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Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

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Hoping someone can shed some light. Searching for BMD in village of Dampierre-les-Bois (and Montbeliard vicinity, secondly).

Since Montbeliard was under the control of the Duke of Wurtemberg for part of this time period, where would one look for these civil records (non-catholic)? In France or Germany?

I have found some records but only beginning in 1793 and later, in the Allenjoie, Etupes & Dampierre locations. I'm looking for records prior to about 1705.

Any help would be appreciated! :-)

Re: Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

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The civil registry was created in France in 1792. Thus you'll only find church records before that, whether they're protestant, jewish or catholic. If they still exist, they're definitely to be found in France (though the protestant may be written in German at times).

Most of the French records were microfilmed by the LDS so it's always a good idea to check first what they have done about a particular town:

For the church records of Dampierre-les-Bois, there are 3 matching microfilms:
- Parish Registers (1672-1792): Catholic church records. Parish of Fêche-l'Eglise (in the departement of Belfort)
- Parish Registers (1751-1845): Lutherian Church of Badevel (in the departement of Doubs)
- Parish Registers (1770-1782): Lutherian Church of Etupes (in the departement of Doubs)

You'll find the catholic parish registers on the Territoire de Belfort Archives website:
Click on 'Recherche simple' and enter 'Dampierre-les-Bois'. Then click on the first result (45 E-DEPOT FECHE-L'EGLISE), then on the records miniature to access the pictures.

The other records (including the protestant records but also some catholic records and the after-1792 civil registry) are kept at the Doubs Departemental Archives Center. The digitisation there is stil on-going and right now only the 10-years indexes of civil registry (called "Tables décennales de l'État-Civil") are available on their website:

Here are some explanations on how to access/use it:

One of the quickest way is to choose 'Recherche guidée' and type the town name (Dampierre-les-Bois) in the 'Partout' box (partout=everywhere). Of course, for the moment, you'll find only the 'Tables Décennales' from 1793 (the 1803/1812 period is missing).

Also on their website can be found a document detailing all BMS records for each town/parish (it's a PDF file): Registres paroissiaux - Etat des fonds (inventaire):

If you search it for 'Dampierre-les-Bois', you'll find the various records but the time periods are the same as those indicated by the LDS. Which means you shouldn't find Protestant parish records for Dampierre before 1751.

However, if you have ancestors in Montbeliard itself, you'll be interested to learn the town will put their archives on their own website before the end of the year:

They will offer parish registers from 1571 (two Lutheran parishes and one Catholic parish) but also, of utmost interest, a database created by the indexation of all names found on the records (80,000 baptisms/births, marriages and burials/deaths).

Hope all of that helps you a little! ;)

Re: Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

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All of the records for Dampierre-les-Bois are at the Archives départementales du Doubs in Besançon (as they are for all towns with less than 2000 people, according to law).

They were microfilmed in 1992 and are available at the archives in Besançon and from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah in America which you can buy in Europe. (They will be sent to you or a Family History Center in France from Francfort, Germany.) In America and Canada, the are available through affiliated public libraries and at Mormon Family History Centers (you do not have to be a member of this faith to use the facilities.)

In the Montbéliard, there was no religious persecution. People of many religious sects lived and worshipped near each other. Prince Eberhard of Montbéliard was Catholic, and his cousins who succeeded him were Lutheran. The Reformed Church (Calvin) was a minority (unlike surrounding regions in Doubs), but British and Swiss traders and immigrants to Montbéliard kept the faith robust. Anabists were also common, but they worshipped in private homes. Orphanages and some schools were Catholic institutions.

The Montbéliard area was annexed by France immediately following the Revolution in 1789.

You did not state which « non-Catholic » faiths you were researching, so here is a summary:

No records for the Reformed Church or Anabaptist worship houses have survived before the Revolution for Dampierre-les-Bois, according to my records. For the Lutheran Church, the records for the parish of Badevel survive back to 1752, and those for the parish of Étupes survive to 1770. (NB : Catholic records before 1792 also do not survive, however records for the nearby parish of Flêche-l'Église (which include some parishoners of Dampierre-les-Bois) survive to 1672.)

The record keeping in France was systematic and most records have survived. However, record keeping in areas that were not always part of France is spotty at best. (For example, very few church parish records for small towns in the Franche-Comté survive before the region's control by France in 1684. NB : The Franche-Comté was conquered by Louis XIV in 1684, and surrounds Montbéliard.)

If you do not see records for Dampierre-les-Bois listed at the site of Archives départementales du Doubs or the Family History Library website for the years you are researching, they probably do not exist any longer.

Bien amicalement

Re: Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

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Thank you - thank you! for the clarification on which records are available where. I am going to review the URLS you included and see what I might find pertaining to my ancestors or allied families.

I really appreciate the time you took to answer.

Thank you again! :-)

Re: Montbeliard parish records for period 1630-1700

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Thank you efcharvet for the fine history lesson. I think because I don't know some of the history, I'm not sure where to look for records. Your note is a big help to me, and I thank you for your time in answering.
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