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Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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Surnames: Pietroniro/Lafratta
My grandfather was Nicola Pietroniro (born May 13, 1900) married Fiorina Lafratta from Campobasso. Immigrated to America in 1924. Looking for marriage records, birth records and any family if known.
It's been difficult finding anything on my grandmother. I only know she was born in 1894; not clear on the date, but it might be Dec. 25.
Any information would be helpful.


Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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My mother is a LaFratta,,her father is Arturo LaFratta and is from Campobasso. The village he was from was around Petrella Tifernina. Arturo's father was Lorenzo LaFratta. Arturo was born 1893 in Italy and died young in the USA in 1925. I have no idea if he had brothers or sisters. Hope this is a little help

Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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Thank you for your reply. My grandmother was Fiorina Lafratta. I know she had 2 younger sisters. My grandmother left Italy in February of 1924 with my grandfather, Nicola Pietroniro. From the little my mother knows, her two Lafratta aunts never married & remained in Italy. Fiorina Lafratta Pietroniro
Died in 1940 at the age of 46. My mother, the oldest of 4, was 16 when her mother died, so the connection back to Italy was never kept up. I do know that both grandparents came from Castelmauro in Campobasso. Fiorina apparently came from a fairly financially comfortable family.

Thank you for the info you provided. There may be a connection
as cousins, as that happen often. Someone on my father's side found me just last week.

I'm hoping someone else may see the post and respond so I might find when they were married etc Thanks again!

Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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The Family History Library has the civil records of Castelmauro on microfilm. These are the birth, death, and marriage records of the town and cover from 1809 to 1910.

You can locate the birth, marriage, and death records that you seek by renting the microfilms.

Go to and look for the catalog. Place Castelmauro in the search engine and see what is availale. You can also find the closest library branch to your home.

Good Luck

Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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Thank you. I will try, but from what I can tell, the marriage records do not go from 1900-1925. My grandfather came in 1920 and returned with my grandmother in 1924. My mother thinks they got married just before they came here together in 1924. I think I might be able to find their birth records though.
So, thank you again.

Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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oh thank you so much,,i will keep trying to find them,,it's not easy

Re: Pietroniro/Lafratta from Campobasso

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Surnames: Pietroniro/Lafratta
No, it is not easy. You would think they didn't exist!

I went back over some other things I found a few years ago
and when my grandfather came the first time in 1920, he was
married to my grandmother already. On the Duca D'Aosta the
manifesto says his home town was Castelnuovo, so maybe I'm
looking in the wrong place?

Also, my mom tells me that her mother Fiorina Lafratta
had a brother who had 2 daughters. No known names.

Fiorina La Fratta from Campobasso

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From Italian land records, Fiurina's father was Donato
See #2
1 LA FRATTA Filomena;FU DONATO (1) Proprieta` per 2/24
2 LA FRATTA Fiorina;FU DONATO (1) Proprieta` per 2/24
3 LA FRATTA Giuseppina;FU DONATO (1) Proprieta` per 2/24
4 LA FRATTA Maria;FU DONATO (1) Proprieta` per 2/24
5 LA FRATTA Teresa Lucia nata a CASTELMAURO il 28/03/1929 (1) Proprieta` per 1/24
6 LA FRATTA Umberto;FU DONATO (1) Proprieta` per 2/24
7 LAFRATTA Maria Elvira nata a CASTELMAURO il 02/12/1932 L(1) Proprieta` per 1/24
8 LALLI Vincenzo;DI PIETRO (1) Proprieta` per 12/24

Re: Fiorina La Fratta from Campobasso

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Surnames: Fiorina LaFratta from Campobasso
Thank you for the response. Where do I go from here? I'm looking for Fiorina's Mother & 2 sisters. There's a good chance that Teresa was also her mother's name because my grandfather named my aunt (his second daughter) Teresa.

I understand there may be a brother with 2 daughters (Could very well be Teresa & Maria La Fratta because the dates seem to coincide with what my Mother remembers.)

I also understand that the "Lalli" name was a cousin who traveled here to America with my grandfather.

I appreciate any direction you could give me.
Grazie, Grazie!

Re: Fiorina La Fratta from Campobasso

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The data I sent you is from Italian Land Registry of abandoned land. The answers to some of your questions are within the Italian text. Note the FU means the son or daughter of .....

These records are not used by genealogists since they are not available to the general public. Essentially there is abandoned property that you and your family can claim.

Anthony Alioto
San Francisco
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