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Rev War officers from Loudon County

Rev War officers from Loudon County

Ronald Troxle (View posts)
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Surnames: West, Lewis
I'm looking for information on 2 Revolutionary War officers who commanded a regiment from Loudon County that my gggg grandfather was in. He listed them on his pension application as Col. West, and Capt. Lewis, and stated that they "joined Washington on his march to Yorktown, and was there when Cornwallis was taken". I'm sorry that I don't know these officer's first names. Any info that could be provided on these individuals, and possible what unit they were with at Yorktown would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

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From Loudoun County Order Book G, 10 February 1783, page 485:

Ordered that Col. Coleman take the number of souls in Capt. TRAMMELL's and Capt. SPURR's Companies, Robt. FRYER, Gent. in Capt. Thomas LEWIS's Company, Hardage LANE, Gent. in his own Company, John ORR, Gent. in Capt. Wm. LANE's Company, Samuel LOVE, Gent. in Capt. Jos. LEWIS's Company, John TYLER, Gent. in Capt. McCLELLAN's Company, Pierce BAYLEY, Gent. in Capt. BEAVERS's Company, George SUMMERS, Gent. Capt. CLEVELAND's Company, Col. RESPESS in Capt. MOFFETT's and Capt. Thos. KING's Company, Col. CLAPHAM in Capt. GEORGE's and Capt. THOMAS's Companies, Farling BALL, Gent. in Capt. HIXON's & VINCELL's Companies, James McILHANEY, Gent. in Capt. WHITE's and THOMAS's Companies, Joshua DANNIEL, Gent. in Capt. CAVAN's & Capt. LEWIS's Companies, Colo. BRONAUGH in Capt. KENNON's and HANCOCK's Companies, Cuthbert HARRISON, Gent. in Capt. FEAGAN & TAYLOR's Companies, Col. TRIPLETT in Capt. FEAGAN's and TAYLOR's Companies, Col. POWELL in Capt. George TAYLOR's Company, Col. George WEST in Capt. ELGIN's and BUTLER's Company, Capt. William STANHOPE in Capt. John LINTON's Company, and that they and each of them return a list of the same agreeable to an Act of Assembly in that case made and provided.

From the above it appears to be Col. George West and Capt. Thomas Lewis. You might try the DAR patriot index lookup service for more information.

Pat Duncan

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

Melissa (View posts)
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My suggestion would be to contact the reference librarian at the Thomas Balch library in Leesburg! They have an incredible amount of information there...all on Virginia genealogy!!! If they don't have it...they certainly know where to send you to find it! Have a great weekend!

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

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Surnames: Smith
My ancestor was also in this group and I've done some research on them (as best I've been able to do long distance!).--------

On Sept. 26th, 1781, a company of 400 to 500 Loudoun County militia were diverted from their march to Yorktown and ordered to report to General George Weedon at Gloucester, Virginia, on the opposite side of the York river across from the Yorktown battlefield, arriving there on October 2nd. General Weedon was in charge of a total of 1200 to 1500 Virginia militia and also was put in charge of the disposition of the British and German prisoners from Gloucester after the surrender. The Virginia militia was reportedly excluded from the Yorktown surrender ceremony. The militia who escorted the prisoners to Winchester were discharged immediately upon arrival there. The Gloucester side of the engagement saw comparatively little action, but was important, nonetheless, in blocking the northern avenue of escape by Cornwallis.---------

My own ancestor was under a Captain Josiah Moffett who in turn was under the command of a Major Samuel Cox in the Loudoun County militia, and that all of the Virginia militia at Yorktown were under a Colonel William Campbell, who subsequently was under General George Weedon, and he in turn was under the Marquis de Lafayette. ---------

Pension statements of other Loudoun County soldiers indicate that the Loudoun militias were most likely marched from Virginia to Gloucester under the command of Colonel George West, then handed over to Colonel Campbell. The march to Gloucester from Loudoun went via Falmouth, Fredericksburg, and Bowling Green. The first Loudoun troops went to Williamsburg, but later ones went directly to Gloucester. These were NOT Continental line troops. ---------

