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ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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I recently discovered (much to my families surprise) through the 1920 Federal Census that my grandfather was in the St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore. I am hoping that I will be able to contact them and get info on his birth parents (if known). Has anyone had luck doing this? (He died in 1986.) I'm also curious as to what the conditions were like in St. Vincents. It just seems so sad. I'm heartbroken for my grandfather. I'm also curious about the family who adopted him (he had no contact with them after he left at 18 or so) but that's another story.

I'd love to hear from anyone who knows ANYTHING about St. Vincents in Baltimore.

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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My grandmother and her sister were place in St. Vincents on May 7, 1923. I called Center For Family Services, Records and Archives, 11 East Mount Royal Avenue, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202-2753 phone: 410-685-2363, fax: 410-685-2364. Mrs. Helen Graham (Director of Records and Archivist) sent me all the information she had. They kept all the records from St. Vincent's. I also got the certificate of Baptism. Unfortunately for me the birth mother DID NOT list the father's name.
I hope this helps you out.

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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Tina, thank you SO much. This is so helpful and gives me hope that maybe we can find out something. Even the name of his birth mother would be helpful. I'm going to call tomorrow. Thank you again.

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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Yes I also have info on St Vincents. My grandmother was placed there in 1909, at age 2 1/2 with her brother who was a year younger. I also contacted Helen Graham and was sent lots of information. She sent me some information on what a normal day would have been like. My grandmother was there until she was 13, at which time, they moved the kids to a different orphanage. My grandmother's name was actually changed when she was placed there (her first name). I don't know when it became her given name, but it did. If you go to the library websites, you can find newspaper articles and photos of some of the events or situations that existed there. It was very sad to read and like you it was a total shock to the family that my grandmother who we were extremely close to, never ever told anyone she was there. She died in 1998. So many questions left unanswered, some things understood for her daughter now 75. Helen Graham said there used to be photos but they were misplaced. I wish they had some - I would love one photo of her as a child. I also contacted the Daughters of Charity who ran St Vincents and St Joseph School of Industry for the girls over 13. I was given a lot of info by them, but mostly photos, and daily activites although they did get me the date of the day my grandmother left the orphange at 15 (St Joseph School of Industry) and the reason why, who removed her also. My grandmother's last name was Franey....

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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Yes thank you.... Helen Graham must be VERY busy because I have left two messages for her (she only works as a volunteer once a week) in the last 4 months and have had no response yet. I have talked to the main office and been assured I will "go on a list"

I believe I have found my father in the 1920 census housed at "St. Vincent's Children's Asylum" The name is correct but the age and place of birth are not... I assume these "facts" were subject to errors based on the nature of the facility and the reasons the children were being left there...

I am very hopeful I can get the information on him sometime soon.....

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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I just today received my mother's birth certificate that I applied for with the Maryland Archives. I had to fill out an application and send $25.

She was born in 1917 and died last month.

I have been doing research on my family and was able to track down her mother (my grandmother) and relatives to when they immigrated from Germany. Well, it appears my mother was adopted from St. Vincent's Infant Asylum because that name was on the birth certificate as place of birth. The mother and father were unknown altho the age for the mother was 24.

You can get certified birth certificates from the Maryland Archives if the person was born before 1924 and you fill out an application.

Maybe your grandfather's birth certificate will have the mother and/or father listed.

Good Luck!!!!!!

BTW here is the link to St. Vincent's:

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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just a little bit of info. for u.from 1942i lived there as my parens divroced when i was two, so my father was awarded my sister and me, as he had to work and need somwone to take care of us. they only kept children up six and we were tranfered to st. marys villa in baltimore also ran by the sisters of charity.i have pictures from st.vincents as they has a farm, where they had chicken and ducks and even slaughtere their own cows. as i was very young i dont have any vivid memories except from pictures, we were treated alright as we were always dress nice and my father wouldnt keep us there otherwise.

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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Hi wanted to jump in just to let you all know I actually found the Fohner Family/Mother/and Children all togehter here in the 1910 census...For whatever reason the children and their mother were all staying there..Mom Annie was working as a servant..This is page 6 of 7 in this census section here is link

It says she is married 14 yrs and I found her husband, Joseph P Fohner is listed as "Single" and living with his widowed mother, Shopia. He was a Blacksmith at Shop (Horse)., same occp as in 1900 when he can be found with wife Ann and children.

At any rate it seems to me that Mom, Annie and her children were kept together at St Vincents Infant Asylum.

Mother Annie and children in the 1920 census all living together and renting on Greenmount Ave., all be it, in a Billards House it looks like, she is this time widowed and all children listed (except oldest Joseph Lawrence Fohner, who married at appx 18yrs old to Julia "Ruth" Brooks and in appx 1918-19 removed w/her parents to Bueamont Tx for a time), Eugene the youngest being 10 yrs old, I also found in St Vincents 1910 census as 4 months old..So it would seem to me that maybe St Vincents first made an attempt to keep children and desirous Mothers together..Just a thought I wanted pass along

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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Thank you for this tip. I'm going to go back and look at the census although I don't think I will be as lucky. It's been over 3 years since I've posted this and I still haven't had any luck. Someone at Catholic Charities did contact me a few months ago to tell me they were looking, but I haven't heard anything from them since. It's frustrating. I would really like to find this info for my Mom. :(

Re: ISO info on St. Vincents Infant Asylum in Baltimore, MD

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I have an update. I did hear back from Center for Family Services. I actually had a letter from them dated July 10, 2014 but it had gotten lost in a stack of mail. There wasn't a lot of info but this is what I have:

Name: Beaver Jos.* Vincent
Date of Admission: Dec 18, 1917 (Confused about this since I thought this was his birth date.)
Place of Birth: Dec 18, 1917 (I know this isn't a place.)
Parents: Catherine E. Beaver
By Whom Placed: Birth
Baptism: 12/31/17
Discharged: 1918
By Whom Taken: Mother but returned 11/13/19 by Mother

So, it's not a lot but it's nice to have a little more info. Trying to figure out where to go next. I've been searching the 1910 and 1920 census for Catherine Beaver but I'm not sure if that is a maiden name or not. I've been searching near Baltimore but I'm not sure if I should expand my search.

(*I updated this from Jas to Jos. which is probably short for Joseph. It said Jas on the typewritten copy I was given but the person I spoke with at Catholic Charities think it was a transcription error based on the handwritten ledger she has.)
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