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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shortner, Schartner
Would like any info on the children of Louis Alois Schartner who lived in Barron Ct and died in Duluth, Minnesota in 1955. I believe the children were Sylvia, Helen, Hilmer, Violet, Clifford, Arline and Betty.

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Schartner
I was up at the courthouse today with your request in hand and found a few things you may be interested in:

1) Arlene Arlas Schartner birth record:
DoB: 8/22/1923
F: Louis Schartner of the Town of Laraland (Barron Co), 39,
born in Wisconsin; farmer
M: Alice Hubbard of the Town of Laraland (Barron Co), 32,
born in Wisconsin; housewife
At the time of Arlene's birth her birth record notes that there are six living children in the Schartner household

2) Betty Jane Schartner birth record:
DoB: 3/18/1926
F: Louis Schartner
M: Alice Hubbard
(The volume that Betty's birth record is found appears to be a compilation of records that had to be recertified for some reason (there are a lot of notations of avadivits and whatnot)

I don't know if this will help you, but here is her Social Security number as listed on her birth record: 471-22-8878

3) Sylvia L. Schartner's marriage record
DoM: June 23, 1931 at Rice Lake, WI

G: Bennie A. Haugen of Cumberland, WI
b: in Wisconsin
Age: 33
1st marriage
Occupation: Salesman
F: B.C. Haugen
M: Paulanna Johnson

M: Sylvia L. Schartner of Cumberland, WI
Age: 20
1st marriage
F: Louis Schartner
M: Alice Hubbard

Witnesses: Frank McGinnis and Helen Schartner (it should be noted that the J.P. performing the ceremony was William McGinnis)

4) Violet E. Schartner's marriage record
DoM: September 3, 1933 in Rice Lake, WI
G: Donald N (or perhaps K) Mickelson of the Town of Lakeland, Barron Co
Age: 24
Born in South Dakota
Occupation: Common laborer
F: Julius Mickelson
M: Winnefred Thompson

B: Violet E. Schartner of Cumberland, WI
Age: 18
Born in Wisconsin
Occupation: Housework
F: Louis Schartner
M: Alice Hubbard
Winesses: Helen Schartner and Ed Peterson

Mr. McGinnis presided at this ceremony as well.

I was unable to come up with anything else. The weddings may have been posted in the Chronotype, however. The next time I get to the Rice Lake library I'll see if I can find anything more.

I played a bit with your relatives at but came up with nothing conclusive - in fact, I scratched on all fifty states with Hilmer and Clifford.

I'll let you know if I find anything further.

Jeff Martin,

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shortner

Thanks so much for your information which I find helpful.
Still looking for Hilmer.
Have a merry holiday season and hope the new year will bring us lots of avenues to reseach.

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query

I plugged in Henry Schartner into FamilySearch and came out with a few hits:

Birth Date: 21 Jun 1890
Death Date: Jan 1971
Social Security Number: 397-34-9628
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Wisconsin

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 54837
Localities: Clam Falls, Polk, Wisconsin
Frederic, Polk, Wisconsin
Trade Lake, Polk, Wisconsin

This doesn't mean this is your guy, but it could are the other names:

Henry SCHARTNER - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 1 Feb 1885 State Where Number was Issued: Montana Death: Dec 1962

5. Henry SCHARTNER - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 26 May 1908 State Where Number was Issued: Massachusetts Death: Jul 1991

If you go to Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, you will find two volunteers currently listed in Polk County who may be willing to do a look-up for you for the Henry Schartner listed there.

Where he is listed as dying is about a 45 minute drive from the Rice Lake area. It could be your guy.

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shortner
With the Xmas holidays over, I don't think I thanked you for your info. I do appreciate all your help.

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query
Sylvia was my great grandmother and i am just beginning my search for my ancestors. Sylvia had one child and that was Phylis. Phylis had 3 girls Sharon, Joann, Barbara.

Re: Shortner

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Shortner, Schartner
Clifford was my grandfather. I have more information if you still would like it, contact me.
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