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Alvaro Guevara y Vazquez (View posts)
Posted: 970020300000
Dear Freinds, I am searching for the origin of the Tovar surname.I want to know if it is Spanish,or of a Judeo Spanish or Sphardi orgin.My paternal grandfathers name was Aurelio Guevara Tovar.And he was born in San Luis Potosi,Mexico.In the town of Cerritos.Any information on the origins of this name will be appreciated.Please send any info to or visite my web site at Saludos, Alvaro Guevara V.

Orgin surname of Tovar

Dolores Tovar (View posts)
Posted: 979233683000

My parents are from Tamp. Cd, Victoria Mexico. AS I recall my grandfather Donato Tovar who had nine sibblings stated that the tovar name came from Russia during early 13 century in Spain. The name was Tovarich whcih means friendship, but the spainards cut the name to Tovar during the Portagees war. During that time the name was said to be a conquisador army. Also, you are nearby where my grandparents are from. We have family in Matamoros, Cd. Victoria, Miquiwana, Reynosa,Monterey,(Neuvo Leon)Texas, Chicago, California. If this sounds like we can be family e-mail me. Also, Rigo Tovar the famous 70's singer is a cousin of mine.

Origins of Tovar name

Mike Tovar (View posts)
Posted: 979255226000
Dolores, I wanted to match what you said about the Russian connection to the name. I had a boss who was a native of Russia. He originally thought I was Russian because of my last name. He said tovar was a Russian word which meant "merchandise" or "goods". Recently a co-worker of mine whose family was from the former Yugoslavia told me the name Tovar has a slavic origin. My father found some information stating the name Tovar was given to a family from a particular rocky or mountainous location in Spain. Sorry, do recall the details.

Also, I recently found some documents stating the names of the original conquistadors to the new world. One of the names was Tovar, who was a scout for Cortez.

Tovar name

Sara Tovar (View posts)
Posted: 980170511000
Hello,Alvaro, Mike and Dolores,
I was reading your message board and was facinated by the meaning of our name (Tovar).
This is interesting because all my life I wondered where the name came from. I grew up in Coyanosa, Texas and other small cities around this town. I always heard the name Rigo Tovar (a singer) who was possibly my half brother. Dolores, I would be interested to know if we are related? My father died when I was nine. I don't know much about him because my mother won't give any information. All I know is that his name was Barolome Tovar and that he may have had another family ( children and brothers and sisters). His dad's name was or is Domingo Tovar and his Mother was Sara Olivas. Do these ring the bell for anyone?

Tovar Name

Joe Tovar (View posts)
Posted: 980610180000
Mike, If I can finish your findings. I once read a newspaper article that stated there was a Lt. Tovar with Cortez who after working with the indians in Mexico in what is now Az., decided to stay in the area when Cortez and his people moved on. The Hotel at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is named El Tovar.

Glad I found this site, very interesting information on the family name. In my area of Calif. I have not found very many Tovar's. There is a Jim Tovar from Sunnyvale who had El Tovar on his motor home licene plate, so I introduced myself to him and his family in the parking lot of a 49er game.
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My Name is Melissa Tovar My Family Lives Mostly in Tucson Az My Grandfather(passed on)was Andres Delgado Tovar And Rigo Tovar Was his Cousin So We Must Be Related
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Okay, here is my contribution to the origin of the Tovar name. 1st the Russian connection my be because of the word Tovarvich which means comrade and what I have found is that the name comes from mid central Spain. When surnames began they were taken from occupations, ie Smith as in blacksmith, Baker (self explainatory)ours was territorial as it means one who comes from an area of "soft loamy clay". There was a demented queen in Spain, Juana La Loca who had a guard by the name of Tovar and as a reward for his faithful service he was given passage to the new world for his three sons, Juan, Jose and Pedro. Pedro was the most famous, he was a soldier/explorer with the Cardenas party (part of Coronado's army) who ventured into Arizona. He is given credit for discovering the Hopi Indian sites and partially for the Grand Caynon. That is why you will find the hotel on the south rim called "el Tovar". He later died as the Mayor of Culiacan in Mexico. One of the other brothers had something to do with the translation of the Aztec Calander and the other went to South America, hope this helps.

Tovar history

christine johnson (View posts)
Posted: 981463333000
Hi. I am wonderining if you know what part of Russia the Tovarish name came from. My maiden name is Tovar and I am trying to do a family tree. I have only gotten as far as my great grandfather, Bonifacio Tovar. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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For Christine, the Tovar name's origin is strickly from Spain, the Russian word Tovarish means "comrade"

Tovar Name

EFrain Tovar (View posts)
Posted: 990028683000
I too have family in Monterrey Nuevo Leon and in Cadereyta, NL. My grandfathers name was Crispin Tovar Salinas. Hope to talk to you soon
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