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Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Katherine Hope Borges (View posts)
Posted: 1112120670000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fuller
Update on the Colonial Fullers DNA Project:

DNA testing is breaking through the genealogical "brick walls"...

...we've connected two "unconnected" Fuller lines to Ezekiel
Fuller of the Isle of Wight...

...we've connected an Elijah Fuller descendant to Nehemiah and Henry Fuller....

...and now we've connected two "brick-wall" Fuller lines to the
Mayflower Fullers! (Something interesting to point out, is that
these two lines both had the oral family tradition that they were descended from Mayflower Fullers, and the DNA testing has corroborated this.)

More participants are always welcome! Please visit our new website:

~Katherine Hope Borges
Colonial Fuller DNA Project Admin

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Dick Landis (View posts)
Posted: 1112224879000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fuller
Our family of Fuller's go back through great grandmother Anna Fuller d 1936 to David Fuller d Feb 13 1892 John F. Fuller d Dec 20 1870 to Ezekial Fuller Sr. d. Before June 24, 1723 married to Deborah Spivey. When I was growing up my granmother said there was a direct connection in the family history to a Dr. Fuller on the Mayflower. Is that the connection.
I have traced my Fuller Ancestors back to Ezekial Fuller Sr. died before June 24 1723 no location available. his wife was named Deborah Spivey. His son Ezekial Fuller was born 1702 Isle of Wight County VA Died March 18, 1758 Granville County NC His wife's name was Sarah Vinson. His son Benjamin Fuller was born 1725 Isle of Wight County VA died after 1781 dp unknown. The next connection is Brittain Fuller Sr. born 1750-1755 in Bertie County NC wife naem Elizabeth. He died 1805 Randolph County NC. His son Darling Duke Fuller was born in North Carolina 1773/1778 died 1835 dp unknown. His son John F. Fuller was born in North Carolina or Laurens County SC May 2, 1798. Died December 20 1870 Greene County Indiana. My family back to Great Great Grandparents were all from Greene County Indiana. Do you know anything about these Fuller's and were they descendants of the Fuller's on the Mayflower or is that just family rumor.

We are going to be in Isle of Wight VA May 22 if there is a family connection we would like to pursue it. Let us know.

Dick Landis
1176 Stanfield Road
Woodburn, Oregon 97071

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Katherine Borges (View posts)
Posted: 1112225634000
Classification: Query
Hi Dick,
I too, am descended from Ezekiel Fuller of the Isle of
Wight through his son, Solomon. If you take photos
of the Isle of Wight on your trip, I'd love to possibly
post them on the Fuller DNA site if you're willing.
If you check out the website, you'll see that there are
Ezekiel participants in the DNA project, and while they
are the same haplogroup (ethnicity) - R1b - as the Mayflower Fullers, they do not appear to be related.
~Katherine Borges
Colonial Fullers DNA Project Admin

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Posted: 1112952450000
Classification: Query
Surnames: FULLER
I am a descendant of Ezekiel Fuller of Is. Wight Co., VA, through his son Ezekiel II-Benjamin Sr.-Benjamin-Jr.-Ezekiel-James-William-Robert-Otis Sr.-myself. Many of us Fuller's believe that Samuel Fuller, transported to Is. of Wight Co., VA, on 9/26/1667 by Robert Coleman, was Ezekiel I's father. It has been generally assumed that Samuel came from England, but recently considered evidence has led myself and other's to question
this assumption.- It seems that there are some early 1600's Fuller lines in Connecticut and Massachusetts that contain the names of Samuel, Benjamin, Ezekiel, and Timothy. These also, are names of some sons of Ezekiel I and later descendants. The surname Darling also appears in a couple of these New England lines, which I find to be more than coincidental. I believe these families also claim a Robert Fuller of England, as their common ancestor, which would make them unconnected (at least directly) to the Mayflower Fullers. I have also seen the name Darling Duke, but have not yet researched it- (I am also a Duke family descendant.) I suppose the main question I have is: Was there an influx of settlers from the New England Colonies to Virginia in the mid-1600's?- (Surely there had to be some).
I stongly believe that this above matter bears further investigation, which I hope will happen, and which I also hope, will include DNA research.
(Almost forgot: Benjamin Sr. and Jr. were both in Pendleton district, SC by 1800, and Benjamin Jr. also had a son, (Benjamin Franklin Fuller b.1807 SC ) who was my Ezekiel's (b. 1801 SC) younger brother. (We will be In Is. Wight Co., VA about May 22, also)!
Otis Fuller
Corte Madera, CA

