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I am trying to trace the family of my mother who was Isabelle Mary Halstead, her parents were george Washington Halstead and Emily Hill she was born in Fiji 9 March 1909.

However the fun starts when we try and go back further her Grandfather was Josiah B Halstead who was born in Madison, New york on 19 June 1812 He married Mary Foster who was born 20 April 1829 at Sandwich,Barnstable,Massacusetts her mother anf father were Moise Foster and J.Pihanui.
Believe they married in USA then travelled proposidly on whaling vessels. Their first two Children William F.Halstead born 20/7/1842 and Angeline Halstead born 16/10/1844 were born in Crootoo ? The next three Eliza halstead born 24/7/1846, Edwin Halstead born 20/7/1847 and Marietta Halstead born 23/12/1848 were all born in Fanning Island. Another child Calvin Halstead was botn onboard the vessel " Spirit of Nantucket" on 28/11/1849. Records from my mother bible show that Ageline, Eliza and Calvin all died at sea in 12/1849. The family settled on Sunday Island n Raoul island, in the Kermadec Is) They had another six children born on Sunday Island John S.Halstead born 9/3/1850, Benjamin Halstead born 30/8/1851,Mary Halstead born 14/3/1854, Henrietta Halstead born 4/2/1956, Caroline Halstead born 14/9/1857, Lusinda Halstead born 29/6/1859, George Washiington Halstead born 9 May 1961,
They then appear to have moved onto Samoa and another child Samuel Halstead was born in Nevagtora island, Samoa on 23/1/1863. Mothers records show that the following children died on Sunday Island John S (29/1/1852) Mary (14/1/1856).

That left the children William F, Marietta, benjamin, henrietta, Caroline, Lusinda, George Washington, and Samuel Halstead.

George Washington is my grandfather and we know he married Emily Mary Hill in Fiji in 1894.

Josiah B Halstead died we believe in Samoa on 29/3/1863. My Grandmother Mary Foster re-married a Hitchinson Jamieson and they had a son William Janieson wghow as born in Nevagtora island, Samoa on 22/10/1868

I have established that William Jamieson found his way to Fiji also and married Elizabeth Whippy on 22/12/1893 in Levuka, Fiji.

We have also established that Mary Foster on 25 April 1901 in Tahiti.

However, I have not been able to trace my Grandgrandfather Josiah B Halsteads ancestory, nor have I been able to trace what happened to my Grandfathers brotehrs and sisters, William F Halstead, Marietta Halstead, benjamin halstead, henrietta halstead, caroline halstead, Lusinda halstead and samuel halstead, who all must have left Sunday Island and settled somewhere.

Can any of the Halsteads or ancestors of the Halsteads help me in any way.

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Hoped you have made this discovery per

Hutchison JAMIESON
Chr: 10 NOV 1813 Killinchy, , Down, Ireland
Marr: About 1867 , Samoa, Pacific Islands

Mary FORSTER(sic)
Birth: 20 APR 1829 Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Marr: About 1867 , Samoa, Pacific Islands
Death: 26 APR 1901
parents: Moise FORSTER & J. PIHANUI

My ancestors dwell from County Wicklow, Ireland, glad to meet you.


Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Surnames: Halstead, Jamieson, Whippy, Foster,
Ni sa bula, Josiah B. Halstead.

My grandfather was William Jamieson who married Elizabeth nee Whippy in Fiji Islands.

My Great grandfather was Hutchinson Jamieson ( I always believed he was from Scotland) who married Mary (nee Foster) Halstead.

I extend my hand of friendship and kinship.

Lolomas Elizabeth nee Jamieson

Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Surnames: Halstead,Jamieson,Whippy,Foster
ni sa bula
Your grandfather William Jamieson was my grandfather's half brother(George Washington Halstead).
I would love to get in touch with you.

Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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I am not sure if anyone is still replying to these post, however I am the grand-daughter of William Jamieson, daughter of Hopo Jameson. I would greatly love to get in touch with either one of you. Please let me know I also extend my hand of kinship and friendship.


Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Hi Pollyanna
It is wonderful to hear from you.
Let us get in touch with one another.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Hello Isabelle,

I am so overjoyed to know that family are still responding to the message board. Please email me at We then can exchange phone numbers and maybe even skype with each other. I would love to talk with you...


Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Hello Elizabeth,

Hi I wanted to see if I could get in touch with you, I am also a grandaughter of William Jamieson.
My greatgrand mother was also Mary Foster Hutchinson Jamieson.
I also extend my hand of kinship and friendship to you. I would love to talk, skype, or email with you.
You can email me at

Pollyanna Jameson

Re: HALSTEAD, Josiah B

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Hi Isabelle,

I am so glad you responded please email me at so we may be able to talk and exchange information we have about our family tree.
I look forward to speaking with you.
Let's keep in touch.

Take Care,
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