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Dawes of Newfoundland

Dawes of Newfoundland

susan lawrence (View posts)
Posted: 953801693000
I am looking for info on Dawes, Warfords, Barnes and Morgans. Conception Bay area of Newfoundland, Upper Gullies (Lance Cove), Seal Cove, and Brigus.

Dawes in Newfoundland

E. Dawes Lees (View posts)
Posted: 953958568000
Have just started research in Conception Bay area, Brigus, Kelligrews etc. for Dawes ancestry. Are we connected in some way?

Dawe Family ....Conception Bay South NF

E Dawes (View posts)
Posted: 953982775000
My grandfather on my father's side was a Dawe from Seal Cove. He married a Dawe from the Lower Gullies.
There are some records which record my great grand father from Seal Cove as Daw - but I have not located any spellings of Dawes in my family tree thus far.
If you have any names in mind please let me know and I'll check my records.

Dawe/Dawes in Newfoundland

E. Dawes Lees (View posts)
Posted: 954001264000
My father added the "s" to the family name shortly after he came to USA. His mother was an Ethel or Theresa Dawe born in Kelligrews. Her mother, my Great Grandmother was Susannah Mercer of Long Beach Pond ?; her spouse was Isaac Dawe. They married in 1880. In addition to Theresa they also had at least three sons, Andrew ( who was killed in a mine cave in - 1915); James and Michael. My father Patrick Dawe was born in 1905 to Therese Dawe- Father unknown. Don't have much info and am not quite sure what I have compiled so far is correct. If any of this matches anything you might have I would be most appreciative to know. Thanks!

Dawes in Newfoundland

E Dawes Lees (View posts)
Posted: 954059220000
There were Dawes in Seal Cove and Lower Gully Conception Bay. These are the Dawe's to which I am related. There were a different family of Dawes that inhabited Kelligrews- to give idea of location, Kelligrews ran into the Lower Gully, then Upper Gully ( both combine now to make Upper Gullies) then Seal Cove. Searey's book of family names mentions an Andrew Dawe of Kelligrews, 1824. Also the Lowell's and the Newfoundland Directories give family head names of Dawes in Kelligrews. Otherwise I am not familiar with the Kelligrews Dawes. Sorry.

Dawe Family

Anthea Dawe (View posts)
Posted: 954240560000
I have done research on the Dawe family and to my knowledge all the Dawes in Nfld originated in Port de Grave,Nfld. There were 2 main families: the Devon Daw (note spelling!) family which may have come as early as 1595 and the Cornwall family, which came in 1770. Their descendents eventually spread to other settlements along the east coast of Nfld, and there was a branch which went to Nova Scotia in search of employment there. So the Kelligrews and Upper Gullies Dawes probably originated from Port de Grave. Eg. My great grdfather married into the Coates family from Upper Gullies and moved there.

Port de Grave Dawe

Anthea Dawe (View posts)
Posted: 954241740000
My paternal grandparents were both Dawes. I have traced both sides to Port de Grave. I would love to know more of your family tree and see if there are common names.

Isaac Dawe and Susannah Mercer

Harry Mercer (View posts)
Posted: 954948358000
What I have from my tree is the following... Isaac Dawe (b. 18 Jul 1853 - Ship Cove, Newfoundland) m. (26 Dec 1880) Susannah Mercer (b. 27 Sep 1858 - Newfoundland).
They had six known children, Elizabeth Mary Dawe, William Mercer Dawe, Edith Dawe, Ethel Dawe, Isaac Dawe Jr., George Stanley Dawe. I have further generation though will leave that for now.
Isaac Dawe Sr. parents were Isaac Dawe and Mary Ann Morgan. Susannah Mercer parents were Edward Mercer and Patience Janes.

Harry Mercer


E. Dawes Lees (View posts)
Posted: 955130509000
Have just started research on family in Kelligrews, NFLD. The Susannah Dawe I am searching for had three sons that I know of Andrew, James and Michael Dawe also at least one daughter Theresa. Am still trying to compile info. It does not now appear that the Susannah Dawe I am looking for could have been Susannah Mercer Dawe since the children are not a match. The 1921 Census of Kelligrews lists Susanna Dawe, born Feb. 1854 with a son James Dawe born Sep. 1892 also a grandson, Patrick Dawe (my Father) born 1905. If you have any info that matches mine I would be most grateful to know. Thanks!

Dawe Family ....Conception Bay South NF

Susan Lawrence (View posts)
Posted: 955809790000
You can visit this site
also I have a site at that covers the tree (you have to be a guest to view it) let me know if you are interested. I am very interested in tracing Isaac Dawe to his Port de Grave roots.
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