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Dick Landis (View posts)
Posted: 1112978113000
Classification: Query
Surnames: FULLER
Otis Fuller It would be great to meet you at Isle of Wight Sunday May 22 give us a call 503-981-6663 or send an e-mail so we can connect if possible. My line goes from Ezekial Sr to Ezekial then Benjamin Sr b 1725 to Brittain Fuller Sr. birth 1750-1755 Bertie Co NC death Randolph Co NC to Darling Duke Fuller b 1773-78 d 1835 bp North Carolina John F. Fuller b May 2 1798 Laurens Co. SC d Dec 20 1870 Greene County IN married to Susanna Adamson. David Fuller b May 25, 1826 bp Greene Co IN d Feb 13 1892 Married to Elizabeth Gutheria their daughter Anna Fuller married Freeman Deina English and their daughter Myrta Icafeen English is my Grandmother.

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Posted: 1112988405000
Classification: Query
Thanks; will be in touch with you soon, by phone or email, as you requested.

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Judy Smith-Bellem (View posts)
Posted: 1128178314000
Classification: Query
Robert Fuller of Redenhall, England, was the father of Dr. Samuel Fuller and Edward Fuller, both passengers on The Mayflower. Edward had a son whose name was also Samuel; hence much confusion for Fuller descendents. I have info on one of the Fuller lines that came from Dr. Samuel Fuller. As you know, many children were born to families during the early years, so my lineage is not necessarily the same as, or similar to, other Dr. Fuller descendents. Judy Smith-Bellem

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Posted: 1234086749000
Classification: Query
I have a Fuller descendant coming to visit my home 21 Feb of 2009. His wife has requested I do his tree.

Please contact me privately concerning this matter.
I am a SMD and a DAR.
I am not however, a Fuller.

So far, I have no documentation, save online census and such for this man's Fuller line.

I can be reached at
please add in subject line: Fuller Tree Project.

Thank you,
Mary Ellen

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Posted: 1321260888000
Classification: Query
I emailed site administrators (2) at the Fuller DNA project, but have not received a response.

Katherine - It appears that your email address as it is posted on at least one of the Fuller DNA Project web pages is out of service.

I am a descendant of Ira Fuller; he being one of three known sons of Cornelius Fuller (Jr). The other two sons were: Eli and Johiel. This particular Cornelius Fuller died in Northampton County, PA just prior to the 1790 Census.

My last name is not Fuller, but my gg-grandmother was born a Fuller; she being a g-granddaughter of the above Ira Fuller and therfore a gg-granddauther of Cornelius Fuller (Jr).

My question: Have any male descendants of Ira Fuller been tested?

Because there is a lack of paper documentation, I am trying to establish in some certifiably reliable way that Ira was indeed a son of Cornelius Fuller (Jr).

Mike Clarke

Re: Mayflower Fullers DNA Test Results

Posted: 1357483360000
Classification: Query
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the "Fuller DNA Project" doesn't appear to be answering emails, nor are they responding to participation applications submitted using their own online facility for doing so on their own webpage.

I have traced lines of Fuller descent, and found living male Fuller descendants who I am quite sure are descended from Cornelius Fuller (Jr), but I am finding it impossible to get anybody's attention at the "Fuller DNA Project." .... The irony is incredible.
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