These are pension statements I've found of men who either served under West directly or were at least part of the Loudoun Co. militias sent to Yorktown.
Try to get the full pension from NARA record group M805 from any NARA branch. Images from the abbreviated version M804 can be found at HeritageQuest for free thru your local library.---------

Colonel William Campbell, W4149, Virginia militia---------
Gustavus Elgin, S8412, Loudoun County Militia---------
Walter Elgin, S9548, Loudoun County Militia---------
Bernard Hough, S9589, Loudoun County Militia---------
Robert Wade, S6325, Loudoun County Militia---------
Samuel Todd, S30744, Loudoun County Militia---------
(see also - however this transcription contains omissions and errors - best to view the original)---------
William Longley, R6435, Loudoun County Militia---------
Samuel Conn, S15384, Loudoun County Militia---------
Joseph Power, W9235 , Loudoun County Militia---------
Benjamin Talbert, S16548, Virginia Militia---------
(see also
Thomas Palmer, S3651, Loudoun County Militia---------

Internet sources :---------

Descriptions of the battle of Yorktown:---------
“Diary of a Bayreuth Soldier in the North American Revolution, 1777-1785” by Johann Conrad Doehla, as published in the William and Mary College Quarterly, Volume 22, Series 2, 1942.---------

“Popp’s Journal, 1777-1783” by Joseph Rosengarten, published in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 26 (1902).---------

“St. George Tucker’s Journal of the Siege of Yorktown, 1781” by Edward M. Riley, William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 3, July, 1948, p.375---------

“Duty, Honor or Country, General George Weedon and The American Revolution” by Harry M. Ward, (American Philosophical Society, 1979)---------

Sorry, but I've got nothing on an officer named Lewis, except for the Loudoun Co. Order book as mention previously. However, that's from 1783, well after the battle and the end of the war.---------

I've many holes in my data and missing information, so lot's more to do, if I ever get to travel to Virginia. My own ancestor does not mention these events in his pension, but I've managed to "connect the dots" via other data. Hope this helps.-------PS sorry for the odd apperance. I can't figure out how to keep rootsweb from removing the carriage returns from my message.

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

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Thanks for the info. According to the National Parks Service at Yorktown, Lewis commanded a rifle brigade under George Weedon. However, I have not found any info on him.

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

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Classification: Military
Surnames: LODGE
I am seeking to make a connection of Jacob Lodge with Capt. McIlheney's Company.
I would appreciate any information or a direction to follow.
This is the information that I have:

1 Jacob Lodge, Sr. b: May 31, 1759 in Chester Co. PA d: May 9, 1851 in Providence Twp., Bedford Co., Pa. Buried: McKendreeMeth.Cem.,Crystal Spring,Fulton Co., Pa Military Service: 1792 Capt. McIlheney Co.,2 Bat.,56 Reg. Loudoun Co. Militia
. +Rosanna Hanks b: October 4, 1770 in Loudoun County, Virginia d: July 28, 1839 in Bedford Co. (Fulton Co.), Pa. m: February 8, 1786 in Shepperdstown, Loudoun County, Virginia Buried: McKendreeMeth.Cem.,Crystal Spring,Fulton Co., Pa

Re: Rev War officers from Loudon County

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From "Loudoun County, Virginia Militia Journals 1793-1829" by Blincoe, page 7:

Agreeable to the Act of General Assembly passed the 22nd day of December 1792, Joseph Lane Esqr., Lieutenant Colo., Commandant, returned the following rosters which are ordered to be recorded.

A Roster of Captain Jno. McIlhaney's Comp'y, 2nd Battn. 56th Regt., Loudoun Militia. Class No. 4 Joseph Waters, James Bradley, Peter Jacobs, Frederick Dilinger, John Woolfcale, Valentine Miller, Geo. Philips, John Sergeant, James Lyons, Jacob Lodge, Conrad Fearce, William Harrison, William Evans, John Love

By the way, Shepperdstown, which you list as the place of marriage for Jacob Lodge is not in Loudoun County.

Pat Duncan
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