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Great-grandpa James Fenton Frasier, NY

Great-grandpa James Fenton Frasier, NY

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I have a family tree of Rueben Fenton Frasier
born in Dunkirk NY. I see his father James
Fenton Frasier was born in Albany(?) and
married to Lucinda Bailey. I would like to
know where he was born...I would also like
to know more about Lucinda Bailey. Possibly
church records? I can't find out much, could
someone help. My greatgrandparents, Reuben
and Eva J. Thayer Frasier are buried in Hood
River, Oregon. I have their family tree. I
was adopted so have been searching now for
22 years. I have been very successful in my
family searches so far. Any advice would be

Reuben Fenton Frasier

j thomas (View posts)
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I would like to know if Reuben Fenton Frasier and Eva J. Thayer had a daughter named Nettie or Nellie Mae? Also, who were Eva J. Thayer's parents?


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My great-grandparents had 13 children and
the oldest was Nellie. I have a family tree.
Great Grandmother Eva Julia was born in
Andover, Ohio. Her father was William Thayer
and I will need to look up her mother's
maiden name. Do you have more information?
Are you a relative? Please e-mail me at:
nalinda12@hotmail. I'd like to know more
about the family and I do have some infor-
mation. Thanks, Linda


Kristine Irving Pierce (View posts)
Posted: 964370407000
I I have alot of information ont the Frasier/Thayers. I would like to hear from you. Please Email me at I live in Oregon have been to the grave sight many times. My Mothers maiden name was Frasier. Reuben Fenton Frasier was her great grand father. I would love to maby have a chance to swap notes with you. I have hit a road block at James Fenton Frasier, Wife Lucinda Bailey. Maby if we swap notes. It will free us both up.

A cousin,


Reuben and Eva (Thayer) Frasier

Pamela Frasier (View posts)
Posted: 966718952000
I am the great grand-daughter of Reuben and
Eva. My Grandfather, their son, Fred
emigrated to Canada. He's buried in
Hardisty, Alberta. We're always looking for
more family information. We'd love a family
tree. You can reach us at ""


Pam and Steve

Frasier / Thayer

Pamela Frasier (View posts)
Posted: 966719267000
We have just been casting about on the internet
for family history. I am the great grand-daughter
of Reuben and Eva. Fred Frasier was my grandfather.
We would love to find out more about them and
the family.

Contact us at ""


Pam and Steve


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Hello Pam,
I have tried to send you e-mail information. Could you contact me
at this e-mail address:
Your cousin, Linda

Reuben Fenton Fraier

Kristy (View posts)
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Eva Julie Thayer b June 26, 1852 Andover Ohio D. Nov. 12, 1938 Hood River Oregon. Her Father was William Thayer B. Near Batavia NY Died in Chesaning, Mich. Feb.7th 1893 age 68yr. His father was Elijah Thayer b.July 7,1793 Richmond N.H Mother Polly Cherry Tree Born 1797 NY. Eva's Mother was Anna Mary Henderson. B. ablion NY. April 28,1829 died May 13,1904 in Chesining Mich.
eleazar Thayer 1767, Simeon Thayer 1739,Uriah Thayer Sept.10,1706 Ebenezer Thayer 1672, Ferdinando Thayer 1625 Thomas Thayer 1596 Have a list of the wifes too. If you get any info on the Frasiers let me know. If you want a list of wifes contact me at my EMail... I am stuck with Reuben Fentons Dad.... James Fenton Frasier, born Aug 30 1817 Albany Ny and Wife Lucinda Bailey Feb. 9,1818 Dunkirk, Would appreciate the help Kristy


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Hello Pam,
Could you please contact me at
Your other cousins and I are
trying to contact you.
I have information for you.
Thanks, your cousin, Lin

Family Tree

Elaine Frasier (Frazier) (View posts)
Posted: 972992222000
I have been wanting to work on a fmaily tree for my family, however I don't know where to start.
I had a half sister who was working on one at one time. I remember her saying something about our great grandfather was dyslexic and changed the spelling from FRAZIER to FRASIER.
How do you start one. Also, I was told I was part Cherokee Indian. I would like to know plus for my children.

Elaine Frasier
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