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Michael Allcott lived in the Bartlett neighborhood.

Michael Allcott lived in the Bartlett neighborhood.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Allcott, Maggard, Bourbonnais, Smith, Whitehead, Cooper, Jackson, McCoy, Sharp, Pemberton, Rupe, Fugate, Farmer, Huntsucker
N.B.: The purpose of posting the following two newspaper clippings is to establish the whereabouts of the residence of Michael Allcott:
(a).--While speaking of the Half Breed country, the first clipping says that Mr. Maggard had bought out Mr. Allcott.
(b).--The second clipping establishes the fact that Mr. Maggard's farm was in the northern part of Fremont county.
(c).--The first clipping, when speaking of places of public accommodation, is almost certainly naming them in order, from south to north, ending with Bourbonnais. It places Smith's place in between Maggard's and Bourbonnais'. This can only mean these three places were in the neighborhood of present Bartlett, Iowa. (Those people acquainted with the road between present Barlett and McPaul know that the road between these two towns lies atop a ridge of higher land running north and south in the middle of the Missouri bottom, over which the Missouri river was much less apt to overflow. Well, Maggard's, Smith's was undoubtedly upon this higher ridge of land, while Bourbonnais' was across Keg Creek on the west side, along the Missouri river where steamboats could pull up to the bank and put on wood.)
(d).--"In the neighborhood of the rushes" means this was land over which the Missouri river easily overflowed. This neighborhood WAS DISTINCLY DIFFERENT from that in the neighborhood of Bourbonnais' woodyard! Rushville and Millville were west and somewhat southwest of Bartlett.

1.--THE LIBERTY WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Liberty, Missouri. November 7, 1846. "Correspondence of the Tribune".--Council Bluffs; October 16, 1846.--Gentlemen:

"It may be interesting to some of your readers to know something about this section of the country, inasmuch as it as been acquired by treaty, and now forms a part of the State of Iowa. The Pottawatttomie Indians, however, have the right to remain here until December of 1848, but will , most likely, remove south of the Missouri river next fall.....Riding through the country from Liberty to this place, seeing the vast fields of corn, hemp,. wheat etc ., and calculating how much produce could be made, I was more than ever convinced that the propriety of the government's improving the navigation of the Missouri river to give the farmers a good rood to market....

".....The Mormons or Latter Day Saints are settling around here in large numbers. They are buying out the improvements of the Half-Breeds, and it is suppposed they will abandon the idea of going to California and locate here permanently. The greater portion of them, some 3 to 5000 in number, are on the south side of the river about 17 miles above this....."

AT HOME. November 2, 1846. Gentlemen: "During my stay at the Bluffs and on my homeward journey, I saw and heard of some things which I will add to my letter of the 16th of October......Many of the Mormons have purchased out the Half-Breed claims, and are tolerably comfortably fixed. A good dinner, breakfast, or supper can be obtained at Mr. MAGGARD's WHO LIVES AT THE ALLCOTT PLACE...

"After remaining at the Bluffs eleven days, I felt vastly comfortable when I reached the dwelling of Capt. J. H. Whitehead who lives two or three miles within the State line. (John Whitehead bought out Stephen Cooper's establishment.--W.F.) The Captain's spring is somewhat remarkable (quite so to me) and will justify a description. It breaks from a sandy bluff north of his house and where it falls upon the earth (which is very rich and black) from a pipe, it produces something resembling the pomice stone. There is no mud about it or for some distance below. The water is as good as I ever drank and is of sufficient quantity to run a mill......Notwithstanding the newness of the country above the Nodaway river, there are many very excellent houses of accommodation, amongst which I will name, Andrew P. Jackson's, McCoy's, Sharp's, Pemberton's, Rupe's, Fugate's, Farmer's , Huntsucker's and Whitehead's in the State, and MAGGARD's, Smith's and Borbonnia's in the Indian Country. At the Point, Joseph LaFrombois keeps a tavern and sometimes furnished very excellent fare, but sometimes it rather too much mixed up to suit everybody.....

