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William Swearingen & Susan Baker

William Swearingen & Susan Baker

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Surnames: Swearingen, Baker, Cunningham, McCourt
On July 23, 1892 my grandfather, David McCourt (McCord) married Bridget Cunningham in South Omaha, Nebraska. Bridget lists her parents as William Swearingen and Susan Baker from Ohio. Bridget is listed as 30 years old, and is probably a widow since her last name is different from her father's. In 1901 they divorced. I am trying to find more information about her and her family. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Kathy

Re: William Swearingen & Susan Baker

Kyla Ware Cromer (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Morton Swearingen Baker Bell Wood

It sounds like your Bridget is my Jennie's sister. Here's what I have. I'm not sure exactly about the Bell and Wood connections.

1 William SWEARINGEN b: Abt. April 1838 in VA src1: 1920 census, src2: 1880 census, src3: 1860 census, src4: 1885 census d: Aft. 1880
..... 2 Ella SWEARINGEN b: Abt. 1866 in OH d: Aft. February 20, 1923
............. 3 Edward WOOD b: Abt. 1885
............. 3 Lu M BELL b: Abt. 1888 src: 1895 census d: Aft. 1895
............. 3 Beulah BELL b: Abt. 1894 d: Aft. 1895
..... 2 Mary SWEARINGEN b: June 30, 1858 in OH src1: 1930 census, src2: LDS d: July 23, 1919 src: LDS Residence: 1880 Yell Twp., Webster Co., IA (now Dayton? Lost Grove? see source notes)
............. 3 Fred BELL b: Abt. 1889 in IA src: 1930 census d: Aft. October 15, 1957 src: newspaper Residence: October 22, 1957 Grand Junction, Greene Co., IA
..... 2 Jennie SWEARINGEN b: October 10, 1860 in Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas Co., OH src1: Gravestone, src2: 1880 census, src3: Family notes d: February 20, 1923 in Spring Valley, Dallas Co., IA src1: IA death certificate, src2: Gravestone Residence: Abt. 1864 Came from Ohio to Iowa
............. 3 Fred MORTON b: January 25, 1880 in Bagley, Guthrie Co., IA src: Morton Twigs book d: 1954
............. 3 Frank Roy MORTON b: September 18, 1882 in IA src1: Morton Twigs book, src2: 1930 census d: Aft. February 1923 src: Obituary- Jennie
............. 3 Cora MORTON b: December 1, 1884 d: Aft. June 1932 src: Obituary - Edna Morton
............. 3 Archie Rueben MORTON b: August 26, 1886 in Dayton, IA src: Morton Twigs book d: March 5, 1942 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA
............. 3 Nelle MORTON b: December 24, 1888 src: Morton Twigs book d: October 21, 1960 src: "Doris (Morton) Porter papers"
............. 3 Edna Effie MORTON b: January 29, 1891 src: Morton Twigs book d: June 5, 1932 in Burlingame, CA src: Obituary- Jennie
............. 3 Clarence Clark MORTON b: April 11, 1893 src: Morton Twigs book
............. 3 George Wallace MORTON b: June 26, 1898 in Farnhamville, IA src: Morton Twigs book d: August 9, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA src1: Obituary- Jennie, src2: Obituary - George Wallace Morton
..... 2 Unknown SWEARINGEN b: Abt. 1862
..... 2 Unknown SWEARINGEN b: Abt. 1864 Residence: February 1923 Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA

Re: William Swearingen & Susan Baker

Kathy Vacek (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Swearingen/Cunningham/McCourt
I am not sure it is a match, but could be. Was your William Swearingen married to a Susan Baker??
I have found a Bridget Cunningham married to Robert Cunningham on the 1885 Nebraska State census. She is 23 years old and born in Pennsylvania. The age is right, and she is near Omaha. I have not seen the original census just the abstract on, and I haven't checked for a death record of Robert Cunningham. As soon as I have time I plan to check that out.
There is also a William Swearingen married to Susanna listed on the 1880 census (and 1870 census) in Richland, Wyandot County, Ohio. The names and ages are about right -- but there is no daughter named Bridget listed.
Someone else has done researching on the Swearingen family listed above on the Ohio census. They have Susan's maiden name as Miller. And again no Bridget listed.
So nothing fits exactly for the Bridget Swearingham/Cunningham/McCourt I am looking for. If I find any other information I will post it and let you know. Thanks. Kathy

Re: William Swearingen & Susan Baker

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Swaeringen, Cunningham, McCourt
I have an update on Bridget Cunningham. I have bothe a civil and church marriage record for my Grandfather, David McCourt and Bridget Cunningham. On both records her name is "Bridget".

