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James Montgomery Perdue

James Montgomery Perdue

Charles Perdue (View posts)
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Surnames: Perdue
I am researching Perdue family in Wheeler Co Ga and would appreciate any information concerning James M. Perdue born 1855 d. 1935 buried in Alamo Cemetery.

Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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1930 Wheeler County Census:
Second Ave.
50 60 Perdue, James M, 74, first married at 18. owns house, no radio, born Ga parents born Ga
Virgine,wife, 74, first married at 17

1920 Wheeler County Census: dist 393
30 33 Perdue, James M, 64
Virginia E wife 63

I don't have a census index for 1900 and 1910, but I looked through the Alama (393) dist for 1910 and didn't see the family.

No Perdue families were listed on the 1870 or 1880 census as living in Montgomery County. There were several in Jefferson County. Do you have any idea of the names of any of James M's siblings born before 1880? I could use those names to cross reference with James, and maybe find him on the 1880.

I am no relationto the Perdues. Just thought I might could help.

Re: James Montgomery Perdue

Charles Perdue (View posts)
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I son't know any siblings. I only know they came from Greene Co Ga. the 1850 census list a Daniel b abt 1780 NC and wife Mary born abt 1807 NC. there were listed 7 children ages 24 to 4 yrs. Edwin 24, Albert 22, James 18, Seaborn (f) 16, Crawford 9, Lafayette 7, and Henry 4, all born in Ga. This James could have been the father of James M. I have no clue as to who his father was. any help world be appreciated. Charles.

Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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Here's a family that you might want to try to "track". The LDS website has a marriage for a James Perdue and Virginia Douglas; March 16, 1874 in Jefferson County Ga.

Here are some Perdue families from the various Jefferson County Census.
1850 Jefferson County Ga
91 91 John Perdue 53, born Jefferson county
Martha, 53 born Hanover?Cty NC
Jane 21, born Jeff.
Rebecca A 16
Judy 12
John E, 9
92 92 William Perdue, 27, born Jefferson Cty Ga
93 93 Jacksonvill Perdue 29, born Jeff.

1860 Greene County Ga
John J Zachory? 54
Mary S 53 NC
Samuel W 20
Crawford Perdue 18
Lafayette 16
Henry H 14
This looks like the Perdue family from the 1850 Greene county. Maybe Mary S Perdue remarried after death of Daniel Perdue?

1860 Jefferson
500 500 John Perdue 60
Martha 56
Nancy E 28
John 20
Martha 20
509 509 Jackon Pedue 33
Margaret E 23
Mary J 8
Sarah E 5
Martha P 2
Sarah Hughs? 40
Ann A Wiggins 15
508 508 William Perdue 37
Mary A 25
Frances L 5
Susannah W 1
Jancy J ?imson 11

1870 Jefferson
541 711 Perdue william 49
Mary 37
Frances L 15
susan V A 13
John 11
James M 8
Mary S? 4
Martha A 2
258 341 Perdue, Judeath 34
Lee 7
Judeath 5
John 6/12
881 78 Robert 50
Mary ??
Mary 55
Cinthena N 21
James 16
Levy 12
David M

1880 Jefferson
317 318 Perdue, William 56
Mary 46 , wife
James M 17 son
Mary S 14, dau
Martha 12, dau
Fersby, dau 10
Lewis C 2

1880 Jefferson
'667 672 James Perdue 30
Jinnie 28, wife
Alfred, 6, son
Carrie, 2 dau
infant, 10/?? dau
Lee, brother 19
I think this might be your James M and Virginia.

I've looked through most of the 1900 Jefferson Cty census and so far I've not found James and Ginnie Perdue.


