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Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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Surnames: Harrington
Fredrick Lewis Weis, in his "Early Generations of the Family of Robert Harrington of Watertown, Massachusetts..." (self-published 1958, p. 7), states that Robert made the crossing on the ship, "Elizabeth," embarking 10 Apr 1634 out of Ipswich, Suffolk, England. The problem is...

I have consulted three different transcriptions of the passenger manifest for this voyage, and none list Robert HARRINGTON as a passenger. Does anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy? Has anyone seen and transcribed the original, themselves?

It's of profound importance whether he is or is not on this voyage because it's the foundation of Weis's claim that Robert's origin is in Suffolk.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I copied this from another member on the site. Its been an oongoing debate about when/how Robert crossed as no one has been able to locate manifest with him on. The research below seems the best explanation.

Due to the many discrepancies I was finding on the web regarding the Harrington family, I contacted the Historical Society of Watertown and hired their genealogist to research the Harrington family for me. The following "story" is her final report, based on the references she listed at the bottom. She has also included some information on the Reverend John Younges family since Younges married the widow of Robert Harrington I.

" Robert Harrington I (ca. 1595-1622) was born in England. He married Joan Jentilman (1598-1638) on March 7, 1613. who was born in England. (Manuscript Parish Register Of Southwold, Suffolk, England marriage record of). He died in England in 1622 and she married John Younges the same year, July 24, 1622. She had at least one more child by Younges and died young in England. Reverend John Younges emigrated to America and was an original founder of Southold, Long Island, New York. He founded the First Church (then Congregational, later Presbyterian) in Southold, Long Island, New York, where he was the minister until his death there on February 24, 1671/2, aged 74 years.

The passenger list of the ship “Mary Anne” out of Yarmouth, England bound for New England, May 1637 lists John Yonges, his wife Joan and six children. Robert Harrington is not listed. However there is a note added by the ship’s master:

“ Yonges John 35, Minister from St Margaret's, Ipswitch, Suffolk, bound for Salem. [Sidelined: "This man was forbidden passage by the Commissioners and went not from Yarmouth."]

Yonges Joan 34

Yonges John

Yonges Thomas

Yonges Anne

Yonges Rachell

Yonges Marey

Yonges Josueph.

Rev. Younges came to America very shortly afterward and landed in Salem but soon moved to New Haven and then Long Island, New York and helped found Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island. He became the minister of the first church of Southold. Naturally it was Congregational.

So we see that although Joan was alive and ready to come to America in 1637, she was dead when John Younges actually arrived at Southold Long Island (in the summer of 1639). I cannot find any record of which ship Younges actually sailed on. I checked all published passenger lists between 1637 and 1639. Robert Harrington II may have come over sooner, of course. He was 21 years old in 1637. However I cannot find him on any passenger list between 1630 and 1640. Many passenger ship lists have never been published.

Robert Harrington II, son of Joan Jentilman and Robert Harrington I, was baptized Oct. 1, 1616 in Southwold, Suffolk, England. He came to America before 1644 because he is listed as a proprietor of Watertown in 1644. Robert Harrington, married October 1, 1648, Susanna, daughter of John GEORGE. They had 13 children.

' Robert Harrington is last on the list of proprietors in Watertown (1642-44). He then owned a homestall given to him by Thomas Hastings. The gift renders it probable that he was a kinsman of Thomas Hastings.' Bond Pg. 272. I found the first printed misinformation about the ship in Bouley. A narrative History of the Harrington Family. Worcester, 1963. In fact, I’ve studied the genealogy of the Hastings family and find no Robert Harrington listed. At this time in Watertown, there was a huge influx of new immigrants and it was ruled by the town that no land or homestall in the original town lots was to be sold to the newcomers. This resulted in a lot of hanky-panky. Original settlers were “giving” land and homestalls to the newcomers. Quiet deals were made. This may be how Robert Harrington came by his “gift” from Hastings.

Robert Harrington’s inventory (in will) mentions 16 lots of land (642.5 acres) appraised at 717 lbs. He had purchased the Oldham Farm for 90 lbs (250 acres.) Some of his descendants still lived there at the time of Bond’s book writing, ca. 1859.

Robert and Susannah’s son, John, of Cambridge Farms (Lexington), who was the father of twelve children, was born August 24, 1651. He died Waltham August 17, 1741, age 90.

He married Hannah Winter Nov 17, 1681. Hannah was born in Cambridge Farms April 10, 1665. Cambridge Farms was that part of Cambridge which later became Lexington. She died July 17, 1741 in that part of Watertown that became Waltham, age 78.

John Harrington is mentioned in the will of Hannah Winter’s father, as guardian of Hannah’s sister Mary and receiver of their shares of John Winter’s estate. John Winter still lived at Cambridge Farms when he died.

