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Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jones, Wiley, Trusty, Sugg, Bostwick, Tapp, Aigner, Musick, Wallace, Lee, Branson, Ashby
Hi Henderson County Researchers,
I am desperately seeking the maiden name of my 3rd ggm Darkus/Dorcas (nee ?) Jones who was b. 1818 in KY (county unknown). Her parents were born in NC. Darkus/Dorcas was a full blooded Cherokee woman.
Darkus/Dorcas was married to Wiley Jones and they lived in Henderson County, on Highland Creek near the Jones Stand in what is now Webster County. Wiley Jones was a son of Richard Jones and Lavinia Sugg Wiley both born in NC. Richard Jones was a Rev. War Soldier who received a Military Land Grant in Henderson, County, KY. Lavinia's parents were Geo Augustus Sugg and Sarah Patience Jones. Lavinia's brother was Wiley Sugg of whom I believe Wiley Jones was named.
Wiley and Darkus/Dorcas had the following children.

Albert b. 1838-39
Mary E. b. 1840 she married Cornelius Sigler. They had 5 children: Sam, Ida, Amy. C.L. and Hester. Mary died young.
George R. b. 1842
Martha b. 1845 she married a Wallace.
Gabriel b. 1846 he was the executor of his father's will in 1880.
Harriet b. 1848 she married Josephus Lee.
Lavinia b. 1851 she married Wiley Bostwick. Wiley Bostwick was the son of James Bostwick and Martha Jones. They had 8 children, 3 of these children are mentioned in the 1900 Webster Co. census. They are Nellie N. b.1880, Willie S. b. 1884 and Hester b. 1892 all are daughters. As a elderly widow of 80 plus years, Darkus/Dorcas lived her remaining years with Lavinia and Wiley Bostwick. Darkus/Dorcas died sometime between 1905 and 1910 as my grandmother remembers her. She had long jet black hair that she could sit on and she would brush it again and again every night. She would pace and had snappy (an old term used to denote small eyes which Native Americans have) black eyes. She was very tiny as was my ggm Tina Wiley Shelton and my grandmother Alpha Lena Shelton Aigner, my grandfather called her Tiny! Darkus/Dorcas made and sold things and also had a money lending business in her younger years.
Edmond b. 1855
Margaret b. 1859
Virginia Arabella (Belle) b.1862 she married Edwin A. Wiley a son of Wilkerson "Wilkey or Red" Wiley (son of Patrick Wiley and Catherine Branson who's mother was a Timmons and her mother was an Ashby) and Hannah Trusty (she was a descendant of George "The Pioneer" Musick of Spotsylvania, VA) Wiley. Belle was 13 and Edwin was 17 when they were married in 1875. Edwin's sister Mary Wiley married a Tapp and had son's Fred, Kestner and Lon Tapp. They were associated with Tapp Funeral Home in Dixon (now Townsen or Thompson Funeral Home). Belle died at age 32 and left 5 young children. Robert, Tina, Dexter, Flora (Floy), and Mary. Robert's children were Ivory (male) and Inez Wiley. Darkus/Dorcas helped raise these children, one of whom was my ggm, Tina Wiley Shelton who married Wm. Lee Shelton of Webster County. They eventually settled in Indpls, IN around 1910.

Now that I have convienced you and myself that I am related to just about everyone in Henderson/Webster Counties, KY, please help me and give me a hand with finding the maiden name and parents of my Darkus/Dorcas (nee ?) Jones. She had to have siblings especially brothers and they had to have children who carried this unknown maiden name!!! If anyone has a tradition of Native American/Cherokee in their family from Henderson/Webster Counties, KY and one of your surname's is listed here, perhaps were are related through Darkus/Dorcas. I found a cousin not long ago of the Wiley Line who had no clue that he was Cherokee so it could be in your line and you don't know it. I do because Darkus/Dorcas helped raise my ggm who died when I was 21 and kept many of the Native ways.
It is possible that she didn't have a surname as many full blood Cherokee's didn't around that time. Also, I read that Darkus was similiar to a Cherokee name so they just changed Darkus to Dorcas! Why were the full blood Cherokee's in this area of KY around the early 1800s? Does anyone know? I have more information on some of the above but I think I have placed enough data here for now. I will answer and share with anyone who is/may be descended from anyone in the above. I am Janet not Harold, he's my husband, but rootsweb won't let me change the form. Answer here or email me at Thanks one and all. Janet


Add surnames Shelton, Timmons & Sigler

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shelton, Timmons, sigler
Also add surnames Shelton, Timmons & Sigler to this family.

