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Gaskins- VA to OH

Gaskins- VA to OH

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I am trying to find my great-grandmother's family. All I know is that Rose Alice Gaskins was rumored to have been raised in Virginia, then moved to Ohio where she lived with her husband Frank Davison. She would have been born in the late 1800's.

Re: Gaskins- VA to OH

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Surnames: Gaskins, Davison, Wallace, Lyon-Leith
Rose Alice Gaskins is my great-grandmother as well. Yes, she and her husband Frank Lorrain (Lorraine?) Davison lived in Ohio, specifically the litte town of Delaware, Ohio, where he was a dentist.

She was born 17 June 1884 in Amelia, Ohio, and was married 3 Sept 1906. She died in July 1960 here in Memphis, Tennessee.Their son (one of 9 children) Robert Allen Davison was my grandfather.

Let me know what other information you need, and I'll help you as I can.

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Surnames: Gaskins, Davison, Hughes, Thackera, Stone, Weaver, Hulick

Wow! I am so happy to have heard from you. My mother will also be glad to share any information you may have. Her mother is Dorothea "Dottie" Hughes (nee Davison). Grandma Dottie is still alive at 80 (I believe). I think that she was the oldest of the female children.

It is hard for me to question Grandma Dottie because she is a time zone away and not technologically inclined (she has e-mail but is intimidated by it), so unfortunately I have very little information on Rose Alice or Frank Lorrain. I do not have their birth dates and places, nor the names, locations and dates of their antecedents. I do not know what countries the families originated from.

Which of Frank and Rose's children are you descended from? Did you ever know either of them? I have never known any of my great grandparents. My mother did not know Frank, but remembers being very fond of Rose Alice. My grandmother often tells me that I resemble her.

Please feel free to respond to me privately if you prefer. My e-mail address is-

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Sorry, Collin. I got so excited I didn't read you response very carefully. I see that your grandfather was Robert Davison. I would still appreciate any other way you could inform me of our shared family history. You live in Memphis? Is Auntie Bets still around?
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