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Andrew Jackson Love

Andrew Jackson Love

Mary (View posts)
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I am looking for the Parents and siblings of Andrew Jackson Love born April 28,1860 in Dent Co. Mo. died Jan.23,1916 married April 25, 1883 in Dent Co. Mo. Wife Julia A. Roberts born Nov.2,1859 died Jan 26,1928. would appreciate any info.

Mars/William Andrew/Jesse Love of MO/OK

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I am tracing the Love line of my family. Jesse Andrew Love b. 8 Nov, 1910. Father William Andrew Love b. 4 April 1976, Hannibal MO,m. 11 Nov 1898 to Helena Austin b. 1881 in Macon County, MO. His father Mars Love (kidnapped by Gypsies as a child) married Mary Ellen Baker, date unknown, who rumor has it was sold to him by her father for 2 gallons of whiskey. Any of this sound familiar to anyone?


Lanette (View posts)
Posted: 952239190000
Your story doesn't sound familiar, but I know of P.A. Love, born in 1890, in Bolivar or Buffalo or somewhere in that area of Missouri. He was part Creek or Cherokee, but his father had blue eyes. His real name was Prince Albert, but he was unhappy or ashamed of that given name, and only his family knew his real name. At some point before he reached adulthood, his family moved to Oklahoma. He considered himself an adult at about the age of 14 and ran away from home at that time. His second marriage was to Jimmie Alva Stafford in Oklahoma, in either 1921 or 1922. He had almost no contact with his parents from that time on and never spoke of them. He and Jimmie were the parents of my mother. My mother saw his parents only once, when she was very young. P.A.'s father was delighted because she had blue eyes, like him. My mother thought his mother looked Native American. P.A. was very tall, with thick, coarse, black hair, very dark eyes, high cheekbones, and an appearance that seemed Native American. Beyond that, we know zero about his family. He died in March of 1964 and is buried in Illinois. Could there be a connection?

William Mars Love

Carol (Love) Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 960148024000
My GG-Grandfather was Elisha Marion Love brother to William Mars Love Jr who married Mary Ellen Baker. Their father was William Mars Sr Married to Mary Ann Morris and his father was William Love married to Jane Denny. All in Posey Co. Ind. Let me know if this ring a bell to you or not I have other brothers and sisters of Elisha and William Mars JR. Carol Fisher at

Love Family

Annabell Denton Lines (View posts)
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Am researching my brother-in-law's family. He is Jesse Andrew Love, b. 8 Apr 1939, in NM. His father was Verl Joe Love, b. 3 Mar 1903 in Douglas Co. Missouri, his father was Andrew Love, supposedly married to Caroline Dobbs. However, we find only that Caroline Dobbs a Frank Freeman. Some of Verl's children carry the name of Love and some of them Dobbs. We have yet to unravel the mystery. Could there be a connection between these Jesse/Andrew Love's with your Jesse Andrew Loves, also born in Missouri?

Andrew Love

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Annabell, I don't have an answer for you. My William Andrew Love named one son Jesse and his youngest daughter Verl. So it seems highly likely. The Love family in Missouri was huge. I am getting ready to move. Will file this and research more next month. You may contact me at Thanks for your response. Let's work together to solve the mystery.
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My Andrew Lawrence Love was born 1873 in Carthage NC, Moore county. He was a sherrif there, and farmer. His brothers were Hiram, Will, Joe, David, Daniel, Edward , Charles, Robert, father Edmond, grandad Hinson. He married a Williamson girl in the 1930's....But he told them his name was Albert Lawrence Love, and went by the name of Uncle Lawrence. He died in the 1960's. His own daughters don't know anything about his earlier days as a sherrif, he would'nt talk abut it...but my granfather said Lawrence had been stabbed, then there was a retribution murder by one of his brothers, a shooting of the stabber, then a murder trial, bribed jury.... Dobbs is was a big family in Carthage NC. Georgia Love

Love Family

Jesse Andrew Love (View posts)
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Thanks for the info you submitted. Jesse Andrew Love is my brother-in-law and comes from this family in Ava, Douglas, Missouri. Andrew, his grandfather, married a Caroline Dobbs, who first married a John Freeman, and apparently had two girls by Freeman before she married Andrew Love. The girls went by the name of Love until later in life when they took back their real name of Freeman. Jesse did not know his grandparents and could only give me the information that was in the family. They seemed reluctant to give out info about their family so he learned very little as he grew up. His father's name was Verlie Love, b. 1903 in Ava, Douglas, Missouri. Verlie's sisters were Flotie, Rosie, Lucy. He was the only son. It is possible he was the only Love child and the girls were all Freeman's. It has always been a mystery in his family and he would love to know more about his father's ancestors. He does not have a computer so I am trying to help him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Re: Mars/William Andrew/Jesse Love of MO/OK

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My great-grandfather William Maras (Mars/Marz, various spellings) was married to Mary Ellen Baker (I have been told her father's name was Andrew). According to my grandfather Mary Ellen was sold to my great-grandfather for a bushel of corn.

Re: William Mars Love

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I am researching this same line. My great-grandfather was William Love Jr. who married Mary Ellen Baker. I have numerous versions of the spelling of Mars.

According to the information I have been given (this has not been verified) William Love and Jane Denny were married 13 July 1811. William's father was David and he married Nancy ?.
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