Re: James Montgomery Perdue

Charles Peredue (View posts)
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Bernice, thanks for the info on James Montgomery and Jinnie. They are My Ggrandfather and Ggrandmother. Her name was Elizabeth Virginia Douglas. They left Jefferson Co. and moved to what is now Laurens and Wheeler counties. I have not been able to fine when this took place. My Grandfather was born May 12, 1886, D. 11 22 1969. His name was Roger Gamble Perdue and I have not been able to find any refference to him anywhere. Oh, James M. b.5 16, 1855 d. 12 5, 1936 and Jinnie b. 2 26, 1856 d. 4 30, 1945. I can vaguely remember seeing her. Charles Perdue

Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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I couldn't find James M Perdue in either Montgomery or Jefferson County on the 1900 census. But some of the pages were in pretty bad shape and names were difficult, if not impossible to read.
1920 Wheeler County Census: Alamo Dist
170 179 Perdue, Roger G, 33
Christian, wife 33
Otis, son age not clear
Howard, son age not clear
Gladys, dau 7
Avice, dau 3 4/12
******(name overwritten) James P, boarder, 62
1930 Wheeler County; Alama Dist
203 214 Perdue, Roger G, 43, first married at 19
Christian, wife, 42, first married at 18
James H, son, 21
Gladys, dau 18
Avis, dau 12


Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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A veru gracious lady did a look up for J M Perdue on the 1900 census and found him and family in Laurens Cty in the Carters dist:
189 ??? Perdue, J M, April 1856, 44 married 26 years, farmer
Virginia, wife, Feb 1857, 43, 12 births, 10 living
?awen, son, March 1885,15
Gambal, son May 1887 13
Lane?, son July 1889 10
Douglas, son July 1890 9
Clarence, son , Aug 1894, 6
Louise?, dau Nov? 1895 4
Marie, dau Feb 1898 2
Annie? dau in law, Dec 1876, widow married 1 year, no births

The handwritting was not easy to read.

Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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1910 Laurens County Census Burch Dist:
140 140 Perdue, A B, 33 first marriage, married 10 years
Ina N or M; wife 32, first marriage; 8 births, 7 living
Loellen, dau, 8
Dora L, dau 7
Gussie, dau, 6
Bertha, dau 5
Wilburn, son 4
Clara, dau 1
Margaret or Margared, 4/12
142 142 Perdue, Virginia, 54, widow (must be wrong), 13 births, 10 living;, darmer
Douglas, son 19
Clarence, son 16
Louise, dau 13
Marie, dau 12
[interestingly 4 house down is my grand father's brother and his family]

Now this might account for James's absence in the household; listed as a patient in the Milledgeville State Hospital is a J M Perdue, age 53, married.


Re: James Montgomery Perdue

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Surnames: Perdue Anderson
James Montgomery Perdue, was a "Jr.", , he and his wife are buried in the Alamo cemetery and was born in Jefferson county, ga. His parents and grandparents are buried near Stapleton, Ga. His greatgrandparents were William and Judah thompson Perdue. James Jr and Virginia moved to Wheeler county, Alamo area, about the same time as his cousin, my greatgrandmother and her husband did.

You may find the following information useful.

Perdue Records from cemetaries
Jefferson county, GA

The cemetery is near the old home place.

This is from the James Perdue Cemetery:

Directions: Martin Stapleton Rd #66 west of old Stapleton/Perdue house place, in field at crest of ridge about 100 yards from house.

James Perdue. b. 1780 d. 1844 (Note, James T.)
s/o William and Judah Thompson Perdue

Mary Elizabeth Montgomery 1781 d. 1873
w/o James Perdue

James Montgomery Perdue Sr. b. 1815 d. 1861
h/o Permelia A. R. Smith s/o James and Mary E. Perdue

Permelia A. R. Smith Perdue b. 1837 d. 1863
d/o Richard and Mary Smith

Robert William Benjamin Perdue b. 1820 d. 1886
s/o James and Mary E. M. Perdue

Mary Virginia Perdue Perdue b. 1813 d. 1890
d/o James and Mary Elizabeth M. Perdue
first w/o James Franklin Perdue

Robert Lee Perdue b. Dec 16, 1882 d. Aug 21, 1883
s/o James M. Perdue Jr. and Virginia E. Douglas

Amelia E. Perdue b. Nov 27, 1878 d. July 24, 1895
d/o James M. Perdue Jr. and Virginia E. Douglas

