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Henderson - Ohio

Henderson - Ohio

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Surnames: Henderson, Banta
Query #032
DATE: 12 Jan 1997
FROM:Kathryn E. Stuart


Searching for any and all information on the parents of Emsley Henderson born May 11, 1823, probably in western Ohio, died April 8, 1878 in Darke
County, Ohio. He married Mary Banta (1830-1902) on December 15, 1850. Any clues, large or small greatly appreciated.

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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I believe your Emsley and my William B/ 1805 are both sons of John And Catharine Sulgrove Henderson. My William lived next door to John and Catharine in Darke Co., Ohio. My line of Henderson's are down to only 2 males living and we are planning a DNA for this month, and are trying to locate a male from the John Henderson line to also do a DNA for comparison to prove a match for the John Henderson line. I am willing to pay for both DNA's and I would be even pleased to locate a male from the Emsley's line, because I firmly believe Emsley and William are brothers. We know that John is the son of James Henderson and Sarah Peters Henderson. I would love to hear back from you or anyone in this line. Thanks, Ruth

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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Surnames: Henderson, Foreman
I also believe my Widdis/Widdows Henderson is a son of John and Catherine, as well as John Henderson who m. Susan Dill in Montgomery Co., OH, in 1831 and preceded my Widdis to Sangamon Co., IL, by 1860. They both then moved to IA, then both to Crawford Co., KS, where both died.
Widdis was married to Sarah Foreman in Butler Co., OH in 1835, and John Henderson (Sr.) is in the Butler Co. census in 1830. Since Widdis first name is an obvious indication that he's descended from the Guilford, NC, Hendersons, John Henderson is in Butler in 1830, Widdis marries there in 1835 and the census records show that John Henderson had a son his age, I premise that John is Widdis son. Widdis also stated in 1880 that his father's place of birth was NC.

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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Surnames: Henderson/Geeting/Siler/Phillips/Mackey/Emerson
If you are referring to Widdows Henderson B/ 9 Nov. 1790 in Deep River, Guilford Co., N.C. Widdows is not the son of John and Catharine Sulgrove Henderson. The Widdows I am referring to is the son of James and Sarah Peters Henderson from Deep River, Guilford Co., N.C. who died in Andrews Co, Missouri. I have found another Widdis/Widdows Henderson, a son of Asbury Henderson and grand-son of Louis Jackson Henderson who is the son of William Henderson and Isabel Emsley Henderson from Guilford Co., N.C. and William is the son of James Henderson and Sarah Peters. John who married Susan Dill and Rachel Henderson who married Michael Dill are both children of John and Catharine Sulgrove Henderson (documentation which has yet to be proved or found)

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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Surnames: Henderson/Geeting/Siler/Emerson/Hawkey/Phillips
There were 3 Emsley Henderson's. One is the Uncle of Emsley B/11 May 1823 who married Mary Banta. This Emsley is the S/O John Henderson and Catharine Sulsgrove Henderson and Emsley was probably born in Darke County, Ohio (I have land records where John Henderson is in Darke County, Ohio in 1820) but could have been born in Montgomery County, Ohio
John Henderson was B/ 18 Oct. 1783 in Deep River, Guilford County, N.C. to James Henderson and Sarah Peters. John D/ 1855 in Butler, Darke Co., Ohio. and married Catharine Sulgrove on 26 Feb. 1804 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., N.C..
The 2nd Emsley Henderson B/ 27July 1824 in Guilford Co., N.C. to Isaac Henderson and Mary Emsley (documented in his history written by his children in Bates Co., Missouri) Emsley D/1909 in Butler Twp., Bates Co., Missouri and married Hannah Pottinger on 11 Oct. 1849 in Preble Co., Ohio. You can contact me for more info on this line of Henderson's if you wish to at:

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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No, that is not the Widdis/Widdows Henderson I'm referring to. If you read my original post, I never said anything about any Widdis/Widdows living in MO. The one I'm referring to was married to Sarah Foreman in Butler Co., OH in 1835. The census records show that he was born in OH c. 1818. He died in Crawford Co. KS in 1891. As I stated, he lived in Sangamon Co., IL, in the same township as John Henderson who m. Dill, they also lived together in IA and in Crawford Co., KS.
This Widdis Henderson's first wife died in Henry Co., IN in 1858 per a application for pension based on the CW service of his son Granderson Henderson. He married again to Harriet Tyler, a widow, in Davis Co., IA in 1869.
As I said before, due to the circumstance of his marrying in Butler Co., OH, in 1835 and John Henderson being in the same co. in 1830 before moving to Darke, one county up, the census records showing that John Henderson had sufficient number of males in this age category to account for him and the circumstance that John who m. Dill likewise appears to be a son of John, along with the name "Widdis" and the fact that he stated in 1880 that his parents were born in NC, I assume that he was a son of John and Catherine.

