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Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Surnames: Blair
Been a few years since I posted anything so I thought I would try in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, someone else may be researching my lines of Blairs :-)

1. WILLIAM1 BLAIR was born 1802 in Pennsylvania, and died 1885 in Nicholson Twp, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He married (1) UNKNOWN Abt. 1830. He married (2) NANCY DONHAM(?) Abt. 1836 in Pennsylvania. She was born 1819 in Pennsylvania, and died 22 Mar 1880 in Nicholson, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania1.

I have yet to have discovered who William's father is. It is said he was born in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania In an old Blair Publication in 1928 an article was sent in that may be a clue to William's father, (see notes at bottom), as in 1850 Alexander Blair and his wife Rachel also resided in Jefferson Twp along with William. In 1850 William was found in the Jefferson Twp, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania . In 1860 he was found in Nicholson Twp, Fayette Co census. Tax Records of Jefferson Twp, Washington Twp, Springhill Twp and Nicholson Twp show William moved around a lot until he settled in Nicholson Twp in 1860. In 1885, sometime before his death that year, he sold some land in Springhill Twp to his daughter Annie to care for his grand daughter, Annie Thompson, daughter to Frances Blair Thompson and John Thompson. The land was referred to the "former Caty Cassidy" property. There is nothing to show where he obtained this land to sell to Annie. The only clue lies in the 1850 tax records for Springhill Twp where William was living and paying taxes on livestock and income but no land and in the same Twp resided a Catharine Cassidy whose land boundries in a previous land sale matched those to the land William sold Annie. Was William related to Catharine Cassidy?; Was he farming her land?; Did she leave him land that documentation has yet to be found?;
Burial: Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Geneva, Nicholson Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Notes for NANCY DONHAM(?):
Nancy is proving to be just as elusive as her husband William. I have recieved four of her children's death certificates and have to determine what her maiden name was. I could not read the writing on two, one was readable but couldn't make it out due to the writing and one had no parents listed. Nancy had owned land in Nicholson Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania yet I have not found where she received this land, whether it was through an actual sale, left to her by a family member or if William signed it over to her knowing he was in ill health as he was listed as an invalid in 1870. If William did sign over the land it is ironic as he outlived her by 5 years. The land showed in 1882, which is as far as I could get with the tax records from the Family History Center, was still waiting for probate. It was until 1902 that I found land being sold to Nancy's daughter, Annie, from her other children, Frances Blair Thompson, Robert Blair, Henry Blair, Alexander Blair, and Thomas and wife Nancy Pearson Blair. The land would have needed to be probated but I have yet to have found anything. Fayette County Courthouse is extremely difficult when the exact date is not known. Although I have yet to have found anything on the probate, the fact that only six of William's children were involved in this sale, it further confirms my thoughts that Nancy was William's second wife.

Children of WILLIAM BLAIR and UNKNOWN are:
i. EDWARD2 BLAIR, b. 1831; d. 1898, Atchison Co, Kansas; m. BARBARA; b. 1842, Missouri.
ii. WILLIAM BLAIR, b. 1833; d. 1899, Atchison County, Kansas; m. ALCINDA MCCORMICK, 14 May 1857, Fulton County, Illinois; b. 1842, Pennsylvania.
iii. SAMUEL SMITH BLAIR, b. 1834.

iv. JAMES2 BLAIR, b. Nov 1837, Ohio; d. 1919, Monongalia, West Virginia; m. NANCY MARTIN, 1860; b. Dec 1837, Pennsylvania; d. 09 Sep 1911, Monongalia, West Virginia.
v. DAVID BLAIR, b. 1840.
vi. FRANCES BLAIR, b. 10 Sep 1845, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania; d. 29 Apr 1918, Turtle Creek, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania2; m. JOHN THOMPSON, Abt. 1862, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania; b. 1843, Pennsylvania; d. Bef. 1900.
vii. HENRY THOMAS BLAIR, b. 13 Apr 1847; d. 07 Jul 1911, Nicholson, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania3; m. RUTH ANNA BOGNE, 24 Dec 1868, Fulton County, Illinois.

viii. THOMAS HENRY BLAIR4,5,6, b. 1849, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania7,8,9; d. Aft. 1920, West Virginia; m. (1) SALINA FURMIN, Abt. 1871; b. 17 Jan 1854, West Virginia; d. 26 Jun 1925, Greensboro, Greene Co, Pennsylvania10; m. (2) NANCY S PEARSON, 12 Apr 1900, Marion Co, West Virginia11; b. 04 Mar 1866, Greensboro, Greene County, Pennsylvania; d. 07 Oct 1945, Centerville, Washington County, Pennsylvania12.

