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JOHN human (View posts)
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I have traced my line back to early 1700's in Cambridgeshire, England

Can anyone go further


Jana Fountain (View posts)
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Surnames: Human, Scarborough, House, Epps
I have a great-great-great-grandfather by the surname of Human. His first name is John Human. If you would be so kind as to e-mail me what information you have on the Human family. I would geatly appreciate it.

"Human" Family is South Africa

Taaibos Human (View posts)
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Surnames: Human
Dear Jana

My father is bussy with the family "Human" in South Africa!!
The whole family is not up to date, but my direct line up to first imigrant to South Africa is in order. I can only help you with the South African line. Sorry !!


Peggy Human (View posts)
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Surnames: Human
I have been trying to research the Human name, I married into the Human family in 1978,I know little about his relatives and where they came from. I was told they were German decent. Can you tell me what you know.


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Surnames: Human

I realize that this thread is a decade old. However, I was hoping that you could help. My grandfather, Joseph Brown Human was born in Isleham, Cambridgeshire, England in the 1890's. He immigrated to the US between 1900 and 1910. He settled with his wife and 3 kids in Houston, Texas. My father is William Gene Human. My grandfather's fater, my great grandfather, William Golding Human, a butcher by trade, was also born in Isleham, Cambridgeshire. My grandfather had a brother, Harry and I think, 2 sisters, named Sybil and Letty. That is as far back as I have been able to go thus far. Can you shed any light on this side of the Humanfamily?


Gene Human
Houston, Texas


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Like everyone else here, I have taken up the search for our lineage. True, there are several branches. For example, my branch is not the South African line. Unfortunately, I am unable to get past the old traceable ancestor Basil Human born about 1734 in Maryland (near as we can tell).

However, my father has taken part in a DNA test that I believe will help the more of us that participate. The site can be found at

It is NOT free, I do NOT work for these people, I have NO ties to them other than a common search for our family heritage in all its myriad of arms.

Look at the site, if you are interested please select the 67 marker (the 12 and 25 are near worthless in establishing relatives as there just aren't enough genetic markers to be accurate).

P.S. Hi aunt Peggy- saw your post, maybe I'll get a chance to see you next year in TN!



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As I understand it, Basil's DNA has been unique among people with the Human surname, and I would be surprised if your father's DNA differs from previous Human DNA participants who descend from Basil:

Although, I'm not sure how up-to-date the above Human DNA project is. As far as I'm aware, the current DNA results have been ambiguous regarding geographic origin as well, but are consistent with a British Isles origin, contrary to previous guesses that Basil may have been patrilineally Sub-Saharan African. The haplogroup is definitely J2--indicative of European origin (or theoretically Middle Eastern, but that seems unlikely)... J2 people probably arrived in Europe in the early Neolithic as farmers. That's interesting stuff but possibly not all that useful in digging up the precise origins of that branch of Humans.

Make sure to follow up with the DNA results and anything interesting you uncover. :)


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Oddly enough there appears to be a genetic to the Montgomery lineage (many of whom trace back to Ireland and Scotland). My father is part of the DNA link you included and is what started my participation into this madness.

While the testing is now up to 67 there has been no 100 matches above 25. The closest 67 markers have been to the montgomery family with a -1.

The line is indeed J2 though he has not had any further testing in that Haplogroup.

Still looking...


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After looking at the link and reading your conversations it was not clear to me whether the B Group and the J Group (Participant 1003) share the same haplotype. Do you any of you understand DNA results well enough to straighten me out? It seems unlikely the J Group would have J2 haplotype since we seem to be descended illegitimately through a daughter of Basil Human - shouldn't this line instead have the haplotype of the man who fathered Jessiah Groves Human?


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Yes, I plugged the results into Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor and came up with this:

B-USA Group: Haplogroup J2a1 not subclade b or h, 93.4% likelihood, Haplogroup J2a1b 6.6% likelihood
J-USA Group: Haplogroup I1 100% likelihood

J2a1 probably represents Mesopotamian-origin people who came to Europe in the Neolithic and mostly stayed around the Greece area (but dispersed everywhere else over time--this haplogroup doesn't really pinpoint geography very well as far as I know... maybe joining a Haplogroup J project would help toward that end). It may also be Middle Eastern, I don't know if anything precludes that, I'm not too familiar with J2. Haplogroup I in Europe dates to the Paleolithic, and I1 is the younger clade that is associated mostly with the Norse people, and the Anglo-Saxons to a lesser extent. In a nutshell... B-USA and J-USA are quite different.
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