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Shannon Birdwell (View posts)
Posted: 936786403000
I am descendent from William Denson through his daughter Martha Jane who married my great-great grandfather Joseph Raspberry Essary. My first record of William is the 1830 census of Cole Co., MO. In 1850 he is in Cedar County, Mo. with second wife Mary Yarnell and the following children: Mary aged 20, Garrett 18, Thomas 16, Louisa 14, Susan 12, Ansellum 10, Cintha A. 9, Jane 7 (my ancestor), twins Wm. R. and Jacob T. 3, Hannah 2/12, and Mariah 3. I don't know the name of his first wife. He got married to Mary in 1846

William was supposedly born in TN around 1801-1804 according to the Census records. The only Densons I could find there in that time period were located in Grainger Co. They were James, William and Elizabeth Denson. Undoubtedly they were related. I haven't looked at the individual records but one might reveal children about William's age.

William Denson and a John Denson bought land in 1844 at Township 36, Range 26, Section 17 in Cedar Co. MO. This was in a book titled, "History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade, and Barton Counties, Missouri" by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., published in 1889. I assume that William and John were brothers but I could be wrong.

He came to Texas to Wood Co. about 1852 and by 1860 William Denson and his family are in Uvalde Co., TX and he apparently died in Bell Co. around 1868.

In other Denson news, I ran across an old article in "Ancestral News" Vol. 4 No.1 pgs. 26-27 in which someone had in possession an old Denson Bible. They didn't know where it came from nor did they know why the family had it. They just knew it had been in the family for years. The person who owned it had lived in KY for 76 years so this could be the record of a Denson family in KY. Here's what it listed:
Wm. Porter Denson b.Aug. 28, 1823; James Andrew Denson b. May 26, 1825; Elizabeth Ann Denson b. May 22, 1827; Martha Elendor Denson b. August 25, 1828; John Walker Denson b.Oct. 24, 1830; Henry Harrison Denson b. Nov. 24, 1833; and Edward Silvester Denson b. Nov. 28, 1833. In a different handwriting was written: Elizabeth Ann Denson d. Dec 15, 1835; Wm. Porter Denson d. March 15, 1851; Henry Harrison Denson d. Aug 14, 1853; Edward Silvester Denson d. June 22, 1864.

Other information I have on Denson: William seems to be a common name for Denson males. I have a family line that lists three brothers named William, John, and Nathan. All were relatives of King Charles I of England and Wm. was a member of the house of Burgesses from upper Norfolk in 1659-1660. Wm.'s son John moved to America and settled in the Ilse of Wright Co., VA in 1680. He had a son named William who also had a son named William. This William moved to NC in 1730. He had a son named Nathan who had a son named William. William had sons Tom, Ned and Shade J. (1800-1888). Shade married Alithea Chambers. He was born in NC and he moved to Rankin Co., MS.

I really would like to hear from you. If you have any information tracing William's line back please let me know.




Marti Dayton (View posts)
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I wrote the article on the Densons in Rankin County, Mississippi. I am from Scott County and graduated high school in 1968 from Morton High School.
My grandfather was named Jesse James Denson and lived on a farm in Leesburg, Mississippi, nine miles northwest of Morton, Mississippi.
Please advise if anyone knows any more on the Densons


Darlene Hatcher Biorn (View posts)
Posted: 938182551000
I have a John Garrett Denson born 1834 in Missouri who married Mary HATCHER 27 Jul 1854 Sidney, Fremont, Iowa could this be part of your family?

John Garrett Denson

Shannon Birdwell (View posts)
Posted: 939020974000
Dear Darlene,
Please contact me a and I can put you in contact with someone who is descended from John Garrett Densons


denson family

barbara elliottdenson (View posts)
Posted: 952905211000
Shannon Birdwell,I have a lot of information on the Denson Famly,also Essary all spellings .Ilive in SanAngelo,Texas. We have exchanged information before.

Denson Family

Shannon Birdwell (View posts)
Posted: 952923361000
Dear Barbara,
I remember writing you. I hope you're doing well. Have you been able to do much Denson research lately? Do you have any information on William's ancestors or first wife? Please drop me a line at Thanks. Shannon

Re: Denson

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Surnames: Denson,Ford
My line of Densons came from Miss.My uncle Jesse James Denson lived in Memphis Tn. when he died.He was the son of Ezra Dailey Denson,who was the son of William Denson and Sarah Ford..This might not be the same Jesse James Denson.The previous Densons came from Ireland.I hope this helps.

Re: Denson

Shannon (View posts)
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I've never been able to connect my William Denson with those in Mississippi. My William was born in TN and was in MO as a young man. There were some Densons in TN in the early 1800s but I don't know how he ties with them.

Re: Denson

Lorene Peterson (View posts)
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I think that my aunt Mary didn't know for sure what our William Denson's second name was,as the William Cicero Denson would have to be the father of my grandfather, Ezra Dailey Denson,because it is listed as such.And then in the list of Ezra's children,there is one mistake.My father was William Levi who married Ollie,my mother..It is listed as William D.& the name just above says levy.I didn't know of a son by the name of W. Levy The person listing this must have changed the Levy {Levi} to the one above W. must have been followed by D .instead.Thank you for your reply.
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Have a picture of Morton school children taken 1915-20. Has my uncle on it.Am trying to ID others. If interested will e-mail a copy. Thanks
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