Thomas is a complete mystery in himself. I have been able to find him in the 1850 Jefferson Twp, Fayette County, Pennsylvania census. In 1860, 1870, and 1880 he was located in the Nicholson Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania censuses. In 1880 he is living with his wife Salina Blair and two children Alice and Flora. Me, being the kind of person I am and knowing that in 1900 he married my great grandmother, Nancy Pearson, I assumed that Salina passed away. Since there was a 20 year span due to the loss of the 1890 census, and his girls would have been old to marry, I figured it made sense. UNTIL, I was notified by Charlotte Stewart of the Blair Society, that she had a Salina Blair floating around and didn't know who she belonged to. Since I had a Salina with the last name unknown she wondered if she was mine. I sent for the obit and Salina's death certificate and suddenly it hit me. Salina didn't die at the time I thought she did. But it brought up other questions and mysterious circumtances. It seems, that Salina, in 1900, was living with her daughter, Alice Herrington, wife of William Herrington, in Greensboro, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Almost right next door was James Pearson, brother to Thomas Blair's second wife, Nancy. The strangest part of it all was when Nancy Pearson Blair's father, Thomas Pearson, died,Nancy was listed as Mrs. Henry Blair (Henry was Thomas Blair's middle name). Now comes the question... was Thomas and Salina ever divorced? In the 1900 census, marital status is left unfilled for Salina. In the 1910 census, Salina's marital status is widow (which I estimate Thomas died sometime between 1910 and 1920) and it the 1920 census Salina is listed as widow. Upon recepiet of Salina's death certificate, it lists her as widow and Thomas Blair as her husband. Or did Thomas just disappear, never to return to Salina, and married Nancy Pearson while still being married to Salina?; Or was the reason for Thomas and Salina's divorce Nancy (she too was divorced from her first husband, Wesley Phillips) and Nancy known as only" the other woman" did not want Thomas' first name in her father's obit for fear Salina and her daughters finding out she was the other woman; Was Salina listed as widow to save face;
The last time I found any record of Thomas Blair was in the 1910 Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia census. After that he disappears. I assumed he died in West Virginia but attempts from Marion County and the state of West Virginia has proved to be fruitless. Or maybe Thomas left Nancy too;

Mrs. Salina Blair

Mrs. Salina Blair, aged 71 years, dies at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
William Herrington, of Greensboro, Thursday afternoon, June 25, 1925, at
2:50 o'clock following a illness of complications of diseases. In addition
to Mrs. Herrington, she is survived by another daughter, Mrs. A. M.
Provance, of New Salem, two brothers, Simeon Furman of Wadesville, WV,
George Furman of Laurel Point, WV, one sister, Mrs. Fannie Shuttleworth of
Little Falls, WV, 12 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held from the Herrington home in Greensboro,
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock followed by interment in the Monongahela
Hill Cemetery at Greensboro.

ix. ALEXANDER AUGUSTUS BLAIR, b. 21 Jul 1852, Pennsylvania; d. 21 Dec 1928, New Geneva, Nicholson, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania14.

x. ROBERT LAURENCE BLAIR, b. 1860, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania; m. NORA YOUNG; b. 10 Dec 1862, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania; d. 27 Apr 1895, Nicholson, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania15.

xi. ANNIE BELLE BLAIR, b. 20 May 1862, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania; d. 14 Aug 1952, New Geneva, Nicholson Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania16.

Re: Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Surnames: Blair, Barry
Not sure if these are connected. I have a John and Mary Blair who were in Philadelphia in 1863 (fact). I know they were established there at that time, but no more info. They had two sons, Will, and ???. One went West, presumeably the one that got his pretty Irish cousin "in the family way". John's sister, Nancy came to live with them in 1863 and brought Alex, Rachel, and Robert. I am decended from Robert. The names are too coincidental, or are they? Does any of this ring a bell? Robert went into the corset business, and was born in Colerane, Ireland, now Londonderry.
Contact me if any of this sounds familiar please, I too amd searching.

Re: Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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The names seem to be the norm for the Blairs in Fayette County, Pa. Actually for a lot of the Blairs, LOL. It is driving me nuts

When was your John born? I was actually surprised there wasn't a John in the family.

Like you, I am willing to look at all and everything

Re: Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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I don't know. In 1863 he was established in Philly with a family, so maybe he was born in the 30's????

Pure guess work on this side.

Re: Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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We have a connection!

"Selina FURMAN is the great grand aunt of Judith Carol HENRY.Their common ancestors are Samuel Frederick FURMAN and Rebecca HICKMAN Litman."

Selina was the daughter of Samuel Frederick FURMAN and Rececca (Hickman or Litman). Her brother George M. FURMAN was my great grandfather.George's wife was Ellen Elizabeth BARBE.

I have always thought Selina's mothers last name was HICKMAN, but just last week on the West Virgina Division of History and Culture site, on the death certificate of Simeon, it lists mother's name as Rebecca LITMAN - two death certificates say LITMAN, a third Rebecca HICKMAN.

I would like to exchange information with you. I haven't been able to trace further back than Samuel Frederick Furman.

Thanks so much for posting the obituary!

Judy Lock
Amarillo, Texas

Re: Blair, William 1809 - 1885 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Surnames: Blair, Pearsol
Also in Jefferson Township, PA in the 1830 Federal Census:
James Blair b abt 1808
Francis Blair b abt 1805

Could your William Blair be related to these men? I suspect these men are brothers and had a sister named Sarah, though I need to find sources, so don't quote this. Sarah (b 1801 PA) married Peter Pearsol (b 1800 PA). They had several children, including a son they named Francis Blair Pearsol, leading me to believe that Francis Blair was Sarah's brother.

Sgt Francis Blair Pearsol was my 3rd great grandfather. I have been unable to find anything more about his parents other than they lived in Jefferson Township.

Do you think there may be a connection? Good luck.
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