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Scottish Malarkeys

Scottish Malarkeys

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Hi, I'm married to a Malarkey from Glasgow. We are just begining to research our family history. Does anyone have any information about Malarkeys moving from Ireland to Scotland during the 19th century. Thanks.

Re: Scottish Malarkeys

john (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerr, Malarky, Winchcole, Russell
I am also trying to find out information about a Malarky family in Glasgow.

I have 2 different spellings for the surname - Malarky and Millarky - so I am not sure which one would be the correct one. It could also be that your spelling is also linked to the same family.

My link is for an Ann Malarky, who was originally married to a John MacReadie and then (probably?) married a James Kerr. It is through this second marriage that I have an interest.

Ann was a fish hawker and her first husband was a cattle drover. I can find info about Ann, but am finding nothing about John MacReady, other than he died in December 1874. I am guessing that they may have been from Ireland and moved over to Scotland, but this is purely a guess. I have been advised to look for a connection in Sligo, Mayo or Galway as possible origins as this seems to be a common location for this family.

Ann was born BEF 1858 and died BET 1876 and 1898.

She stayed in Glasgow. I can't find any wedding or death details about her but she was called Ann Kerr on the wedding certifictae of her son (Michael Kerr to Janet Winchcole) so I am again guessing that they eventually did marry.

The only family I have found is for the above mentioned Michael Kerr (b 3/1/1876 in Glasgow) and Ann was listed under her maiden name of Malarky, although James Kerr is listed on the birth certifictae as the natural father.

Does any of this ring any bells with you. Could this be the same family that you are looking for?

Re: Scottish Malarkeys

Ray Kerr from Regina,Saskatchewan.Canada (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerr, Quinn, Foster
GO to Google type in Kerr family chronicles

My Kerrs where Michael Kerr / Mary Quinn Clonfeacle .Their son Michael Kerr Married Mary Foster left Glasgow May 1893 for Ellis Island NY.Michael siblings James , Mary ,Arthur

Sincerely Ray Kerr regina , Saskatchewan Canada

Re: Scottish Malarkeys

johnmcrae (View posts)
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looks like they might be different families.
It was just a hunch that there might be a connection.

My wifes family would be James Kerr. The michael was born in Dundee Scotland (probably) about 1909 and he married a Maggie McWilliams.

Still, it was worth a try.
Thanks for answering

Re: Scottish Malarkeys

Raymond Kerr (View posts)
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yes for sure.Iam having troulble with my search as my Michael Kerr Benburb/Armagh/Carrowcolman(siblings James,Arthur, Mary )as Michael Married to Mary Ann Foster of Randalstown area but the Foster s had family in Glasgow but Iam stuck their. Ray Kerr

Re: Scottish Malarkeys

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Surnames: Malarkey
Hi John ,,read your message on Ancestory cant help with your family but the name Malarkey is in my family too nd been spelt different ways in the cencus,,Malarkie Mullarkey Melarkey Malarky ,in mine its all the same family but because people and priests etc couldnt spell only as the name sounded this is why there are problems,,,my family were in Scotland Greenock Luke Malarkey ,Agnes Dunn , Irish met in Scotland ,,their parents must have all landed in Scotland around the time of the potato famine,,they married in 1864 had family who had family and i'm a daughter from decendants,,,sadly i havent been able to trace where they came from in Ireland nd information didnt exist ,,my father was 1of 4 nd his mother died shortly after having his baby brother flu epicemic 1918,the sisters went into an orphange in Sunderland co Durham age 4 5 yrs dad went to others who he called daddy Sep nd aunty Aggie,, i'm sure up in Scotland are other Malarkie's Malarkey's who had the same original GRT GRT grandparents who landed in Scotland ,there must have been more in the original family from the parents of Luke Malarkey brothers abd sisters they had quite large families in those days,sorry i cant tell you of the Malarkey's in Scotland but there are many around Glasgow area and other districts,,best wishes Joyce Malarkey

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john mcrae (View posts)
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Hi Joyce,
Thanks for the reply
I think the same problems occured in Scotland before 1879 when compulsory education was introduced, and names took on some weird and wonderful spellings. So far for Ann Malarky I also have Milarkey and Millarky, but the favourite now seems to be McLarky. This might be the Scottish connection with Mc and Mac as clan names, but it has turned up for Ann and this has lead me to her parents. Her father is also listed as McLarky (Denis) although still no location in Scotland or Ireland for either of them being born. Her mother was Elizabeth Anderson which does not lead me much further because I would imagine that this is a common surname both sides of the Irish Sea. Most of Ann's certificates relate to either central Glasgow or to the 'Celtic end' of the city, and her marriages were to a Patrick Gallacher and to a John McCready (both weddings in Glasgow) which both have Irish catholic sounds to them (this is a guess from an east coast protestant point and could be completely wrong). My local research expert thought that the Millarky family may have been part of the Irish travelling people, and this would fit because her first husband was a cattle drover. He suggested Sligo and Mayo might be a good place to start looking but so far no luck. He also thought of a catholic background because of the number of Millarky's who were involved in voluntary or forced expatriation to Australia in the 1800's. I haven't found any census data in Scotland so far but I have family in Glasgow and will try to get some time in their local library to look up what they have in the future.
Hope your own links turn up soon

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Surnames: MALARKEY
Hi Joyce, I know you posted on the ancestry site a few years back but, being new to the site I wanted to contact you. My Mother's maiden name was Malarkey and I have been researching the name for the past few years. I have no descendents I know of in the Greenock area but mine settled in the east end of Glasgow in the late 1840's, living at first in the Gallowgate area between 1847 and 1848.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way.


Re: Scottish Malarkeys

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Hi Gery .
So pleased to get a reply to my old post re the Scottish Malarkey's .

It would be so nice to be in touch with you ' i'd appreciate this very much . Your mothers maiden name Malarkey has given me a bit of hope .

There is some slight info that Paisley was the area perhaps some of the Ancestors settled also , but not too sure ... Any area Glasgow isn't too far from Greenock , would be good .. I really would love any help what so ever .

I did send a message via the Ancestry service to you yesterday ' did you receive it ... I used the profile link to your on line users name to send it .
Many thanks .
Joyce .
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