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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Sorry for my mis-understanding on your Widdis Henderson...I did come across the name Grounderson Henderson in the civil war registration and the fact given that he was born in Preble Co., Ohio, but I could never place the same name with any other Henderson to know who he was a son of, and put it aside...later I did come across a census record of a Widdis but still could not place him although knowing he had to fit in with James and his sons somewhere. I lost John and could not find him in the 1830 census records with the # of children he should have had and Butler is also a county in Ohio where other members of the James Henderson family also were located in, so you are most likely correct about your Widdis belonging to John or even his brother Emsley Henderson who lived in Preble Co., Ohio and later in Wayne Co., Indiana...whom all the children of Emsley has not been found and accounted for either. Are your line of Henderson's out of John, and if so have you joined the DNA project? If not,\.\, If you think you may be interested, please get in touch with me if you wish to. My line of Henderson's have been hoping to locate someone out of John Henderson's line to join our line in proving a connection and I can give you the details through my direct e-mail @ our line has already submitted our DNA and are waiting for a volunteer to join us on matching.

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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I'm descended from Widdis Henderson and Sarah Foreman and descend in a female line. One of their daughters, Mary Henderson, was my maternal grandmother's grandmother. So my y-DNA wouldn't be Henderson; neither do I know of any male Hendersons descended from either my Widdis or John who m. Dill, although Crawford Co. KS would be a good place to look for male line descendants of either of them.
If it is presumed that John who m. Dill was a son of John and Catherine, then most likely my Widdis was as well, since the two of them were obviously close. But the fact that Widdis married in Butler and stayed there for some years seems to me to indicate also that he was probably a son of John who was there in 1830. If any of the other Hendersons in Butler in 1830 were members of this family, I would be interested in having that information.
Both Widdis ["Wheatos"] and John Henderson [Jr.] are in Milford Township of Butler Co. in 1840, a couple of households away from each other.
Peter Dill, the father of Susan who m. John Henderson, migrated to Sangamon Co., IL as did John Henderson who m. Susan and then later Widdis. I believe John was there as early as 1850. Widdis probably after his wife's death in c. 1858. The obit of one of Widdis sons states that he was born in Bloomington IL in 1859 but this is at odds with the census records in his lifetime that state he was born in IN and also greatly at odds with Widdis' statement made in the 90s that his first wife died in IN in 1858.
If Widdis Henderson was in Preble Co., as the service record for his son Granderson suggests, his stay must have been brief. He appears in the 1840 census in Butler Co. The records for Granderson indicate that he was born in Ohio c. 1840. Widdis' dau. Elizabeth was born in IN in March of 1843 per census and her death record in Crawford Co., KS.

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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I know that Rachel Henderson married Michael Dill 05 Nov. 1840 in Darke County, Ohio. I don't know if he is the brother of Susan Dill, but I expect he probably is, anyway Rachel and Michael lived in Preble Co., Ohio in the 1850 census and in Darke Co., Ohio the rest of their lives, very near to John and Catharine. I have no doubts Rachel is the daughter of John and Catharine. My William Henderson and wife Catharine Kitson lived next door to John and Catharine all his life, but William's birthdate and the wedding date of John and Catharine is off by several months, which shed doubt on William being their first son.. but down through the generations our family insists that he is...I will dig into Crawford Co., Ks. and maybe we can come up with some information. Thanks

