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Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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Surnames: Bettencourtt, Speiss, Montegut, Tibaldi, Gruenewald, Raynes, McMullen
Looking for info on Bettencourtt families and These 19th century relateds:
Montegut, Speiss, Tibaldi.
Primarily Orleans & surrounding Parishes

The Bettencourtt I trace is Faustin Antoine (Also spelled Faustean or Feurstine), who was married to Helene Louisa Tibaldi. (Also known as Helen Lewis, Ellen Louisa, Ellen Lewis -- Last name varies to Febalda, Tebaldi).
He has been said to be born in Portugal, She in Maine.
One of thier children was Clement Albert, His son was also Clement Albert, whose son was also Clement Albert.

CA #1's wife: Marie Victorine Montegut 1870-1947
CA #2's wife: Eleanora Josephine Speiss 1900-1989
Eleanora's Parents: John Speiss 1870-1912 and Henrietta Gruenewald 1875-1915
Henrietta's name could be: Grunewald, Gruenwalt, Grunewalden

ANY info is greatly appreciated, and will be reciprocated.

Re: Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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You may already have all of this info, but here goes.

In the 1880 census, T9/461 E.D. 48 Sheet 7C

Bethancourt, Falsin - Head - age 45 - Laborer - born Portugal
Bethancourt, Ellen - Wife - age 42 - born Portugal
Bethancourt, Manuel - Son - age 19 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Faustina - Son - age 16 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Josephine - Son - age 14 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Elisabeth - Son - age 12 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Albert - Son - age 7 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Rosa - Son - age 5 - born Louisiana
Bethancourt, Antonio - Son - age 3 - born Louisiana

In the birth index I see:

Manuel Bettincourt born May 30, 1861 to parents F. A. Bettincourt and Ellen Luvis. Volume 29 page 370

Feurstine Bettancourt born Jul 2, 1864 to parents Feurstine Bettancourt and Ellen Lewis. Volume 38 page 530

Elizabeth Bettancourt born Oct 13, 1865 to parents Feurstine Bettancourt and Ellen Lewis. Volume 38 page 531

Elisabeth Catherine Bethancourt born Dec 18, 1867 to parents Faustin A Bethancourt and Helene Louisa. Volume 47 page 429

Clement Albert Bettancourt born Nov 14, 1872 to parents F. Bettancourt and Helene Febalda. Volume 61 page 52

Rose Betancourt born Sep 5, 1874 to parents Faustin Anton Betancourt and Ellen Louisa Tibaldi. Volume 63 page 194

Antoine Lucis Bethancourt born Mar 29, 1877 to parents B. A. Bethancourt and H. Tebaldi. Volume 70 page 384

I am not related, just trying to help,

Re: Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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Hello....I have recently begun to research this Family as it is my Mother's.I am grateful for this info.I am also looking for the resting places of Ellen and Faustin Bettencourt.I only know they are in New Orleans...Many thanks.....Their Great-Grand-Daughter....Yvonne

Re: Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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I've found the following;

Bettencourt, Mrs. Eller Louise
Death date: 1918-09-14
Age: 80 years
Sex: F
Next of kin: Faustin Bettencourt (husband)
Obituary citation(s):

Times-Picayune, 1918-09-12, Pg. 2 col. 8

Her obit states that she is buried in St. Louis Cemetery.
Please message me your email address and I will forward you a copy.

Her death record;

Bettencourt, Ella Louise Tibaldi
80 yrs
Death: 09/11/1918 Orleans Parish
Volume: 173
Page: 180

His death record;
Betancourt, Faustino Antonio
54 yrs - W
Death: 12/10/1884 Orleans Parish
Volume: 86
Page: 352

The death records can be ordered by using the following form;

His obit states;

Faustino A. Betancur

A native of Gracios, Portugal.
His residence at 12 Peace St.
There is no mention of where he is buried.

Again, please message me your email address if you would like copies of these obits.

Re: Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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Hello.....If I had a "first-born" I would give him or her to you !!....This is amazing and I cannot thank you enough.I looked everywhere possible for these relatives.They are my Mother's Mother's Parents.I never knew them as they passed before I was born.Once again,Many Thanks,Yvonne

Re: Bettencourtt, Bethancourt, Betancourt, etc, etc

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I will attach the obits here.
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