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William McCoy

William McCoy

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Surnames: McCoy
I want to find out if anyone knows if William's children were born in Maryland or Virginia.The William i am refering to is the one who fought in the Revolutionary war and was awarded a land grant for 200 acres in Kentucky.Also was William born in Virginia or Maryland?What year did John McCoy come to America from Ireland and where did he settle? Finally what year did John's father Alexander come to Ireland? Can someone advise me as to how i might find out who Alexander McCoy's parents are? I would like very much to trace this line further as Alexander is my great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great grandfather.thanks for any help you can give me.James McCoy

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WILLIAM MCCOY (View posts)
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I have never found any record showing Alexander, John's father, coming to the US.

Some of Willism's children were born in, what is now Maryland, but was Virginia at that time. Check the Virginia State Geneology site and pay close attention to the map that shows the "Virginia commonwealth" in different years. That is how William came to settle in Ky on his 200 acres. Kentucky only had one county at the time and it Was Floyd county. Kentucky was a part of the Virginia commonwealth, so was Maryland, Washington DC, parts of Ohio.and West Virginia.

William settled in Floyd county, which was later broken up into several counties, Pike county being one and where William settled.

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Shirley[McCoy] Powers (View posts)
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Hi, I am the greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgranddaughter fo i think William or Randall McCoy. I have been trying to trace my dad's family . His dad was David B. McCoy and he went to east texas and met my grandmother and they married and had 5 boys and two daughter's one died at a early age. They lived in Tyler, and are buried together at the Bascom cementary.Now i am trying to find out who was my great grandfather . I keep hitting a brick wall. I could use some help. I think they came from Ireland but can't find anything.

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Am researching a William J. McCoy, lieutenant, who fought in the revolutionary war. b. 1740's, father James or William, b. about 1711. Is this the Wm. you are looking for? I have him as being born in Augusta Co, Va and moving to Greenbrier that became Greenbrier Co, W.Va. Let me hear from you please. Sherry Lafferty McCoy

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Surnames: McCoy
I have a Lt. William J. McCoy in my line born 1740 in Scotland, British Isles. Died 1795 Sinking Creek, Greenbrier County, VA. He came to America by way of Bath, England to Augusta Co., VA;
His father was James McCoy born 1713 in County Tyrone, Ireland. He died in 1789 in Little Cowpasture, WS, BC, VA. Had property with his brother John on Mossy Creek, VA. He sold this property and moved south ro Rowan Co., NC (Chalkey's Chronicles).
His is on the Rowan co, NC Tax lists for 1790.

Virginians & West Virginians 1607-1870

By 1740 he was living in Augusta, Now Bath co., on Stewart's Creek. According to Morton's he lived next to William McCoy, (presumably his brother).

Found in Salt Lake Research:
from Family Archieve Viewer CD503, Virginia colonia Records, 1600-1700's Birginia Colonial Soldiers Bounty Land warrants - Certificate from Lord Dunmore that James McCoy is entitled to 200 acres as a corporal which he desires to locate in Augusta Co., April 29, 1774.
From "Progress in the James River Settlements 1760-1770" - page 365

Processioners' Returns - 1775
James McCay and James Scott reported on the Cow Pasture as follows:
"As it has pleased your Worships to send an order to nominate four persons in the Cow Pasture to mark the lines of the several plantations there, we the subscribers, hereof, have gone from the Forks at James River upwards to Joseph Mays and Thomas Feemster and William Black from there to the head of the waters. There is many places that there is no livers in and others that doth not know their lines. The names of such as we found their lines are as follows:
James Scott. William Gillsepy, John Handley, WM McMurry, James Beard, Capt. Jno Dickenson, James Hamilton, Ralf Laferty, John Cartmill, James Hugart, Robert Stewart, James McCay, Charles Donnally, Thomas Gillespy"--- Signed James McCay, James Scott
N.B. The above is as exact as we could make it to ye Worshipful Court. The upper branches processioned by Feemster and Black were more thickly, settled.

His stay in Bath Co. was noted in Morton's Annals of Bath Co., VA in Early Adventures on the Western Waters, Vol I, MB and FB Kegley, 1980, p 16-20, 22, 24 make note of William Mccoy having 160 acres on Sinking Creek next to James McCoy. James owned land on Stewart's Creek in (now) Bath County in the 1740's and moved to Greenbrier county in 1760's around Sinking Creek.
Journal of the Greenbrier Historical society - vol 1:

page 7- Surveys for Green Bryer County - May 4th - James McCoy 100 acres: John McCoy 70 acres, William Mccoy, 160 acres.

