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FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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I am looking for any connection to the relatives of Rosa FASSIEAUX who lived at the following address in November 1918:
Rue des trois Hurees.
No. 1/11 106 Jemappes Belgique
Hainault ( ez Mons)

The address is from a letter written in January 1919 by Rosa Fassieaux to the family of a Canadian soldier who was killed near Jemappes on Nov. 10, 1918.
The soldier stayed with the Fassieaux family on Nov. 9 and they showed him great kindness and hospitality. Most important, they provided a coffin and flowers for his funeral and tended his grave in the Jemappes cemetery near their house.
The soldier's relatives would like to know if there are any descendants of that family. His nephew is still alive and is interested in what happened to his uncle that day.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Scott Howarth
Toronto, Canada

Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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Surnames: Fassieaux
Fassieaux is a common name in the region.. of Hainaut and north of France.It was the name of my grand mother.She died in 1998 at 99 Y.old. She Was married with victor anciaux an they had one daugther Rose,my mother who married with nestor libert my father They are all died.The parents of my my grand mother died in the years 50th at more than 90 both
I am borned in 44 thus I was too litlle and in 47 I went with my parents to Africa. Rue des trois hurées was their house.In total they had 12 children but the TWo older brohers went to work in Ford factory in USA at Detroit.Rosa

Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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Good evening,

I am trying to trace the history of my family, I know that the grandfather of my father props Jemappes early in the century, the grandfather of my father's name was arthur

may be we have a relationship of parentage??

I also remember my grandmother told me about a soldier she fell in love props and died by going to see? my grandmother s'ppelait phillomene cone?

biens à vous...

Re: Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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I'm Cédric Fassieaux . My Grand-father, Gaston Fassieaux was from Jemappes, Hainaut In Belgium.
He was living at the "Rue des trois hurées, n° 77 bis".
He died a few years ago, he was 90 years old.
The name of my father was Emile.
A nephew of my grand father has immigrate to the USA after the second world war ... Is there a family link ?

Best regards,


Re: Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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Sorry, immigrate in 1918- 19 say my mother.

Re: Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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Bonjour Cédric,
There is a family link, I believe.
In my original e-mail I wrote about Rosa Fassieaux and Lieut. Frederick Longworth, the Canadian soldier killed near Jemappes on Nov. 18,1918.
Rosa's granddaughter, who is Rosa Libert, wrote to me last year and explained some of the family history. You must be related to Mme. Libert.
She told me, if I understand the story correctly, that a relative called Gaston Faissieaux was killed in 1944 during the war. His father, Sylvain Fassieaux, buried Gaston in the same cemetery as Lieut. Longworth.
Is any of this correct? My apologies if I am wrong.
Please write again if you have more questions.

Scott Howarth

Re: Objet : FASSIEAUX in Jemappes 1918

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Hello Scott,

That's right, the father of my grand-father was Sylvain.
But Gaston ( my grand-father ) is died in 2004. He was a belgian soldier during the second world war ans was prisonner in Germany.But fot LT Longworth, no answers for the time, i'm going to ask about it at the sister of my grand-father.
I can send you some old photos of him and his father ( 1920-1940 ) . My mail is, you can send me a mail.

Many thanks for yours answers,

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