John and Hannah Harrington had Lydia Harrington, born March 2, 1690, 4th child of 12. (last 2 were twins)..Lydia married John Cutter, son of William and Rebecca (Rolfe) Cutter.

Buried in The Old Burying Ground (Arlington Street Cemetery) Watertown MA:


Robert HARRINGTON, married 1 Oct 1648, Susanna, dau. of John GEORGE. Their issue were thirteen in number: Susanna, who was thrice mar.; John, of Lexington, who was the father of twelve children; Robert, d. young; George, killed by the Indians Feb 1676; Daniel, who left six children; Joseph; Benjamin; Mary, who bore fourteen children; Thomas; Samuel; Edward, who left nine children; Sarah; and David, d. young.

Here Lyes Buried ye Body of Robert HARRINGTON Aged 91 Years Died May ye 11th 1707

Here Lyeth Buried ye Body of Susanna HERRINGTON ye Wife of Robert HERRINGTON, Aged 63 Years Dec'd July ye 6 1694"


Case, J. Wickham, Southold Town Records (Printed by order of the towns of Southold and Riverhead, 1882), pp. 176-8, 405.

Hall, Warren, Pagans, Puritans, Patriots - Yesterday's Southold - a Bicentennial Flashback, 13-26, 32-35.

Hallock, Ella B., The Story of the 275th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of Southold Town (New York, 1915), pp. 68-70, 74-76.

Whitaker, Rev. Epher, Whitaker's Southold (Mattituck: Amereon House), pp. 1-18.

Hudson. Lexington Genealogies 1913

Thompson, Roger. Divided We Stand.: Watertown Massachusetts 1630-1680. U. MA Press; 2001.

Vital Records of Watertown, Lexington, Arlington, Cambridge and Waltham.

Bond. Genealogies and History of Watertown MA.

Paige. History of Cambridge MA.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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Surnames: Harrington, Herrington, Younges, George
Yes, there was a Robert HERRINGTON baptized in 1616 in Suffolk, England, the son of Robert HERRINGTON & Joan JENTILMAN:

And, yes, there was a Robert HARRINGTON, born about 1616 in England, who married Susanna GEORGE and lived in Watertown, MA:

The problem is, there is no evidence proving that the Robert HERRINGTON of Suffolk is the Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown. You can't "cross the pond" based solely on the name and birth year.

Rev. YOUNGES settled in Southold, Long Island, New York, and Robert HARRINGTON settled in Watertown, Massachusetts. Families usually stick together when they immigrate, so geography argues against a connection.

I discuss the HARRINGTON/HERRINGTON/ERRINGTON immigrants to New England on this page:

I descend from Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown, so I would love to have "crossed the pond" and discovered his origin, but I don't believe we have.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I know that you posted your reply on this thread may years ago, but I hope that you are still associated with

I too am a descendant of Robert Harrington of Watertown,MA through his son Edward. From which child of Robert and Susana George Harrington do you descend?

Also, I am helping someone who descends from Benjamin Harrington from Providence ,RI. Would you have any information on Benjamin and his family,his parents , etc?

From what I have read from your site, Neither Robert nor Benjamin's parents have been proven or found ; only that they are not siblings. Is there any proven or documentation regarding either one's connection to Abraham or Rebecca with whom they have been grouped as siblings/

Thank you in advance for any help on these two Harringtons.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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Do you descend from Robert Harrington and Susanna George? From which child do you descend? Do we know for sure , Robert Harrington who married Susanna George is the son of Robert 1 and Joan Jentilman?

I would be interested in seeing Robert II will which you mention above,

Thank you


Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I haven't worked on HARRINGTON since making those posts back in 2011, so I would have nothing to add to what I said then, nor have my web pages been updated since then. What you see is what you get, I'm afraid.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I am descended through Benjamin Harington/Harrington, who was more than likely Robert Jr's cousin. My research leans towards their fathers (James and Robert Harington) being brothers born in England. I dont limit research to ,my direct line because sometimes distant relatives' trees hold info pertaining to mine.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I, too, believe the source that sites Robert Harrington as sailing across the pond is making a flying leap of an assumption. I'm trying to find any records that would connect (Deacon) Thomas Hastings with Robert Harrington in Suffolk, England.

What do you think of the idea that Robert Harrington was an indentured servant to Thomas Hastings? That would explain his "gift" of the land, and no real record of the lowly servant being listed on any travel manifests?

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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I believe ydna testing shows there is no relationship between Robert and Benjamin.

Re: Robert HARRINGTON (c1616-1707) of Watertown MA

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Surnames: Harrington
Yes, that is the case, male patrilineal line descendants of Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown are *not* a Y-DNA match with male patrilineal line descendants of Benjamin HARRINGTON of Rhode Island. Please see discussion on these pages at my web site:
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