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Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

Anthony de Wit (View posts)
Posted: 923572800000
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Surnames: de Wit, Gysberta
I'm trying to find relatives on my Father's side of the family.
His Father's name was Nicolaas de Wit born 6/1/1909 in Gorinchem.
His Mother's name was Kentie Gysberta born 3/7/1909 in Woudriechem(I know she is deceased).
His brother's name is Nicolaas and would be aged approximately 64 yrs.
His sister's name was Adrie and would be aged approximately 66 yrs.
My Father was seperated from his Family by the child protection people during the War.
My Father was born in Gouda on the 16/7/32.


John L. Hennekes (View posts)
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Try this web site:


Seeking relatives "De Wit"

Beril Williams (View posts)
Posted: 945000000000
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Surnames: Van Ettinger, De Wit
I don't recognise the above names because I have extremely limited information on this family, but, if you have a male De Wit (Christian name unknown) who was born late 1937 or early 1938 in Rotterdam, Holland - father was Chris Van Ettinger and the mother was Anneke De Wit.
I believe his parents married and that his father went into either a work or concentration camp and as far as I know was not heard of again.
I don't know if his mother married again either.

He would probably go under Van Ettinger or De Wit and would be about 61 years of age.

Can you be of any assistance with regards to your family being related or knowing of them?

Thanks, and I hope I might hear from you.

Re: Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

Carla Kentie (View posts)
Posted: 1044201190000
Classification: Query
Surnames: De Wit
Nicolaas de Wit died in 1996. He was a son of Nicolaas de Wit (born 1881) and Adriana Wilhelmina Barth (born 1883). Gijsberta Kentie was a daughter of Barend Kentie (born 1875) and Daatje Adriana van der Tak (born 1877). I know that because both couples were my greatgrandparents too. The family De Wit lost contact with your aunt and uncle, but before his death my father Barend Kentie located them. If you're still looking for them, send me you e-mail-adress.

Re: Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

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hello anthony my grandfather was nicolaas de wit he was married with my grandmother anna aarts it was his second mariage. in this message i wil post a picture of our grandfather he died 4th august 1996 there are still a lot of children from him alive only nico died adrie we don't see her anymore but there a still a lot of uncles aunts en coussent en nichtjes if you like you can contact me my email is

Re: Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

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oh i forgot to tell you our grandfather he was married with gijsbertha kentie and youre father is henk he is a brother of my father he was going to new sealand in 1955.and we never heard of him our grandfather has told us this because he missed youre father in those times

Re: Seeking relatives - "de Wit"

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Hi Anthony,
The family De Wit is also on Facebook. A lot of old family pictures have been posted. I think it will be very interesting for you. If you want to be a member of this group to access these photos, contact us:

Fotocorner Familie De Wit-Kentie en aanverwanten
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