Re: Henderson - Ohio

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The marriages of two of these Hendersons in OH to this Dill family- with one couple staying near neighbors to John Henderson in OH and the other couple staying closely associated with my Widdis his entire life while simultaneously staying in close proximity with Peter Dill, John Henderson [Jr.'s] father-in-law his entire life- is a pretty convincing addition to the other circumstantial evidence. It will be nice to have any evidence available in OH as far as deeds, etc., if anyone ever looks for it. In the meantime, I've been doing a little bit of searching on the Dills and intend to do some more. If Peter Dill died in Sangamon Co. and there were documents listing his children in relation to his estate, that information will be easily (and cheaply) available through IRAD. That would establish whether Michael Dill was Susan Dill's sister. The "cheaply" is why it's unlikely I'll be looking for records in OH anytime soon, unless I happen to run across them in publication.
As far as the date of birth being early, I wouldn't worry about it. There is no record recording the date of birth when it occurred, I assume, and besides that, our ancestors were human. I have a Revolutionary pension file in which the widow recorded the dates of birth of her children. When she realized she was only supposed to record the names of the children born in wedlock, she crossed out one of the names, that particular child being born well before the marriage date.
Information posted on the Web states that Michael Dill was a child of Peter Dill by his second wife, Susan Wimmer of Preble Co., OH. The Wimmer family also removed to Sangamon Co., IL, where there is a cemetery in the vicinity where all these people lived in that county, and it may well be that when I look into it, some of these Dills are buried in that cemetery. I believe that the following information that I picked up on applies to the first wife of John {Jr.}- Susan Henderson wife of John Henderson buried in the Hopkins Cemetery, Davis County, Iowa She was born November 17, 1816 and died January 5, 1867 age 50 years, 1 month and 22 days.
The following is the bit of info I have in my family tree file; please note that I'm not really that good at getting info into it, but this will give you vitals for Widdis, his spouses and his children.
PLEASE NOTE: I would like whatever vital information you have on William and his wife and anything else you care to take the trouble to share. I will be adding Rachel as a sister in my file- which as my notes indicate, I had suspected she belonged there anyway.

1. John4 Henderson (James3, Unknown2, Unknown1) was born 18 October 1783. He married Catherine Sulgrove 26 February 1804 in Rowan County, North Carolina, daughter of James Sulgrove and Catherine Sullens.

Notes for John Henderson:
The evidence that John Henderson (Jr.) and Widdows Henderson are sons of John Henderson and Sarah Sulgrove is circumstantial but convincing.

Butler County, Ohio, 1830 U.S. census, Wayne Township:
2 males under 5, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50

Who is Rachel Henderson who m. Michael F. Dill 5 NOV 1840 in Darke Co.? Her vitals:Birth: 12 DEC 1820 in OH
Death: 2 JUL 1898 in Darke Co, OH
Michael: Birth: 3 NOV 1818 in Preble Co, OH
Death: 23 MAY 1891 in Darke Co, OH

Children of John Henderson and Catherine Sulgrove are:
2 i. James5 Henderson, born 11 February 1805.
3 ii. John Henderson, born circa 1809 in Ohio. He married (1) Susan Dill 27 November 1831 in Montgomery County, Ohio. He married (2) Rachel Rodabaugh 3 December 1868 in Davis County, Iowa. Probably died in KS.

Notes for John Henderson:
Susan Henderson wife of John Henderson buried in the Hopkins Cemetery, Davis County, Iowa She was born November 17, 1816 and died January 5, 1867 age 50 years, 1 month and 22 days.

Notes for Rachel Rodabaugh:
Buried at Union Center Cemetery, Crawford County, Kansas.

+ 4 iii. Widdis Henderson, born circa 1818 in Ohio; died 3 June 1891 in Washington Township, Crawford County, Kansas.
5 iv. Emsley Henderson, born 1823; died 8 April 1878 in German Township, Darke County, Ohio. He married Mary Banta 15 December 1850 in Darke County, Ohio.

Notes for Emsley Henderson:
Copy of Death Record from Darke County, OH
Probate Court Vol 1, page 250
HENDERSON, Emsley Married
Died 4-8-1878 Darke County, OH
Age 54y, 10m, 28d
Occupation Farmer
Name of Parents none listed
Disease Heart disease
Place of Residence German Twp

6 v. Margaret Henderson, born 1825.
7 vi. Alfred Henderson, born 1827.
8 vii. Nancy Henderson, born circa 1831.

Generation No. 2

4. Widdis5 Henderson (John4, James3, Unknown2, Unknown1) was born circa 1818 in Ohio, and died 3 June 1891 in Washington Township, Crawford County, Kansas. He married (1) Sarah Foreman 15 October 1835 in Butler County, Ohio, daughter of Jacob Foreman. He married (2) Harriet Tyler 1869 in Davis County, Iowa.

Notes for Widdis Henderson:
I have found it impossible to determine a very close range for the birthdate of Widdows Henderson. His age varies greatly in the census records. His obituary yields a year of circa 1817, which may have been what his considered to be about his year of birth. His tombstone is damaged and the date of birth is not legible.

Harriet Tyler was a widow with several children when Widdis Henderson married her. I do not currently know her maiden name.