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

Cecelia Heinrich (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Arnett, Shelton, Thompson, Melton, Miles, Davis, Vann, Robertson, Day, Conitz, Franz, Sitz, Sjolander, Meier
I have Agnes Shelton married to Joseph B. Arnett in my line. Both died in Henderson county. In the 1850 census, Joseph and Agnes lived with Thomas Arnett. Joseph was 87 and Agnes was 84.
Their son, Elijah Arnett, was the father of my great-grandfather, Dr. James E. Arnett, who was born in Henderson county, but practiced medicine and lived the rest of his life in Tennessee.
I don't know if these are related, but I've wondered if there was Cherokee blood in this family as well as the Meltons. Dr. Arnett's third wife was Rhoda C. Melton, daughter of William Melton of Tennessee.

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

Janet Hineman (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Liles, Jones, Shelton, Sugg. Wiley,Melton, McMullen, Cottingham, Tapp, Royster, Parker,Overfield and many more
Hi Cecelia,
I have found more information on this line since I posted this query. I found the maiden name of Dorcas/Darcus Jones wife of Wiley Jones on an old birth record (1884) in the genealogical libraries in Henderson and Webster Counties last June when I was there! It is Liles. Dorcas Liles-Jones was the daughter of John Liles b. 1781 in NC and Dorcas Land-Liles b. 1782 in SC. They came from South Carolina to Henderson County, KY with a brief stop in TN.

Their other children were son's Eldridge, Francis, John Jr.and Mayberry and daughters, Dorcas b. 1818 in KY, Harriet, Margery, Polly and Nancy. I have much data on this line and down (not back) if anyone want's it. There are many Land and Eldridge families on the Dawes Rolls mostly Cherokee. My Land family was from Roane County, TN in 1750 (Cherokee territory ?). John Land's( b.1750) mother was an Ellidge/Elldridge. I have the surname's of the families these children married into in Henderson and Webster Counties. Some are McMullen, Cottingham, Tapp, Melton, Royster, Parker, Overfield and many more. Cecilia, I will email you privately on the Melton line.

I recently got the results of my testing for Native American DNA from GeneTree and it was more than we thought that the most could be! My Mother is 1/6 and I am 1/12!! Somewhere in my ancestry there is more Native American lines that I didn't know about. I was wondering about the Shelton line because there are Shelton's on the Dawes Rolls.

My Shelton line is William (VA), Josiah (VA), Wilson Albert b. 1824 in KY and married to Pauline Johnson, Joseph Alexander b. 1853 in Henderson County, KY and married Mary (unknown, perhaps the answere lies hidden here), William "Lee" b. 1879 ILL and married to Tina Wiley (Tina is my ggm, granddaughter of Dorcas and Wiley Jones and my Cherokee line She was raised partly by Dorcas Jones when her Mother, Belle Jones-Wiley died at 32) and Alpha Shelton b. 1903 in Webster County, KY.

If your Shelton's fall somewhere in this line, then we are related. I have read the name Arnett many many times when researching my Shelton line. The Shelton's are very well researched so you should not have any trouble seeing if there is a connection to my Shelton line.
A GREAT Web Site for researching your Native American lines is It is a free web site but you do need to register to use the site. It is an easy and non invasive registry. I just love the people there. They are so nice and so willing to try to help you. They have a link to the different Indian Rolls and a surname project for people who have had their DNA done, queries and many other message board's on many Native American subjects, Native American history, noted Native American family tree's and too much more to write about here. I have seen the Shelton name there. I just can't say enough great things about this web site.

