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Rachel (View posts)
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Where can one find information on Master Mariners in Victoria in the 1800's? I just read an obituary on my great,great,great grandfather Thomas Harrendan Pamphlet. One of his close friends and pallbearers was a Cap't Harris... he MAY be the father of Mary Harris/ Pamphlet... but where can I find proof? If she was 1/2 or 1/4 Haida, I dont think her mother was married to the father, Cap't Harris, assuming he was the father. All I have is the mother's name as Lulu Irving.

Port Simpson, BC

Rocky (View posts)
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Hi Rachel...

If you have access to the BC Archives in Victoria, I know there is information on Port Simpson. Port Simpson is just off Prince Rupert, BC, but I know many people intermarried and ended up at Port Simpson as reverend Duncan was close by at Metlakatla. At Metlakatla (a huge school and community run by Rev. Duncan) many First Nations people arrived from all over the North Coast including Haida territory.

I have done some research for family at the BC Archives and found many marriage recordings from church documents at Port Simpson. The only thing is they are not recorded in the Vital Events search, they are on microfilm if my memory serves right.

Right now I have a bad flue bug but I may have a book or two that can help, but they are in my basement and I don't feel like going down into the dungeon to collect them. I did a quick search through a book called "The Vagabond Fleet" by Peter Murray but did not see a Captain Harris. You may get some information from the Maritime Museum in Victoria:

I found this in Hugh Armstrong's website:

Frederick St, Victoria, BC

19/08/19 Pamphlet, unreadable, f, head, m, -- Jun 1844, 66, USA, to Can: 1845, Meth.
……Rems: Age & yr. born as entered. RBCR: Pamphlet, Elizabeth, 73 y, 22 Feb 1907 at Victoria, b.Port Simpson, BC. DN, Times, 23 Feb 1907, p.5: Elizabeth Pamphlet, 73, d. at the home of her son, John Cotsford, Vic West, leaves husband, 5 sons & 3 daus.
19/08/20 Cotsford, John, m, son, s, 30 Sep 1856, 44, BC, Meth, Master mariner.
19/08/21 Pamphlet, Kate, f, dau, s, 17 Nov 1864, 34, BC, Meth.
……Rems: RBCR: Pamphlet, Catherine E., 56 y, 12 Jun 1923, b. & d.Victoria.
19/08/22 Pamphlet, Thomas, m, son, s, 4 Apr 1869, 32, BC, Meth.
……Rems: RBCR: Pamphlet, Thomas Henry, 39 y, 11 Jan 1909, b. & d.Victoria.
19/08/23 Pamphlet, Robert, m, son, s, 15 Apr 1873, 27, BC, Meth, Fireman on steamer.
19/08/24 Pamphlet, Annie, f, dau, s, 28 Jun 1879, 21, BC, Meth.

Note; when I see "Port Simpson" as I do here, it rings bells, that the person is First Nations (who came from there) as it is a reservation.

Note: I see the surname "Cortsford" above and that gets me thinking. In my maternal branches of my family, a Captain Cotsford married my grandmother's aunt.I wonder if there is a connection. I will have to dig.

Kind regards; Rocky Sampson

A Professor at UBC

Rocky (View posts)
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Hello again Rachel...

Your family does sound familiar, but I can't place my finger on where I came across the surname Pamphlet. I know I have crossed this name before. I just can't recall when and where.

You will want to get in touch with a great lady and Professor at UBC. Jean is a historian and author of BC history. She will already have much of your your ancestry or at least part of it completed. She collects information and data on First Nations to Non-First Nations; marriages and common-law relationships from the 1800's. I can not say enough good things of this beautiful lady; Dr. Jean Barman. You can find her at the University of British Columbia;
Check out her very long and impressive list of books and articles, papers and documents. you will notice she has done much research into First Nations and Mixed Race families in BC. She is most interested in the vast contributions these families have made in BC.

As I have said, Jean is a great historian who has contributed a rich wealth of books and articles that are very much apprectaed by all British Comlumbians. Any self respecting BC genalogist who has roots going back into the 1800's, will have a few of her books on their shelves, including this one;

Barman, J. The West beyond the West: A History of British Columbia. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991; paperback, 1993. 429 pp. Revised ed., 1996. 449 pp.

Kindest regards, and happy searching... you have a beautiful and rich heritage, enjoy the journey of discovery;

Rocky Sampson

P.S; Some other links to Jean Barman, there are many more in a "Google Search":
Her latest book.

Re: A Professor at UBC

Rachel (View posts)
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Hi again!

When I first started searching for my family, I did the usual searches that I could on the computer. I went to the library also but with a small baby, now a 4 year old, it is hard to stay focused on this. I did actually contact her at the start as I spoke to an independant researcher in Victoria, and he seemed to have done some research for her and the Pamphlet name came up. So, I think the next time I contact her, I would like to more specific and have the necessary notes infront of me. Although I did mention the Pamphlet family, she didn't offer any information, if she had it. I have tried to search everywhere possible for info on my great grandmaother. I have even tried a few bands in the Haida Gwaii, but have not heard a peep in 2 years! I know someone knows something and there is something out there that will help me. I only want to know where she came from and if there are any family left. I actally started doing this for my mom, but it has become a bit of an obsession for me.

I read that Jean Barmon just came out with a new book, and would really like to read it. I will check out the others that you have suggested. Thank you so much for your help! Rachel

Captain Charles J. Harris, born Eastport, Maine

Rocky (View posts)
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Hello Rachel...