Girard Herald, 6 June 1891, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas:
HENDERSON-In Washington township, June 3d, 1891, of congestion of the lungs, Mr. Widdis Henderson, aged 74 years.
Mr. Henderson came from Ohio to Crawford county in 1869, being one of the first settlers of the county. He was the father of ten children, four of whom are at home.
The funeral will take place from the Christian church, Girard, at noon to day.

Widdows and his second wife Harriet Henderson are buried at Girard Cemetery, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas.

Notes for Sarah Foreman:
Sarah Foreman Henderson had died by 27 June 1860, when the census listing for Widdows Henderson was taken in the vicinity of Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois. In the 1900 census for Crawford County, Kansas, her son John L. stated that he was born in May of 1860. In the same census, her son Jefferson stated that he was born in October 1859. John's birth would have taken place only 7 months after Jefferson's if these dates are correct; and the 1860 census states that John was then already 4 years old. John's wife in 1900 is a much younger woman, and I believe that he falsified his age to appear younger. Jefferson's date of birth may also be in error; on 21 August 1890, Widdis Henderson applied for a pension based on the service of his son, Granderson, who had died in the army during the Civil War. In the application, Widdis stated that Sarah had died in Henry County, Indiana on 4 June 1858. Since Widdis also stated that he and Sarah were married in Butler County, Ohio, 18 October 1840, which date is contradicted by the public record, the date of Sarah's death remains uncertain. No doubt the place of her death as given by Widdis is correct since he would be likely to remember where she died even if he died remember the correct date.

Marriage Notes for Widdis Henderson and Sarah Foreman:
The marriage was performed by Morton Irwin, Justice of the Peace.

Notes for Harriet Tyler:
Girard Herald, 22 March 1890, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas:
HENDERSON-In Sherman township, March 18th, 1890, of pneumonia, Mrs. Widdis Henderson, aged about 60 years.

Children of Widdis Henderson and Sarah Foreman are:
9 i. Eliza Jane6 Henderson, born circa 1837 in Ohio.
10 ii. Granderson Henderson, born circa 1840 in Preble County, Ohio; died 8 March 1863 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee.

Notes for Granderson Henderson:
Granderson Henderson died in the military hospital at Jackson, Tennessee, while a private in Co. E, 114th Illinois Infantry. His place of birth is from his military record, which gives the following personal information for him: "6 feet 1 inches high, Dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, and by occupation when enrolled, a Farmer."
His place of burial is not shown in either his file or in any list of military burials.

11 iii. Elizabeth Henderson, born 2 March 1843 in Indiana; died 24 June 1918 in Girard, Crawford County, Kansas. She married (1) John Busey 27 November 1862 in Sangamon County, Illinois. She married (2) John Gladson circa 1880 in Crawford County, Kansas.

Notes for John Gladson:
Name: John McNaught Gladson
Spouse: Mary Frances Wilkerson
Parents: Robert Gladson , Nancy Mc McNaught
Birth Place: Vermillion, IL
Birth Date: 31 Oct 1836
Death Place: Girard, Crawford, KS
Death Date: 12 Aug 1909
Buried at Union Center Cemetery, Crawford County, Kansas.

12 iv. Margaret Henderson, born January 1846 in Indiana; died 24 December 1916 in Virden, Macoupin County, Illinois. She married David W. Lewis 26 September 1865 in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Notes for Margaret Henderson:

Notes for David W. Lewis:
Muster and Descriptive Roll for Company F (Illinois State Archives):
Lewis, David, Private, age 22, 5 feet 9 inches, sandy hair, dark eyes, sandy [sic] complexion, farmer, residence Auburn, Sangamon, Ill., born Ky., joined for 3 years and enrolled May 29, 1862 at Camp Butler, Ill. by H. S. Reans; mustered into service at Washington, D. C. May 29 [sic], 1862 by Capt. Curtis.

LEWIS, David Recruit Auburn May 29, 1862 Trans. to Co. F, as consol.

David was probably named for his maternal grandfather, David Welch.

+ 13 v. Mary Henderson, born 4 May 1847 in Fortville, Hancock County, Indiana; died 27 December 1936 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois.
14 vi. Joseph Henderson, born September 1849 in Indiana; died 24 December 1901 in Girard, Crawford County, Kansas. He married Susie Tyler.

