's secretary).

Did you know that oil had been found on Uncle Scott's property in Caldwell and I guess he died a very rich man? I think he left every thing to Rex and not the other children.

I had heard the stories about the 'Indian' grandmother, but are you saying they were never married? You have so much knowledge that I did not have. I am going to read under Pricey.

Thanks for all the information and guidance. I guess we will never know everything.


Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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Lois, this is Anne. Remember me? Of course you do. I was so excited to run across your conversations with Bette. She just told us that you were in communication. I am dying to know ANYTHING you know about the Holloway ancestry.

You can email me personally at

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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Lois, Wow...what a trip down memory lane. I loved your mom and she was the absolute best story teller in the world. I hope you are well and happy. It's been so long since I have seen you (like 40 years). Take care and God Bless.
Marie Holloway Crumbley (Buster and Trudie's youngest child....who became an old woman)

Re: Hollaway/Holloway

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I would like to know more about what you know about the Holloway's. My grandmother was Billye Holloway. I know alot about the Radtke's but really want more info on the Holloway side.
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