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Chief Black Hawk

Chief Black Hawk

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Looking for genealogy info on Chief Black Hawk. Know his wife's name and names of 3 children. Need to know who children and grandchildren married. Thanks Much!!!!!


Regina Knapp (View posts)
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Would you be kind enough to share the names of
Chief Black Hawk's children with me? My
great grandmother is Ginny Hawk and was indian.
There is some question as to what tribe she
belonged to; so far my research points to the
Sauk Tribe.


Black Hawk

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Black Hawk was born in 1767 and died in October of 1838. His Indian name was
Ma ka tai me she kia kiak

His wife was Asshewequa otherwise known as Singing Bird. She was also a Sauk of the same village.
Their eldest son died as a child around 1818.

His next eldest son was Nasheaskuk or Whirling Thunder. Died around 1851-52 in Kansas.

Next was son, Roaring Thunder or Nasheaskuk. He died around 1851-52 in Kansas

Then was a daughter, Namequa, who was said to be very beautiful. She died around 1880-90 on Oklahoma Reservation. She had a nickname or an English name also. I'll see if I can find it. It may have been Nancy.

There was a younger daughter who died as a child around 1818

**In his biography I read nothing about the two children who died was children.

Whirling Thunder married (?) a Sauk/Fox woman. His children were:

1.)Logaan Kakaque (Pahwhepawho Kakaaque)born 1822-32, died 6-20-1916.

2.)Shawanakwa, male, born about 1836-37.
3.)Another male, Bahetha.
4.)Another male Hakikiwataka (Joseph) who died as a child.
5.)A daughter Kwamia

#1, Logan Kakaque married Ellen(?) a Sauk. Their children were:
1.) Male, Shawanakwaka, born (?) 1874
2.) Thawanakoskano (Esther), died 10-5-1945
3.) Thakitoa or Shakketoe (Jesse) born about 1875-76, died 2-5-1929
4.) Nakotwytuck (Walter) born 1882, died 3-10-1909
5.) Female, Thathakaa

Then Exther Kakaque (#2 above) was married twice:
1.) Jackson Wakole (Wacole)
2.) Mr. McCullen (McClellen)

Those by Wakole are Horace, Marie, Edgar, Richard, Glade, Grace

Those by Mccullen are George, Ruth, Eliza

Jesse Kakaque(mentioned above earlier) was married 3 times. First name is unknown; next was Minnie Powers (Potawatomie), divorced; the last was Clara Benson.

There was one child - Mary Kakaque. Not sure who was her mother.

Mary Kakaque was married twice:
1.) Curtis Piquanna, divorced in 1932.
2.) Edward mack (Fox Clan)

Children of Mary Kakaque:
1.) Forrest Piquanna, born about 1917, died about 1918.
2.) Rena Piquanna, born (?), died 1940 in Shawnee, Oklahoma
3.) Carol Mack, born about 1932.

Carol Mack married Mr. Peterson or Mr. Patterson. Her children were:
Valerie (married Mr. Taylor). They had a child, Edward Blaine.
Jessica Dawn (married Mr.Holder)
Murial (married Ronnie Suwanapal), they had Donavan Edward, Jade Ashley April Dawn (twins) born 1984, and Ronnie Jr., born 1986.

This is probably more info. than you wanted. If any of this rings a bell let me know. I have more information. My email is:

Hope this opens doors for you. You may be able to open some doors for me. Lynn Hoffman

Alice Hawk died 1907

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Hello Judy, I think I e-mail you already, but I remember something. I am looking for a Hawk or Drake that fought in the Spanish-American War. Listed are some other names, Bowman, McAffee/McAfee, Steel, McLaughlin. Alice died shortly after giving birth and is buried at the New Carlise Cemetery in Clark Co. OH, close to Springfield, OH. She was married to a Gearhard, which I have that family tree. I have several beautiful pictures of the Hawk family.
Appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
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HI Lynn, I have more information that might help me locating the Hawk's. I am looking for a John A Hawk Sara Letitsue Gould, that came from Pa. List of the kids are Lizzie Myrtle, Maude Priicilla, Emma Lavina, Nula Zone, albert Glenn Hawk. I believe the Hawk I am looking for might of fought in the Spanish-American War. Does any of this ring a bell. If done of these names are in your tree, then I will know to maybe do more searching on the Gould side.
Best Regards,


Lynn Hoffman (View posts)
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Sorry. None of your names are in my tree. Thanks for reply, though. Lynn

Re: Chief Black Hawk

Michele Maloney (View posts)
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Surnames: Hawk
My grandmother was Mary Eleanor Hawk, born 1914. She always said we were indian and talked of a Chief Black Hawk in our family? Possibly a link? Could you give me the names and areas where the 2nd generation of Chief Black Hawk lived?
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I have a Stanley E Knapp that was a stepson raised by a Wilbur A Hawk /Howk in the 1910 & 1920 US Fed Census. I have not found any other info on him.

Re: Black Hawk

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I noticed in the post that the Indian name and death info for both sons of Black Hawk are the same. I believe the history you have listed here is for Roaring Thunder (Se-Os-Kuk) not Whirling Thunder (Nasheaskuk).Looking for history of Whirling Thunder.
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The information you gave on the other desendants was very helpful. My father told me that my grandfather Hayes, the father of Adalaid Hayes, my grand mother. was the son of Black Hawk's youngest daughter. He said her name was Morning Song, I think. I am trying to find documentation on this so that I can apply for a scholarship. Any more info, please respond.
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