Narcissa N. Perdue Cason b. 1826 d. May 24, 1882
w/o James McCurdy Cason married Sept 2, 1857

Judieth Elizabeth Perdue Hudson b. 1822 d. 1845
w/o Alfred S. Hudson married Jan 14, 1836

Alfred S. Hudson b. 1810 d. 1889

Artemisia M. Perdue Hudson b. 1827 d. May 1881
2nd wife Alfred S. Hudson married Dec 5, 1848

Elbert Hudson b. 1820 d. 1850
h/o Eleanor E. Perdue

Eleanor E. Perdue Hudson b. 1825 d. 1848
w/o Elbert Hudson married Jan 16, 1836

Wheeler County Georgia, Alamo Cemetery

James Montgomery Perdue (May 16, 1855-Dec 5, 1936) and Virignia Elizabeth Perdue (Feb 26, 1856-April 30, 1945).

Children of James M. and Virginia, who died in Jefferson county before they moved to Wheeler county (see above, Perdue/Stapleton cemetery)
Robert Lee Perdue b. Dec 16, 1882 d. Aug 21, 1883
/o James M. Perdue Jr. and Virginia E. Douglas

Amelia E. Perdue b. Nov 27, 1878 d. July 24, 1895
d/o James M. Perdue Jr. and Virginia E. Douglas

Family connections to me: James M. (Jr) and Virginia Elizabeth, had a son, William Henry Perdue, who married the sister-in-law of Susannah Wylanta (Lantie) Perdue Anderson (see below, her husband’s sister). Her name was Savannah (Vannah) Anderson Perdue. Vannah Anderson Perdue and William Henry Perdue (he was always called by both names) are buried in Plant City Fla.
My great grandparents are Susannah Wylanta Perdue and Andrew Marcus Anderson are buried near James M and Virginia and I they were second cousins, but married people who were related to each other (he was her cousin and husband's brother in law).

My g-grandmother, Susannah Wylanta Perdue Anderson (Lantie) (1858-1932), see below for Perdue line, married Andrew Marcus (Marcus) Anderson. Savannah Anderson/Vannah, William Henry's wife, was his sister. They are also was from Jefferson county and lived very near to your James M. She was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Rivers Perdue (granddaughter of John and Martha Perdue, g-grandaughter of William and Judah Thompson Perdue).

The only family I actually knew from the James Montgomery Perdue line was James jr and Virginia's son, the above William Henry Perdue, cousin on Perdue side and married to my grandfather Anderson's sister, Vannah. He worked for the Highway Department in Florida building roads. I think he knew by heart every road in the state. I have photo of Uncle William Henry on a horse. He was a big square bult man. In later years he was an amputee and was wheel chair bound. Both he and Aunt Vannah were a joy to be with.

Lantie Perdue did have a brother named James M TOO! He married Dena McGahee.

So the James Montgomery Perdue line would be:
William Perdue b. 1767, d. 1825 and Judah Thompson b. 1791, d. 1843

James T. Perdue b. 1780 d. 1844 and Mary Elizabeth Montgomery 1781 d. 1873

James Montgomery Perdue Sr. b. 1815 d. 1861 and Permelia A. R. Smith b. 1837 d. 1863

James Montgomery Perdue (Jr.) b. 1855-Dec 5, 1936) and Virignia Elizabeth (Douglas) b. 1856d. 1945

My family line would be:

William Perdue b. 1767, d. 1825 and Judah Thompson b. 1791, d. 1843

John Perdue b. 1797, d. 1884 and Martha Beasley b. 1800, d. 1890

William C. Perdue b. 1822, d. 1906 and Mary Ann Rivers b. 1833/4?, d. 1900

Suzannah Wylanta Perdue b. 1857, d. 1932 and Andrew Marcus Anderson b. 1855, d. 1915

I hope this helps. There have been some recent postings on indicating that james Montgomery Perdue was the father of James A. Perdue of Macon, b. 1822. I do not believe this to be the case, though I would NOT doubt kinship.
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