Notes for Joseph Henderson:
Girard, Crawford County, Kansas, uncited photocopy of original newspaper obituary for Joseph Henderson, given to me by Artie Easley Gowin, owner of the original clipping:
HENDERSON- In Girard, Dec. 24th, 1909, of Bright's disease, Joseph Henderson, aged 58 years, 11 months, and 8 days.
Joseph Henderson was born in Bloomington, Ill., Jan. 15th, 1851. He came to Girard in 1869, and made his home here most of his lifetime thereafter. He was married to Susie Tyler, four children being born to the union, two being dead and two surviving him. Those living are W. C. Henderson and Mrs. Hattie Upham, both of this city.
[This obituary is unreliable. The 1850 census for Henry County, Indiana, shows that he was born in Indiana, as do the later census records. Furthermore, the 1850 census shows that he was then one year old. His date of birth, as well as that of his wife, as I give them here are from the Girard, Crawford County, Kansas 1900 census. I believe that his wife was also his step-sister-REC.]

15 vii. Sarah Ann Henderson, born circa 1854.
16 viii. John L. Henderson, born circa 1855 in Indiana. He married Mary.
17 ix. Jefferson Henderson, born October 1859 in Indiana. He married Flora circa 1881.

Notes for Jefferson Henderson:
Dates of birth for Jefferson Henderson and his wife are from the 1900 census for Pittsburg City, Crawford County, Kansas. Obviously, either the year of birth is wrong or the year of death given by Widdis Henderson for his wife, Sarah, is incorrect.
In OK in 1910- brick mason.

Child of Widdis Henderson and Harriet Tyler is:
18 i. Edward6 Henderson, born April 1872 in Crawford County, Kansas. He married Ada circa 1893.

Generation No. 3

13. Mary6 Henderson (Widdis5, John4, James3, Unknown2, Unknown1) was born 4 May 1847 in Fortville, Hancock County, Indiana, and died 27 December 1936 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois. She married Samuel Lewis 7 January 1864 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, son of Larkin Lewis and Elizabeth Welch.

Notes for Samuel Lewis:
On 21 June 1860, Samuel Lewis was living in the household of James W. Easley, 28, in Ball Township, Sangamon County, Illinois. Apparently, James W. Easley was a son of Benjamin H. Easley, son of Daniel Easley and Margaret McWhorter. Samuel's occupation is listed as farm laborer.

LEWIS, Samuel Recruit Auburn Mar 31, 1862 --- Co. F 12th Illinois Cavalry

Muster and Descriptive Roll for Twelfth Cavalry Regiment, Company F, Illinois volunteers (Illinois State Archives):
Lewis, Samuel
Private, age 25, 5 feet 9 inches, red hair, brown eyes, sandy [sic] complexion, farmer, residence Auburn, Sangamon, Ill., born Ky., joined for 3 years and enrolled Apr. 3, 1862 at Camp Butler, Ill. by H. S. Reans; mustered into service at Washington, D. C. Mar. 31 [sic], 1862 by Capt. Curtis.
Perhaps the mustering in date should be May 31, not March 31.

Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois, uncited photocopy of original newspaper clipping owned by Artie Easley Gowin:
Samuel Lewis was kicked by a vicious horse Monday night, breaking his right arm and giving him several other bruises. Uncle Sam will have to do without his services for some time while he is undergoing repairs.
Horses, like their human contemporaries, do not always recognize their best friends and warmest admirers.

Children of Mary Henderson and Samuel Lewis are:
19 i. Charles Edden7 Lewis, born 22 November 1865 in Sangamon County, Illinois; died 19 December 1934 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois. He married Lillie Belle Kenney 23 December 1896 in Sangamon County, Illinois.
20 ii. Fred L. Lewis, born 24 July 1868 in Sangamon County, Illinois; died 10 September 1926 in Leachville, Mississippi County, Arkansas.
21 iii. John Wheeler Lewis, born 7 October 1871 in Sangamon County, Illinois; died 18 November 1951 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois. He married Amelia Atterbury.
+ 22 iv. Anna Florence Lewis, born 1 June 1874 in Crawford County, Kansas; died 28 January 1931 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois.
23 v. Benjamin F. Lewis, born 10 November 1876 in Chatham, Sangamon County, Illinois; died 29 June 1953. He married Daisy Lochridge 4 June 1896 in Sangamon County, Illinois.
24 vi. Daisey B. Lewis, born 6 October 1882 in Illinois; died 1 June 1957 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois. She married Leonard G. Floyd 8 June 1926.
25 vii. Samuel Larkin Lewis, born 12 August 1884 in Illinois; died 7 June 1936.
26 viii. Roy J. Lewis, born 17 August 1886 in Illinois; died 1961 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan. He married Beulah J. Peppler 8 November 1917 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan.
27 ix. Claude A. Lewis, born 29 May 1890 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois; died 1 August 1897 in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois.

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