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Buffkin Family

Buffkin Family

Larry Buffkin (View posts)
Posted: 967403320000
I am one of 17 children of Clayton Roy Buffkin of Tabor City, NC. I would like to get information on his parents, I know his father's name was Charlie and his mother was Lucy. They lived off 904 just west of Tabor City in the section called the Jam. Any information would be appreciated.

clayton buffkin

buffkin (View posts)
Posted: 967552825000
clayton's brothers and sisters are: earlie, hessie,connie,burnie,alton,artie mae,beamon,
estelle, and ellen.
charlie,their daddy,had bros and sis: perry,hybert,lot,sally these were whole bros and sis. half bros and sis were stricklands
charlie's pa and ma were john buffkin and
eleanor williamson. john also came into the marriage with a daughter anna liza . john's parents were henry and sarah. the children were burrell,thomas,w.h.,joel,john,c.f., kenchen,avery, nancy,allis,pauline,elizabeth.

grandma lucy's (lucretia) family
her parents were acey/asa turbeville and fannie jane israel the children were worthy turbeville,acey jr.,dossie , bainey, lela,leasie , ora,
remember, worthy ,lucy's bro married sally , charlie's sister.

i have much more on grandma lucy if you would like to have it.
you only asked about grandpa and grandma and i may have already given you more than you may already have much of this info.did you want to know something specific?
if so, i'll try to answer.
i think i know the names of all your cousins on the buffkin side, first cousins that is,if you should need them.
be blessed,cuz

Our family The Buffkins

Gil Strickland (View posts)
Posted: 971170200000
Larry I have considerable amount of Genealogy on the Buffkins and associated families. E-mail me and I might be able to save you a lot of time. Your father and my Mother,Connie, Bro. and sister I'm the oldest of nine. Hope to hear from you soon.
Your Cousin Gil
Gil Strickland
P.O. Box 219
Cerro Gordo, NC 28430

Beamon Buffkin

Posted: 974924874000
Edited: 994807754000
I have been looking for some information on
my grandfather Beamon Buffkin who married
Lessie Fowler. I do not know much about him
because I have never met him. I am the
daughter of Mitchel T. Buffkin (which I think
is his only son from that marriage). If you
have any information on him, including how to
get in touch with him, I would greatly
appreciate it. All of the people you mentioned
in your previous posting are directly related
to me and I am really anxious to talk to you

Lynn Buffkin

beamon buffkin

lou (View posts)
Posted: 975052364000
hi lynn,
i remember a ted buffkin jernigan. i can't
quite place a mitchel yet. maybe when the memory gets to turning things will be clearer.
beamon is in his 70's now.he has one daughter, brenda.most of his brothers and sisters are gone.
where are you living now?
what questions would you like to know?
hoping to hear from you soon,

Beamon Buffkin

Posted: 975077360000
Edited: 994807754000
Hello Lou,

The Ted Buffkin Jernigan that you remember is
my father. His Birth name is Mitchel Ted
Buffkin. Jernigan is the last name of his
half brothers and sisters. Beamon married
Lessie Fowler and had my dad. Then they
divorced and Lessie married Robert Jernigan
and had Hilda, Jack, Dixie, and Danny. That's
where the Jernigan name comes in. Then she
married Ruther Stevens and Had Tammy and Ponice.
So he has 6 half brothers and sisters.

I would really like to know more about my father's
side of the family. Many of whom I have never
met. I am living in Atlanta, GA now. Very close
to North Carolina where I think most of my family
still lives. You can email me at
It would really be nice to meet everyone. It
wasn't until I started working on my family tree
that I realized that there is alot of family out
there that I didn't know I had. Are we related?
If so, How? I would really like to know as much
as possible. Can you help?

Lynn Buffkin

gilbert strickland

pansy lou (View posts)
Posted: 975243378000

gilbert, i have misplaced your
email addy.

please email me at
and give it to me one more time.

thank you and be blessed.


bass (View posts)
Posted: 977340079000
I am looking for information on Daniel Ray Buffkin. Born May 31,44 in Erwin,North Carolina, mother was Vida Elizabeth Strickland Buffkin died 1970 Fayettville, N.C. Father died 1952 Clinton, N.C. Had a brother named Halford Prather Buffkin.
Any response will be greatly apperciated.
Thank You.

Prather Buffkin

Posted: 983634837000
Edited: 1102123143000
Would like to converse on BUFFKIN. I am the son of Joyce BUFFKIN which is sister of Prather. Contact me at


Cynthia Matthews Widman (View posts)
Posted: 988402064000
I am your cousin Cynthia Widman. I live in NC. You were in Michigan if I recall. I do not remember meeting any of Aunt Joyce's Children. Aunt Joyce's siblings are or were Troy, Henry,Ida, Merle, Prather, Mary, Buck, Pearl, Joyce, Vivian and Bobby. We have found cousins in Carolina, Uncle Bobby's son. Uncle Bobby and my brother live in Conn. Your Mother's Mother's name was Tabatha Gregory. She was my Grandpa's 2nd wife. I guess you know all of this. Please contact me. Cynthia
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