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Jose Leffler

Jose Leffler

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Surnames: Leffler, Lefler, Loeffler
I have been stuck on Jose (Joseph) Leffler, my GG grandfather, for a couple years. I need to find his parents. Jose was born in Hocking county, Ohio in May 1828 and died in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1901. He married Catherine Shaeffer of Ohio in 1858.I know all about his life from 1858 til his death but nothing before 1858 for sure. Jose always reported on census records that his father was born in Maryland and his mother was from Virginia. I cannot find any records to prove his connection to a few Lefflers I am looking at. Does anyone have any documented info on him?

Re: Jose Leffler

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I've traced this line as I believe its connected to my husband's maternal Leffler line. To my knowledge, Jose Leffler was the only child of (John) Martin and Anna Maria Leffler. (John) Martin, born abt 1800 in Washington Co. MD being the son of Peter Sr. and Catherine Leffler (who migrated from Washington Co., MD between 1805-1806 first to Perry Co., OH, had a few kids and then on to Fairfield County, OH by 1819. Peter and Catherine Leffler ran a schoolhouse in 1831 in Section 31 of Rushcreek Twp., Fairfield Co., OH. My husband's gg grandmother was Rebecca Leffler, whom I believe was a sister to Martin Leffler.

I've not been able to PROVE the relationship of this Martin Leffler to our Peter Leffler Sr.ancestor, but in the absence of proof, I have many strong clues.

Peter Leffler(Sr.)is shown as Peter 'Lefler' on the 1820 census in Rushcreek Twp., Fairfield Co., OH and I have traced and proven ALL of his known children except one male son that is shown on that census, said son that I believe was Martin Leffler.

Martin Leffler first purchased 80 acres of Congress lands in Section 30, Berne Twp., Fairfield Co., OH on 9/1/1824, (near Jonathan Leffler, whom I believe was his brother).

On 5/15/1826, Martin Leffler and his wife, Anna Maria, sold 36 acres of it to Lawrence Beck.

On 3/26/1831 Martin Leffler and his wife, Anna Maria sold 40 acres to Mathias Beckum . (I have no further info on this Anna Maria Leffler)

In 1840, 40 acres of land in Berne Twp. that was a vineyard, was seized of Martin Leffler for back property taxes. (He obviously had purchased more land at one time.)

That is the last record in Fairfield Co., for Martin Leffler. There are a few loose records in Ross County in the name of John Martin Leffler where Jose eventually headed that leads me to believe that Martin went there and changed his name possibly because of tax debt in Fairfield County.

Jose Leffler's (I've never seen any documentation that his first name was anything but 'Jose'.)death record in Ross Co., OH lists his DOD as 10/3/1903 of 'inflamation of the liver' and his age at time of death being 72 years, 10 months and 26 days, which makes his birth date 5/26/1828, I believe in Fairfield Co., OH. he's buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Chillicothe, OH with his wife Catherine (Schaeffer).

Jose Leffler is on the 1860 census of Perry Twp., Hocking Co., OH as Jase 'Lefler'.

He's on the 1870 census of Madison Twp., Fairfield Co., OH as Jose 'Lefler' and on the 1880 census, same place, as 'Lose' Lefler.

Keep in mind that information provided to a census taker was often given by children while their parents and older siblings were out in the fields working, and as such was often time wrought with errors.
Hope this helps fill in a few blanks.


Re: Jose Leffler

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Throughout his life Jose insisted his father was born in MD and his mother in Va. He also said he was born in Hocking County. His own \first child was born in Hocking Co, Ohio. As Jose is my GG Grandfather and my own Grandfather Knew alot about his family I have extensive info on Jose's children and a good bit about Jose himself. What their lives were like, etc, I researched data and have that very complete also, but , I have no documentation proving any Parents for him. Being an only child, if true, would be a good reason this has been hard to research because there's noone else to connect him to for proof. His parents were not named in his obituary. If John Martin is his father I do already have the info about the land purchses and sales. But I do not have much census info and I do not know when or where he died. As far as John Martin's father, I am hoping to find proof of that too as I know you want that too. I have looked for wills and estates like you. It would be nice to prove our family connection. I'm still searching!

Re: Jose Leffler

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Please contact me directly at this email address ( so I can share some documents with you. My account here at rootsweb is attached to my older email address that I haven't used for years and seldom check, which is why I'm just now getting your message.

I am certain that Jose's father was John Martin Leffler and that he was indeed born in Maryland. Jose would have had first hand knowledge of where his father was born because he was an adult when John Martin Leffler had land confiscated for back taxes around 1840. This is when it would make sense to me that they would have left the area and moved somewhere else. Surely Jose either overheard or discussed his father's birth place with his father during his lifetime. Think about it, if a home was confiscated for back taxes and money was still owed the government for back taxes, it wouldn't be so unrealistic for them to move and change their names or some part of it to avoid prosecution. I believe that is exactly what Jose's father did.

I also believe that John Martin Leffler was the son of Peter and Catherine Leffler and more than likely, their oldest son. In light of the fact that I have no proof, I have to try to piece what clues there are together and come up with possible theories based on what evidence I do have.

I knew from the death record of Rebecca (Leffler) Ruff, my husband's 3rd great grandmother, that she was born in Georgetown, OH. At first I thought it was referring to Georgetown, OH which is in Warren County and yet I could find no Leffler records of any kind in Warren County, OH.

Then I started doing some research on early routes to Ohio when it was first formed and discovered the National Road which today is Route 40. If you look at a map today, just off Route 40 in Guernsey Co. is a teeny village called Georgetown. I believe Rebecca was born there on route to Perry County where Rebecca's brother George Leffler was born, according to his obituary. Peter Leffler first bought land n Oio Route 40 goes directly to Clear Springs, Maryland, where in the old St. Paul's Lutheran Church records preserved in the Washington County Library there, I found the birth records of several of Peter and Catherine Leffler's children. Peter Leffler is listed on the 1790 and 1800 census there too with his wife and several children.

I have an old paper map of Fairfield County as well as Hocking County. Through land and deed records I've mapped out our Leffler's on these maps, who bought land and where.

I have a booklet that I wrote about my research of Peter and Catherine Leffler and their family, but have only my original copy. I'd be happy to share more information with you, but please contact me directly.


Becki Pavlik
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