However, in the South Omaha, Nebraska City Directory for 1891 there is a Cunningham, O., Mrs, resides at 213 N 26th. David McCourt is listed at 218 N 26th in the same directory. He is working as a butcher at Cudahay.

In the 1892 city directory David McCourt is listed as boarding at S 17th and Bellevue. Mrs. Ora Cunningham is also residing at S 17th and Bellevue. This must be were they met.

On the 1885 Nebraska State census for Douglas Precinct there is an Ora Cunningham (age 23, born Ohio) listed on the same page as Martin Cunningham (age 28, born New York). Also listed is their son, James (age 8/12, born Nebraska), and Matthew Cunningham (age 31 born New York) and his family.

Martin must die sometime before 1892 when David McCourt and Ora/Bridget get married. On the 1900 census for South Omaha, Ora McCourt is living with her son James. She is 38, born in Ohio and says she is a widow. She is working as a cook. James is 16, and born in Nebraska. (David McCourt is living at Harrison and Railroad ave. on the 1900 census) Ora says she has had 2 children, with 1 now living. David McCourt and Ora/Bridget had a daughter, Margaret born in 1893/94 that died at just a few months old. David and Ora/Bridget divorced in 1901.

I am still not sure who Ora/Bridget's parents were. There is a daughter named Flora living with William and Susan Swearingen on the 1880 census for Wyandot County, Ohio -- but other researchers list that Susan's last name as Miller, not Baker, and have Flora married to R. B. Munday. So I don't think that is the right family, but I am not sure. Anyone researching this family?? I'd like to find out Ora/Bridget's parent's names.

The Robert Cunningham mentioned in my other e-mails is not the person that Ora/Bridget married. I believe it is Martin Cunningham listed above.
Thanks. Kathy

Re: William Swearingen & Susan Baker

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Swearingen, Baker
Sorry not back to this sooner, I don’t think I saw it.
My great great great grandfather William Swearingen (b. Virginia abt. 1838,) was married to Susan Baker (b. Ohio abt. 1800). Baker is on her death certificate, and the informant was her husband.
In the 1870 census William and Susan Swearingen and children are listed in Dayton, Webster Co., Iowa. Daughter O.A. Swearingen was born in Ohio and was 8, which would make her 30 years old in 1892, in line with the marriage record you have.
By 1880 O.A. Swearingen is no longer in the household, which is not surprising at about age 18.
The sister I descend from didn’t use the same first name consistently, either, so that wouldn’t surprise me.

Re: William Swearingen & Susan Baker

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Swearingen, Baker, McCourt, Cunningham

You were right all those years ago when you posted your reply to me! This was not an easy family to research since the name is spelled so many different ways and the family members went by different first names or initials.
If you check my family tree (McCourt-Vacek) you will see I do have a lot of information on this family now. Three very helpful web sites I used were, (lots of articles on here about the Swearingen family - spelled different ways), and (old South Omaha newspaper artilces and some from Ohio too). That last one is where I got the various newspaper artilces about the death of Martin Cunningham and Bridget/Ora's law suit againt the city of South Omaha.
I also looked thru lots of microfilms, and have found the various land records for the land Martin Cunningham and his siblings bought in Marshall County, Kansas. There are records of Bridget later selling that land.
When I started I knew next to nothing about my grandfather's early life. Now I have a better picture of what his life and his first wife's life was like.
I had also called a friend of my brother's who works at the Omaha Catholic cemeteries. He found the burial records for Martin Cunningham and Bridget/Ora Swearingen at St. Mary's Catholic cemetery in Omaha.
The Swearingen's were certainly an interesting family. Please let me know if I can be any help or if you'd like copies of any of the records I have.

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