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Carattini's Family

Carattini's Family

Carattini Rolf (View posts)
Posted: 974602732000
Hello to the Carattini's all over the world,

I am Rolf, Swiss citizen living in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. A small branch of the family Carattini is living in this area. We are of italian origin (North Italy). I know that my grand-father (his name was Cesare) was born in Camerlata (near Como, in Italy, just near to the south border of Switzerland). I also know that he had a brother who moved (it must have been towards the end of the 19th Century) to Paris and then possibly moved further to America. In the meantime there seem to be very few Carattini left in Italy. At the moment I do not have further information, but I count to be able to retrace some in the near future.
If anyone can, on the ground of these informaton, give me more details, he/she is very welcome.

Boricua Pa que lo Sepas

Abimael (View posts)
Posted: 974748446000
Rolf, good to hear from you! I apologize, that I am not able to add additional information to your query. Nonetheless, I find your information very interesting. My Grandfather’s name is Rafael Carattini Sr. He was born is 1917 (82) he is now retired and lives in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. My grandfather’s mother name was Aepolofas Carattini. My grandfather took his mothers last name ( It is believed that this is because he was married). Aepoloifas father was one of the infamous two brothers from Corsica, Italia, who had ten (10) children. ( I may have her name miss spelled I will verify). I have outlined a list of Rafael Carattini Sr’s Children and grandchildren. I did not add great grandchildren to the list;

Rafael Carattini Sr. and Alberta Rios de Carattini
Rafael Carattini Jr.
Rosa Carattini
*Lisa Ann
Jose Carattini
*Jose Jr.
Reyna Carattini
Raul Carattini
Mercedes Carattini
Daniel Carattini
*Daniel Jr.
Eileen Carattini
Luis Carattini
Lydia Carattini
*Anthony Michael
William Carattini
Ruben Carattini (RIP)
Ruthie Carattini
Dina Carattini

Abimael Carattini (Abe)

Carattini in Abonito

Posted: 974793970000
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This is very interesting indeed, I have not started researching my fathers family yet, as I have been doing my mothers first. However I have been hearing so much about this surname as I came across my grandfathers name which was Bartolo Suarez Carattini from Cuyon a barrio of Aibonito. There is much talk there about the Carattinis. If you know of these people and their stories, please post.
Thanks Sandra

Many Caratinis in Italy

Posted: 975272523000
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This website has a list of about 67 families in Turin. I'll send you another e-mail with more info.

Carattini Family

John A. Carattini (View posts)
Posted: 977554963000
Dear Rafael Carattini,
I read your message reply to a Mr. Rolf Carattini from Switzerland. What grabbed my attention was the fact of two brothers from Corsica. My grandfather, Siverio Carattini, was probably a son or grandson of one of those two brothers. I am not too sure of the relationship. I do know that my grandfather was married to a woman named Louisa Collazo and their children are the following: Silvito,Monseratt,Miguel,Delia, Felicia,Margarita, Juan (my father), Lola, and Flores. Maybe you might know of them? It would be very interesting. Please let me know either way. Thank you. Merry Christmas!
Posted: 979804007000
Edited: 993491740000
Dear John,
I read your message. I am wondering where in Puerto Rico is your family from. I have heard the name Siverio Carattina mentioned in Aibonito.
If your family is from there? Please respond.
Thank you

Tony, Rogue, Michelle,,,, we're third cousins!!!

Posted: 989618660000
Edited: 1020621636000
Hi! I called my father at the beginning of this week and read him your e-mail, Tony's e-mail and Michelle's. Here is the news: my father is the son of Victor Carattini, son of Rogue Carattini, your father's brother.

Michelle, your grandfather is Felix Colon!!!

My father recalls all of the brothers cited in Tony's e-mail.

Tony, your grandmother is my grandfather's sister!!!

Tony, my father recalls the Blas had another brother named Ramon and my father recalls the sister's nickname as being Tole.

You cannot imagine the emotion in my father's voice when I told him about this tracing of ancestry.

My father had cancer for a couple of years and is now free of disease. This quest for family lineage and something we had wanted to give him as a gift. My brothers (2) and sisters (3) and I exceptionally grateful to have come to this site.

Rolf, my family would love to host you in Puerto Rico, and we would love to take father to Switzerland to meet you. Papa is 74 years old.

Rolf, he asked me what your father's name is.
Perhaps you could respond.

I will be in Puerto Rico for most of the summer, but I will check my e-mail frequently.

I am going to try to put a notebook together with all the Familia from this site.

Tony, we need to respond to your e-mail about a family reunion...

More to come,
Mary Caratini

the Aibonito connection

Posted: 989619836000
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I am checking with my father for family background since a Rafael Caratini from Aibonito, who is a banker, is his newphew. Does your family know a Myriam Carattini de Zayas who lives in Coamo? If they do, we're definitely related.

Re: Carattini's Family

Posted: 1084401724000
Classification: Query
hi my name is sammy carattini.

Re: Carattini's Family

Posted: 1084401868000
Classification: Query
hi my name is samuel carattini jr.
im trying to find out about my roots ,
were i come from?do i have anymore family than what i know of?
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