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Irritating ads....

Irritating ads....

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Now we have not only have flashing ads on the top of these message boards, we also have pop-up ads to deal with and add to all this 'whiz bang advertising' we now have an irritating butterfly flying around the right side of our screen when we are attempting to read. Talk about distractions! While I realize Rootsweb must advertise to support their services, aren't 3 distracting ads per page totally overdoing it? The pop up ads and meandering butterfly are simply too much!

Re: Irritating ads....

Posted: 1025285523000
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I agree completely, Shari! Personally, I refuse to buy ANYTHING advertised in a pop-up ad. Any company that ASSAULTS me with pop-ups doesn't DESERVE my business. Period.

Re: Irritating ads....

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I completely agree! Just out of curiosity I didn't close the X-10 (or whatever those stupid cameras are) ads that popped up every time I moved my mouse.

In under five minutes, during which time I did two message board searches and read one post, I racked up 17 popups for the same company.

This is absolutely outrageous. I'm not a current subscriber, but was considering becoming one until I started realizing just how much advertising is going on. If people paying 200$ a year are being inundated with similar amounts of junk ads, then I don't see any point in wasting my money.

The ads are popping up at a rate which prevents me from doing any effective research. I've read that too many popups can cause my browser to crash, which would mean losing whatever I was researching and having to start all over again from the search screen.

Shame on Ancestry for giving in to greed and allowing a company (especially one that advertises about spying on people!) to over-advertise.

Re: Irritating ads....

Posted: 1025314879000
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that has that butterfly driving them crazy :-)

Here's a solution regarding the popups. There's a program called "POW" at AnalogX, which helps tremendously. Basically, it reads the name of the browser window that pops open, and if its in your list of popups to close, it will. Is this perfect? Nope, because they just have to change the name, but I find many don't.

The program runs in the background, if loaded properly, and then when a new popup opens that you want to add to your kill list, you click on the little icon on your taskbar, click Add, and then choose the popup from the list. After clicking done it magically disappears!!

This is freeware and here's the URL:

Unfortunately, it won't zap the butterfly, or any ads embedded on the page, but at least the pop ups get killed. Mine has slammed 548 pop windows to date!



Re: Irritating ads....AMEN!!!!

Posted: 1025359631000
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It is unfortunate that such a (heretofore) professional and high-quality online research site such as "" has chosen to burden its subscriber base with all of these new popup-style advertisements.

It's bad enough that this irritating "electronic noise" appears on "static" web-pages (home-page, search-criteria input pages, etc.), but to have these ads ALSO appearing on search RESULTS pages is a terrible and VERY unwelcome distraction that GREATLY detracts from my ability to concentrate on those search results, and comes VERY close to spoiling my "online experience" while visiting the site.

As a paid subscriber and a "serious" amateur genealogist I'm growing more-and-more disappointed with the increasingly intrusive "over-commercialization" of this pay-site, especially with subject matter that has nothing to do with genealogy.

I am not paying to show me advertisements. I am paying for the indexed data contained on their servers.

I rely upon for much of my higher-caliber research materials, and will (probably) continue to subscribe to the site for some time to come, but, if this intrusion into my "online space" continues (and certainly, if it accelerates),
I may eventually end-up "voting with my wallet".

I'm guessing that very few subscribers and site-visitors know about this particular message-board (the closest thing I've seen so far to an online user's group), but I can't help but think that the vast majority of site users feel the same way.

If their business-model and operating budget does not provide sufficient capital for them to function without these intrusions into our "online space", then, at the very least, it's my hope that they will consider revising the types of pages, triggers and timing for presenting such ads to site visitors; something that will make the presence of online ads less of a burden.

I DO hope that the site's management people pay SOME
attention to the postings on this or similar boards, and take the feedback from their subscriber-base seriously, and that they have the good sense to adjust their approach when an idea (such as these popups) is not well-received by their customer base --- after all, ultimately...we pay the bills. :-)

John Muller
Woodridge, Illinois

Re: Irritating ads & Popup blocker

Posted: 1025368159000
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Great program so far! I downloaded it and it has stopped 25 popups in the few minutes I've been on-site.

I'm sure if anyone from Ancestry ever bothers to reply to this thread, we will hear how the company has to make money and how, to "keep subscription costs low" they use advertising to bring in revenue.

I used to subscribe here, paying between 19.95 & 29.95 per quarter for access to everything. (No popups) When the census images were introduced, I tried them out but found they weren't really worth the price of admission, especially when I could purchase a CD from Heritage Quest for 14.95 or rent one of their films for 2$! With the CD I can access it wherever, whether I'm online or not. And working with the images is a lot easier.

While the basic subscription is still 29.95, you get a lot less. On top of losing info, we have to contend with popups at a rate of 1-4 per click (Each time a link is clicked or a new page opened I get between 1 & 4 popup ads)? I don't think so.

I don't think the piddly stuff they are adding to keep up their "database a day" slogan is worth what they are charging. The majority of what I find I use more than once is available on CD or microfiche/film from other companies, or in book form. Definitely not worth 189.95 a year (if you can afford to pay annually ... It works out to around $400 if you have to pay quarterly.

Too bad they couldn't have a non-renewing 3- or 7- day access for 9.95 or 14.95. I only get to research online on the weekends, and even then I only bother a few times a year. I would gladly pay those rates for short-term access if I didn't have to worry about Cancelling at the end.

Re: Irritating ads....AMEN!!!!

Posted: 1025745542000
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We do try and read threads such as this one. We actually struggle and debate how much advertising we should allow on our site.

In an ideal world we could make enough money from advertising to actually provide most genealogical data for free and have corporate sponsors pay for the data acquisition, imaging, and hosting (similar to a TV station). In this same ideal world we would also have an option (like cable TV) where subscribers that want no advertising could pay for the service.

In the "dot com crash" late in 2000 the advertising dollars became very small and have not allowed us to deliver on this "ideal" world. Since then we have tried to place ads only on portions of the site that are not supported by subscription revenue and use advertising revenue to help pay for free portions of the site. This is the way we have been able to pay for some of the costs associated with message boards, SSDI, Rootsweb, and our world tree collection.

We are always looking for better ways to help you find your family history and do your genealogical research. Currently, flying butterflies helps accomplish that in the most economical way we know.

Re: Irritating ads....AMEN!!!!

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I could not agree more. This is not the place for ads for anything not pertaining to genealogy. The that owns just about everthing there is to do with genealogy databases, products & etc. should not need to lower this great site to ads.

I was stunned the first ad I noticed. I just could not believe it. I have seen other posts and one good suggestion was leave the ads for the folks that do not pay for the site, so when you login as a member you don't get the ads, period.

I don't feel I should have to go download some pop-up ad blocker to be able to enjoy using this site.

If they wanted to place their own ads on the right for their products and services that would be one thing but what does an ad about Ford have to do with genealogy.

Re: Irritating ads....AMEN!!!!

Posted: 1188835918000
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At the very least those that have subscriptions should only see text ads- no graphics and NO movement!

Re: Irritating ads....AMEN!!!!

Posted: 1188840666000
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Just remember there are programs that will block those ads.

For Firefox, there is a free add-on called Adblock Plus that does the job.
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