"...The route I would advise from Liberty to the Bluffs would be by the Rock House Prairie, St. Joseph, Jimtown, Savannah, Lockey's ferry on the Nodaway, Linden, Hontsocker's ferry on the Nishnabotana, and Captain Whitehead's. There are some excellent farms and site for farms in the prairies of Holt and Atchison. That of Judge Ish a few miles beyond the Nodaway is a splendid one....Pemberton's in Irish and Matthew's in the English Grove are splendid farms. Rupe's and Fugate's at and near Rock Creek are fine places. Rock Creek affords constant water for mills and there are three mills upon it within two or three miles of each other.....McKissick';s Grove in Atchison county is a very fine country and has every appearance of health.....Linden will have a good tavern in it when Uncle Sash Fugate gets there which he will do in a few days....."

2.--FRONTIER GUARDIAN. August 22, 1849. For Sale. A valuable improvement situated in the north part of Fremont County, adjoining Mr. MAGGARD's on the South, consisting of 35 acres under good fence in a good state of cultivation. Two good cabins and other valuable improvements, Plenty of good timber, and directly in the neighborhood of the rushes. Place formerly occupied by Charles Allen (sic).

Re: Michael Allcott lived in the Bartlett neighborhood.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 1076535527000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Allcott, Ascum, Peltier, LaFromboise, De Smet, Hoecken
Since we can say with some certitude that Michael Allcott lived near present day Bartlett, Fremont county, Iowa, could we ascertain JUST WHERE in The Half Breed Farms neighborhood some of the other residents lived?

These various St. Mary's Registers record the following "loci" for the entries involving Michael Allcott:
(1).--Opposite Fort Leavenworth. (We can ignore this one.)
(2).--Americans. (This undoubtedly refers to the fact that the family was living where it would not usually be expected to be found, that is, in Potawatomi Indian Country. But this is in line with the understanding that the Allcott's lived near Bartlett! which would be Potawatomi Indian Country.)
(3).--The Council Bluffs. (Hoecken was using this name for that strip of land along the Missouri river now included in the northern part of Fremont, all of Mills, and all of Pottawatomie counties.)

WELL, that did not show us very much! HOWEVER, when we look at the time line involved - and - match that with what we already know, speculation turns into something probably worthwhile. It is a good bet that the baptisms did NOT take place in St. Joseph's Mission itself. Here's why I think not:

1. "Father De Smet's baptisms on Feb. 19, 1839 were in Potawatomi Country, and those on Feb. 22, 1839 were also in Potawatomi Country."
--On Feb. 19, Alexander Peltier, Antoine Bourbonnais, Ozite Bourbonnais, Joseph LaFrombois, Marguerite LaFromboise, Archange Peltier--ALL acted as sponsors at a baptism.
--On Feb. 21, Ozite Bourbonnais again acted as a sponsor. This was at Michael Allott's place.
--On Feb. 22, Pierre Chevalier and Charlotte Miskosskwi acted as sponsors.

2. About the Chevalier's: In November 1844, Father Hoecken made a missionary trip to The Half Breed Farms where he baptized many who can be identified as related through various Chevalier lines. It appeared to be a Chevalier reunion! Trust me, there is little doubt but that many so involved in 1844 lived around the Bartlett area......Back to 1839: Pierre Chevalier was present wherever it was that De Smet was working one day after being at Allcott's. It just couldn't have been far away.

3. SO, my speculation is that De Smet was on a little missionary trip of his own, away from St. Joseph's Mission, down south about 20 miles, into the northern parts of The Half Breed Farms neighborhood. For another point to nail this down, consider Ozite Bourbonnais--we know where her family lived! and she was present on Feb. 19th as well as on Feb. 21.

4. SPECULATIONS seem to point that the Peltier's, the second Joseph LaFromboise, also lived around present day Bartlett, Iowa.
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