Landowners in Greenbrier county at the end of the Revolutionary War- James Mccoy 150 acres.

McCoy is Gaelic name and is written mac Aoidha in Scotland and mac Aoikha in Ireland, both are from the Old German personal name Hugo, meaning "heart, mind" which became Hugh in English. Thus the Galeic meaning is the "son of Hugh", In Scotland, the name was Anglicized variously as MacKay, MacKie, MacCoy, MacKeyey, M"Kee, Makie, Mackie, etc. No eary spelling of MacCoy could be found.
Around 1597, the English sent a large group of Scots from the sourthern Isles to Ireland as armed guards to try to control the Irish uprisings. Many of this group bore the above names which became MacCoy and MacCooey in the local dialects.

The Irish Gaelic name MaccAoidha, in turn became Anglicized to MacHugh, MacKay, Mackee and MacCoy. It is ironical pehaps, that many of the Scots from the southern Isle were originally of Irish stock. thus we are as far from knowing sho the "real McCoy" was as ever.

Burke's Feneral Armory describes the Scottish MacKay Arms.
Maleshus McKay sailed for Virginia in 1635 and John Macay, Daniell Mokoy and Daniel Macoy arrived in 1651, 1657, and 1662 respectively. By 1790 the spellings Macay, Mackay, McKay, McKee, McCay, McCoy and Mccoye were found in North and South Carolinea and Virginia.

There is a listing for a James McCoy in the Family Archive Viewer CD503 Virginia Colonial Records 1600's - 1700's Colonial Soldiers of Virginia.

McCoy, James H.B. 1758 - 61, 188.

1782 Greenbrier County Personal Property Tax List - Mr. Wm. Bunch's District shows: McCoy, James 1 pole, 13 horses, 15 cattle, no tax amount given.

"The Mathews Trading Post Ledger" 1771 - 1779 Complied by Frances Alderson Swope
McCay, James, Sen. -p. 106
1773 Dec 13 to making 2 coats /s 16/
McCay, James Jun (Jn brother)- p 43
1771-Dec. powder, lead by Tho. Williams
1772-March Rum; Oct. leggons
1773-May, Aug.
1774-March; July-Tob
1776-Apr to Intr on your acct. To your final bill on demand
McCay, John-p31
1771-Augu Sundr., salt, Oct Rum; Dec
1772-March; April salt, Sep tob, cloth; Oct powder, lead; Nov; Dec. nails
1773-May brimstone, needles; jun Tob tyo Intr. on above acct. to your final bill
McCay, William-p8
1771 may sundrys, 4 hanks, Augu rum; Dec linen hand
1772-March powder; oct. linen; Dec silk 1 yd
1773-Janu posder; Aug. Nov.
1774-March; Aug tob
1777-Janu to interest on your acct.
The above bills were taken from the Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society, taken from a gift from Mr. Denny Wood, A John Stewart Descendant, the Mathes Trading Post's Ledger for the years 1771 - 1779, on an additional day book.
In the Introduction to the list, he said that Sampson and George Mathews perated a chain of stores, one of whcih was in Staunton, and another on the Cowpasture. Their Greenbrier trading post was on the Greenbrier river near what is still known as Mathews Ford. It's customers came from the "little levels in what is now Pocahontas County, from Indian Creek and Wolf Creek in present Monroe, Anothon's Creek and even as far as the New River.
The only other piece of info I have is that James McCoy's mother's maiden name was Agnes Stephenson.
Hope this is what you needed,

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Surnames: mccoy mcmillion williams
Can you place either a John McMillion or Ambrose Williams there in that community ??

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i have'nt found any "McMillion", or"Williams" yet, .Im new at this but will let you know if I come acros them.Good Luck

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I have a William McCoy in my tree that was born in Virginia.His father John McCoy was born in Ireland.His father Alexander(John's father)was born in Scotland.And according to my tree Alexander(John's Father) was born and died in Scotland.In my tree Alexander's parents are James Mackey McCoy b:1640 in Scotland d:1719 scotland and Jennett Wallace b:1640 scotland d:1700 scotland.i hope this helps if this is your line

Re: William McCoy

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Sorry I haven'y gone that far back in my search.Thanks for the info gives me some directions to look.Good Luck

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Hi do you have a Charles Barker McCoy married to Maggie Walker from Madison Cty Kentucky in your family tree.I am looking for McCoys In Madison Co.My father was Otis Lee McCoy.sorry I can't help w/Ireland search and forgive me if I've already sent you this message,I am new to all this.Thanks
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