I found this in my photocopies;

Capt. Charles J. Harris was born in Eastport, Me., in 1867, and commenced going to sea in 1881. He was one of the crew of the Eastern Clipper, wrecked in Island Harbor in 1882, and a year later was on the schooner Trial, wrecked at Whitehead. In 1886 he came round the Horn in the schooner Sapphire, on arriving at Victoria remained ashore a couple of years, and then started sealing with the Sapphire, making a catch of 2,286. The following year he was not so successful, but in 1892, while sealing on the coast alone with the Mary Taylor, his catch was 942. The following year he took the May Bell to the Japan coast, returning with 1,852 skins, and in 1894 took the E. B. Marvin to the same grounds, securing 2,118 skins.


LEWIS & DRYDEN'S MARINE HISTORY of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST, an illustrated review of the growth and developement of the maritime indusrty, from the advent of the earliest navigators to the present time, with sketches and portraits of a number of well known marine men.

Edited by E. W. Wright, Superior Publishing Company, Seattle, Washington, 1967.

I do not have a full copy of Lewis & Dryden's book, you may want to check the whole book out at the Vancouver Island Library or any other library.

Note; this Captain Harris would have had access to BC's Northcoast and the Queen Charlotte Islands, with his sealing schooners. Hopefully he is the Captain Harris you are searching for. When I did a "Google Search" for Harris's (genealogies) of Eastport, Maine, there were too many for me to dig through, you may have better luck.

All the sealing schooners stopped off at Native villages along the coast as they headed north and then finally off to the western most islands of Alaska and sometimes Japan. The captains of the sealing schooners would employee Native men from the villages as they were the best hunters and could handle long sea voyages.

You are wise to gather information and notes before talking again to Dr. Barman. I hope this tid-bit helps your search. I will keep my eyes and ears open for the Pamphlet surname, as I mentioned earlier it rings a strong bell in my memory.

Kind regards; Rocky Sampson

Harris, Charles I., m, head, m, 28 Sep 1867, 33, NS, Meth, Master mariner.

Rocky (View posts)
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Me again...

I did some more digging in Hugh Armstrongs incredible website, now that I had a first name for Captain Harris. I found this:

36 Kings Rd

15/17/01 Harris, Charles I., m, head, m, 28 Sep 1867, 33, NS, Meth, Master mariner.
……Rems: MRI: Charles Israel Harris mar Rebecca Ann Cox, 20 Jul 1892, Victoria. RBCR: Harris, Charles Israel, 101 y, 3 Feb 1969 at Victoria, b.NS.
15/17/02 Harris, Rebecca A., f, wife, m, 13 Jan 1872, 29, South America, to Can: 1890, Psb.
……Rems: RBCR: Harris, Rebecca Ann, 83 y, 27 Feb 1954 at Oak Bay, BC, b.South America.
15/17/03 Harris, Charles G., m, son, s, 27 Sep 1894, 6, BC, Psb.
15/17/04 Harris, William T.H., m, son, s, 11 Aug 1897, 3, BC, Psb.
……Rems: BRI: William Thomas H. Harris, 11 Aug 1897, Victoria.
15/17/05 Harris, Alfred E., m, son, s, 8 Nov 1899, 1, BC, Psb.

You will note the year 1867 for his birthdate here. It is the same as the date for the Lewis and Dryden book in the previous posting, but here it says his birthplace was NS (Nova Scotia). I noticed in some of the Google searches for the Harris genealogy that there were many Harris' who went to and fro, between Maine and Nova Scotia, as did many other families in that era. This may be your Captain Harris, even tho he is listed as Charles I. Harris?? More things to check and compare.... geeze! Rebecca Ann Cox may be the daughter of a Captain Cox from the sealing fleet out of Victoria?? This is just a lead. As Captain Cox was also with the sealing trade. It seems that many of the Captains married their daughters off to other Captains.

Kind regards; Rocky Sampson

Re: A Professor at UBC

Roree Oehlman (View posts)
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I just spent thte day with Jean. Boy has she got some good stuff coming about March or so. We had a blast! It was great to see her and hear about her ongoing project with Bruce. I am betting it will knock our socks off. She admits it won't be perfect but she is excited to get it out there so people like mae aren't scratching our heads so much and will have a jumping off place to campare notes and genealogies! She is truly a gem! I just finished her latest Stanley Park book which includes many of my cousins. I love this woman and all she has done for our cause.

Re: Port Simpson, BC

Kristal (View posts)
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Hi! Rachael
I'm from Metlakatla, AK and I know I have relations in Port Simpson, but I don't know much.
Names: Booth, Atkinson, Mather, Benson and Sellers.
The main one is Sellers, Amy. She was a teacher in WA
area. But she married Simon Booth. If you have any information, that would be nice.
Hope you feel better.

Re: Port Simpson, BC

Rachel (View posts)
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Metlakatla, BC & Port Simpson, BC

Rocky (View posts)
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Hi Kristal & Rachel....

There is a MSN group who deals in Port Simpson and area family genealogy. It deals with a branch of my family named McKay (pronounced like: McEye) and another; Pappenberger. There are many more names, I have not been in the group lately but get messages from them now and then. I will post the address in the room here as no one but family can get in anyways (tell them you have relations at Port Simpson, and the moderator will let you in). Some older surnames I do recall from Port Simpson were; Sanky, Boulton, McKay, Moody, Ryan, Elecee and Pappenberger; these names show up in some records at the BC Archives... weddings, deaths and births (they are hidden inside the Archival papers from Port Simpson and Metlakatla, the BC Metlakatla, not the Alaska Metlakatla). The papers are all related to Reverend Duncan's work at those villages in the 1800's. The papers and registrars can be found for Metlakatla with the papers inside... unfortunatly the papers were never placed in the Vital Events search engine, I assume as they were never registered anywhere except in the church.

Click on Ted Ryans tree, he will ask a few questions and let you in:

Cheers; Rocky Sampson
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