Cecelia, please keep me informed about your progress. I have been asked to place a query on the Webster County Message board (by its administrator) about my Cherokee family, my DNA results and my willingness to try to help other's find their Webster and Henderson Cherokee ancestor's. Perhaps, all of us who have Cherokee ancestors in those area's can pool our resources together and find all that we are looking for. I will keep your query in my files and if I find anyone else on this line writes to me, I will put the two of you in touch with each other.

I know how frustrating finding your Native American ancestor's can be because when they intermarried and left the tribe, some of them didn't pass their heritage on. Lucky for me, my family kept this alive from Mother to daughter down to the present generation (at least 10 generations of all women and growing). My son married a girl who also has Cherokee roots! Now DNA has proved what we ALWAYS knew!

Take care, Janet Hineman

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
I am hoping to track down a Jones that has Indian connection. It is Rebecca Louise Jones married to Elija John Biggerstaff. Her parents were IS Jones and Elizabeth Melton. I am hoping they connect to your Jones??

Randy Webster

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
My Jones line is. Wiley Jones son of Richard Jones and Lavinia Sugg. This Jones line is an old Quaker line from England to PA to NC and when Richard got to Henderson Co. KY, he wasn't a practicing Quaker anymore.

Richard Jones is in a number of family tree's on Ancesty

I haven't traced any of the female lines extensively so I don't know if there is NA there but I suspect there is.

The most of my NA ancestry in my Jones line comes from the John Liles b.1781 in NC and his wife Dorcas Land b. 1782 SC, their daughter Dorcas Liles married Wiley JOnes son of Richard Jones and Lavinia Sugg.

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Davis, Day
Hi! I am researching in Henderson county, KY also and possibly have two surnames in common with you...... Davis and Day. It is possible that Day was shortened from Oday. My great grandfather was Porter Davis and he was married to Henrietta Day or Oday. They had children

Jeromie Sinclair b. May 6,1894 in Kentucky,
John J. Davis b. November 4,1895 in Kentucky,
Julie E. Davis b. August 1899 in Kentucky,
Bulia May Davis b. about 1902 in Kentucky,
Burnettie Davis b. March 16,1903 in Kentucky,
Curtis Davis B. about 1905 in Illinois and
Herman Davis About 1910 in Illinois.

I don't think Jeromie is Porter's daughter and don't know if Henrietta was married to anyone else besides Porter. I have been told there was Native American heritage but cannot find the evidence of this.
From census records I believe Porter' s father was James Davis and there were siblings

Jack E. Davis b. about 1862 in Kentucky,
James A. Davis b. about 1864 in Kentucky,
Thomas J. Davis b. about 1866 in Kentucky,
Martha J. Davis b. about 1873 in Kentucky and
Minnie C. Davis b. October 20, 1879 in Kentucky.

Let me know if any of this information connects with information you may have.


Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shelton ,Westerfield ,, Greer
My Great grand mother was Mary Emma Shelton born 1860 married John Henery Westerfield Her father was Adoniram Shelton born 1830 Im not sure who the wife was. Lived in Henderson and Davies County KY . Whitesville /Owensboro and Vicinty .Mary Emma was said to have Cherokee Heritage does anyone have additional information Thanks Wayne Coleman Greer

Re: Native American/Cherokee Families in Henderson Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shelton, Liles/Lyles
Hi Wayne, My cousin and I have worked very hard and long on our NA line. We finally traced it thru the Liles/Lyles family of Henderson/Webster Co., KY to the up country of SC. We traced it to the Indian Trader John Liles/Lyles who was an Indian Trader there in 1750. It is most likely thru his wife who's not named. This information is probably lost to time. You would need to check the Indian rolls for your Shelton as I have seen the name there. My NA is not through my Shelton line. You can also check the following website. The have many NA families in this genealogy. Through much research, I believe my NA was very early and assimilated from a small tribe in the area into the Cherokee and then into white society. Through DNA testing we found much more NA than we had thought. It seems my grandfather also had NA ancestry. We were also able to determine which family to look at for NA when we got back into the 1700's. It solved one mystery for us. Good luck, JanLori
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