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We are Wetherington's of South Georgia. Around the Tifton area. Father Elzie, grandfather Pate.

We Are the Wetheringtons of South Ga - Elzie and Pate

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Hi: I am so excited to see your posting I started to answer at once, then had to look something up and somehow lost the posting. Anyway, my name is Paula Ann Wetherington Greer, called "Ann". I am the oldest daughter of Barney and Grace Wetherington of Adel, GA. Barney and Pate were brothers. In fact, Pate and Callie helped to raise my Daddy. I have been working on this branch for over two years and this is the first time I have come across any of my direct family. I was born in Waterloo and was raised in Adel. Do you remember my Daddy? I doubt it. Pate was older than him. Daddy was second to the youngest of Macklin Henry and Martha Marie Wetherington. I remember Bertha and Chester. Steve, my brother who is older than me, remembers all of the rest.
You can go to and see a stripped down version of my "GEDCOM" which lists all of that family that I have been able to document. Would you mind telling me who you are and would you help me fill in your family? I am absolutely thrilled to find your posting. I just found Elzie in the Social Security Death Index a couple of days ago. I live in Milledgeville, GA. now. I have a pretty detailed family history, but only of three of the brothers-Luther, Lyman, and Daddy. It is real hard to pin this family down, because most of the family was much older than my Daddy. Look at my "GEDCOM" and then please write me back. Maybe we can help each other fill in some of the rest. Thanks. Ann


Scott Wetherington (View posts)
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Hi Paula,
My name is Scott Wetherington, my family is from South Ga. as well. We are all from the Valdosta, Hahira, Adel, ect. area.
I have quite a bit of information on our family, and would very much like to talk with you. Please e-mail me at .
Scott Wetherington

Looking for S.GA Relations

Diana Wetherington Helton (View posts)
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Paula: I am Luther Wetherington's granddaughter. I live in Norcross, GA and am just now starting my search. I tried to access your "stripped-down" geneaology but came up with a "removed" message. I would dearly love to see what you have and compare it to what I have so far. Since my information came via Luther's oldest son (he's still living) it may be of use to you.

Looking for S. Ga Relations

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Hi, Diana. So good to hear from you. I've been in touch with Austin and Marc and have sent them most of what I have. I talked with Austin and got most all of my info on Luther (and some of the others) from him. I will be most happy to send you my complete file (descendancy chart and genealogy reports) if you'll send me your e-mail address. Mine is: I didn't know that FTM didn't keep my page available for more than three months until just the other day. Your Dad and Austin were nephews of my Dad and were raised just a few miles from Pate who raised Daddy. E-Mail me privately and I'll get what I have out to you. Paula Ann Wetherington Greer (Called "Ann")

S GA W'ton Meeting proposal

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To the Wetheringtons of south GA,
There are a number of you - perhaps you might enjoy getting together once a month for a Sat breakfast at Shoneys? to do Gen for your W'tons. Please feel free to use the
Wetherington-L List to do your planning - it would benefit all W'tons to see you organizing and coordinating. I'm going to post this on the W'ton List, and on the FamilyHistory and
GenForum sites. Someone needs to RamRod this thing for ya'll.
I'll be in the N Ga area about 5-8 June, and if you had something setup then, I'd like to drop by.
Ann, and Trish, and Charles, and Jon, and now Fred (w/whom I had a very nice tel conf Mon eve), and George, and Kathy (and her dau-in-law), and Scott, and Diana Wetherington
Helton, and William Benjamin Wetherington Jr. , and others from FamilyHistory and GenForum, send each other your email addresses, and please copy me
when you can. To send an email effortlessly to all, join this Wetherington-L List, along w/ existing members Ann, Trish, Jon, Charles, etc, by joining (Free) the Wetherington-L List, by
sending a message to:
and including no subject and only the single word subscribe in the body of the message.
You will become a full member about 2 minutes later automatically. Posting to FamilyHistory and GenForum also works, altho those messages are posted to the world, instaed of just to
listmembers as on Wetherington-L.

Please email me directly so we can get your Sol tree set up, Are any of your children on the Net?
Message #51 Monday, May 22, 2000
Subject: Solomon Wetherington tree?
Posted by: George Wetherington
Message: Barry: What you sent me I hope is exactly what I wanted. Please verify because I am 70 and maybe hard to understand. Am I correct in concluding that Robert Widdrington
and Eliz. Dare are the parents of John and Solomon, William Sr, Cleverly, Robert, Thomas Witherington? If so, and I surely hope so, are the children of Solomon.. Thomas 1730-1774?
The children Thomas 1755, Joseph 17, Sarah who married Abraham Taylor, William Solomon 1761 1840 (who is my great, great grandfather) and James fit what I have been told. Some
of Fredrick's decendants wrote me some years back and asked if I knew of a Fredrick, I never knew he was Solomon's brother. If I have assumed correct, I have wanted this information
for over 20 years. If you would like Solomon Witherington 1761 to 1840 and wife Mary Moore names of his 17 children, before he marrie again, please ask.
Thanks a million. George Wetherington
Barry Wetherington
21526 Green Hill Rd Ste 132
Farmington Hills MI 48335
248-478-5181 Fax248-479-0329
(Witherington-L, Wetherington-L, Widdrington-L, Dare-L, Easterling-L, Fitchett-L)

We Are the Wetheringtons of South Ga - Elzie and Pate

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Would whomever sent the original e-mail on March 27, 2000 please either e-mail me directly or place another message on the message board? I have valuable information which I would gladly share with you. I am currently working on your line - Pate was my uncle. Please come forward so that I can connect with you. There are several in our line now working together to put this family's history together.

Just a Hi...

Marc Wetherington (View posts)
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Hi Diana,

Hope all the family is well. How have you been? Dad said you may be moving, where to? In about six months we may be selling our house, as is dad, so we can get a place with a guest house in back for the folks. They are getting up in years and don't get around very well anymore. Anne Greer has sent a lot of info to me and dad about the Wetherington family, has she copied stuff to you? If not, let me know and I will get you copies..

Be good!

Marc Donna

Hi back atcha'!!

Diana Wetherington (View posts)
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Whoa...long time no see! I guess I have mislaid your email address - Please send it to
So good to hear from one of my FEW 1st cousins...tho I am locatiing more and more 2nd cousins online. I am really having a great time locating family I didn't know I had. Yes, Ann I have connected and are planning to get together soon. I just had to get my youngest off to college (Tamara: University of GA - premed)and my inlaws moved into a retirement complex the first of Sept. It's been a LOOONGNGGNN summer! Yes, we are looking at N. GA but waiting to see exactly where Jim's co. is relocating first.
Let me hear back from you via email!!

Joseph and Eliza Wetherington

jennifer Joseph (View posts)
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J and E Wetherington were my ggg grandparents. they are from valdosta, GA., and burried at the Cow Creek Baptist church there, another name for the church is the mayfair baptist church. There daughter was rosetta and married a thomas johnson also from valdosta. I am trying to find out more info on this family name, and other kin in GA.Please let me know if you have any info. Jennifer
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