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scroggins family line - Arkansas -

scroggins family line - Arkansas -

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Hi, I wanted to send out a new post; this is a correction to my last post - I found out that my grandmother - Nelda Rae Scroggins was supposed to have been born in Arkansas.

She was born in 1931 - her parents were: Eugene M. Scroggins (1908 - 1973) and Letha Lewis (1912 - 1979) --

Her grandfather was: Henry W. Scroggins & his wife Barbara "Allie" Walker --- Then her great grandfather was Isaac J. Scroggins (born in 1840) and his wife was Louise/ Louisa - no last name for her --

and her great great grandfather was James Scroggins (Born in 1817) and his wife Lucreatia Clouse (Born in 1813).

I have found more information on the Clouse line -but nothing else on the Scroggins line - I would like to talk to others who are related to this Scroggins line -- I am also seeking information on Native American Blood --- My father says that our family - or his mother is supposed to be either half or a quarter prue blooded Native American -- We have heard of the Names - Chocktaw and Cherokee -- I would like to learn more about this -- he says that the Native American blood is supposed to come down through the Lewis surname in the family --

Letha's parents are : B. Franklin Lewis and Norah Dewitt.
Her grandparents are:

Thomas E. Lewis and Victoria Walker --

her gret grandparents are: Eldred Lewis and Lucinda Jordan.

I would love any information or help that I could get - Thanks

Cherie Douffet

Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

shenee (View posts)
Posted: 1031339195000
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this is my web site. I have many Arkansas scroggins.


Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

steph (View posts)
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Surnames: scroggins
Matthew SCOGGINS b. 1823, GA, d. 1915, Douglas Cemetery, Benton Co (son of William Freeman SCOGGINS and Priscilla ALLEN)
m. Charity DENTON b. 1833 Habersham Co GA, d. 1902 Benton Co. (dau. of Jonas DENTON and Charity MIDDLETON)

1. Mary SCOGGINS 1854 - 1909 - never married
2. Martha Jane SCOGGINS 1859 - 1951 m. Wiley H. RONE
3. William T. SCOGGINS 1861 - ? m. Mary Eva BUEY
dau. Bessie SCOGGINS
4. Jonas SCOGGINS 1863 - 1945 m. Effie Mae HARDCASTLE
children Maggie Ann, Homer, Joseph, Minnie, Ruby
5. Nancy Ann SCOGGINS 1866 - 1896 m. Samuel Porter BOLTON
children - James, John, Charles BOLTON
6. Charity M. SCOGGINS 1869 - ? m. James Jackson PHILPOT
7. Sarah Priscilla SCOGGINS 1870 - ? m. Joseph D. HARDCASTLE
children: Earl H., Thomas, ?
8. Louisa E. SCOGGINS 1872-1970 m. Timothy Lee HANEY
children - Mattie Mae (my g-grandmother), Rosie, Sarah Belle "Sally", Timothy William, Matthew Robert "Mack", Lewis Cleaton, John Buffington Haney
9. Matilda Belle SCOGGINS 1875 - ? m. Robert HANEY
10. Rev. John A. SCOGGINS 1876 - 1956 m. Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" HENDRICKSON
children - Ray, Iva, S ?, Reba Irene
11. Thomas B. SCOGGINS 1878 - 1963 m. Cora E. WILLIAMS
children - Harold G., Roy Scoggins

I dont' have info. on descendants for several of them and would appreciate anything you can add if this is the right Scoggins family.
Matthew Scoggins had brothers and sisters, some of whom may have lived in Benton Co. also I just don't have much info. on that yet.
They were David Scoggins, William Allen Scoggins, Martha "Patsy" Scoggins, James Scoggins, Lillian Scoggins, Elizabeth "Dicey" Scoggins m. Jonas Denton Jr (maybe)

I don't know who the rest married or if they stayed in GA or came to AR with Matthew

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steph (View posts)
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I spent 23 years researching the direct linage of my husband's Mother, Ida Elizabeth Scroggins. Her father was James Robert Scroggins/Scoggins. He had two families. One named Scroggins, 10 11 children with Stacey Roxann McClure and 10 children with Belle Elizabeth Brown. He used the last name Scroggins with all his children. However, in doind my research, I have found that the "Scroggins"/ "Scoggins" interchanged their names. Depending on whether or not they were avoiding the law.
His father was James Scoggins/Scroggins (listed as Scroggins on his headstone)son of William Freeman Scoggins/Scroggins AKA Bill Doolen.William Freeman had three "spouses". One legal by record and two cocubines. One of Cherokee blood and the other 1/2 Catwaba Indian. Back then, this was proper. However, some of the children are by different mothers. I did a direct linage just on James Robert Scroggins. So, I have no information that can help you. I do know that the information I have written in the book at Ellijay is correct.
I no longer do genealogy. Sorry.
Linda Martin

Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

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Surnames: Scroggins, Scoggins, Young, Clouse
Hi Cherie, I am also from this same line. My family comes from Isaac Scroggins' youngest brother, William R. Scoggins/Scroggins and I am glad to find someone else working on this line. I have a lot more about the Scroggins/Scoggins line including a clue to proving the native Americian part.
I know that this is true but proving a link has been hard. My mother, I.E. Scoggins, was born in OK outside the Cherokee reservation and remembers going there to visit family. Her father, William's youngest son, talked about his mother, being half Cherokee.
Send me an e-mail and we can share information.
Karen Cornelius

Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

Ann (View posts)
Posted: 1037108078000
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Surnames: Scroggins,Tucker,Allen,Fields,Matthews,Carrington,Jones,Dickens
My great grandmother was Jane Scroggins b. August 7,1848-d.Feb 6, 1899. Her parents were John Scroggins and Delilah Fields. Her Cherokee line is through her mother who was the daughter of Richard Fields, Diplomatic Chief of the Texas Cherokee. Jane is buried at Thorn cemetary, Greenbrier Arkansas.

Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

Jim Tabor (View posts)
Posted: 1041555713000
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Wondering what is "the book at Ellijay"?


Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

Steph (View posts)
Posted: 1041826941000
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Surnames: Scoggins or Scroggins
Jim, I know that the Scoggins or Scroggins traveled the same line from North Carolina into other States. I know that the trail was called or area was ellijay?? I have been trying to find out where I can get a copy of her book or the book she is talking about. OK I hate to ask because I may have talked to you before but What are you looking for and What part of the family are you from?? I am sorry I dont have more info.


Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

Hazel Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 1043031536000
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I am a decendant of Charity Scoggin and James Philpott. I might have some info for you. Hazel

Re: scroggins family line - Arkansas -

Steph (View posts)
Posted: 1043031837000
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Hello Hazel, I have been working on the Scoggin/Scroggins family for a while now. I would love to talk. Email me at Hav2girls Thanks for you reply. Stephanie
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