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Allen Meyer (View posts)
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These names appear as Danish ancestors in my Norwegian genealogy, and tend to date to the 1600s or earlier, often as clergy of the Reformation.


Bernt Fjeld (View posts)
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This is from Norway:
Botle Jenssøn Morsing, priest at Rødenes in Norway.
Married to Kiersten Ckristensdtr
Their Daughter:
Mette Botlesdtr Morsing, Rødenes 1634 - 1687
Married to Jørgen Svenssøn Chartogæus (Fabricius), priest in Rødenes. 1634-1696
Have some more on this line. Includes the first known to use the famous Heyerdahl-name. Contact me if interested.
It is mentioned that Morsing comes from an island by the name Morsing in Limfjorden in North-Jylland in Denmark. I am not sure about this, but I would sure like to find out


Allen Meyer (View posts)
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Hi Bernt,

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner; I had computer troubles and mislaid your message in the process.

My first reference to a Morsing is: Aaste Torstensdtr. Morsing who married Christopher Eriksson Glad, a Norwegian (probably from Bergen, though I have to find my original sources). Aaste's grandson was Christopher Giertson Morgenstierne de yngre (ca. 1628 - 1684), so that would place Aaste's life in the 1500s. Aaste was the daughter of Torsten Soeffrensson Morsing and Anna Amundsdtr.

You said there was an island Morsing in the Limfjorden -- is that the same as or different from the island of Mors, which I believe is not far from the town of Thisted. I assume that someone from Mors might be called "Morsing." Coincidentally, another correspondent indicated the island of Kjoes (or Kyx, as he spelled it) also lies in Limfjorden. This is possibly a home of the Tornekrands family, a member of which went to Sogn in the late 1500s.

I don't if any of this has any connection for your Morsings. I hope it does. If this suggests anything further, or if I can supply any more information, please let me know.

Med venlig hilsen,



Bert Fjeld (View posts)
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Hello Allen !

Sorry if I have called the island in Limfjorden Morsing. The correct name is Mors. In danish/norwegian Morsing means a person coming from Mors. So, the question is. How many places called Mors are there ? And: Many people leaving the place may have called themselves Morsing without beeng related to eachother. I also occasionally know ,that farmers in Nannestad i Norway called themselves Morsbønder (bønder = farmers) , unknown to me for what reason.

My Botle Jenssøn Morsing - a priest in Rødenes, Norway - may have been born about 1600 because his daughter Mette was born 1634. He is anchestor to quite a number of people, and it would be extremely interesting to find out more about him.

With friendly regards Bernt Fjeld


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You can find the surname Morsing on the island Mors

With friendly regards Hans Engmark

Re: Morsing

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Seeking more info about family's Heyerdahl connection. My great-grandmother was Camilla Heyerdahl. She married Nils Hanssen, lived inOslo [or vicinity], had three children: Nils, Signe (born in 1879) and Ingeborg Andrine Johanne {born in1877). Nils and Signe (whose married name was Anderson) both emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's.

Re: Morsing - Heyerdahl

Diana (View posts)
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Surnames: Heyerdahl, Chortogaea, Morsing
I found your message and was wondering if you have found any further information on Botle Jensson Morsing and his family.

My family is from the Heyerdahl's as well. The first Heyerdahl I have mentioned is Mette Hakensdatter Heyerdahl, daughter of Hågen Lauritsen Rakkestad & Anne Jorgensdatter Chortogæa.

Who do you have as the first Heyerdahl's?

Do you know anything about the Chortogaea name??

Thank you for your help.


Re: Morsing - Heyerdahl

Kaare Sandvik (View posts)
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The first one to use the name was in accordance to the book "Familien Heyerdahl" (inherited from my father in law, Halvor Christian H. - and full of handwritten notes) was:
Sven Haagenssøn Heyerdahl, born at Bismo 1691 and died at Holand 26.dec.1762.
He was corporal at Sondre Bergenhusiske Regiment 1710.
Capitaine des armes 1712.
Adjutant 1716.
Sec. lieutenant 1717.
Premierlieutenant 1719, and left the army 1739.
1711 he got, (at that time stationed at Fredrikhald, and then called himself HEYERSTAD) a child with Angerd Olufsdatter and was by 'Kontitorialretten' (the court) 5.july.1712 sentenced to marry her. The sentence was upheld by Overhofretten (higher court) 16.5.1713 (in the latest sentence by Overhofretten is the first time he used the name HEYERDAHL.) It does not look like he married her.
Sven became a few years later married Boel Pedersdatter Hagenberg. In accordance to himself they got 15 children, of which 11 is known.
He was the older brother of Mette Haagensdatter Heyerdahl.
(In other sources I have found that he also used the name 'von Heyerdahl - but the sentences is well documented on original documents - I guess both had a more military sound than Haagensson)

Som fellow!!

Kaare Sandvik


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Surnames: FALCK
Regarding the name FALCK.
A line of my wife's ancestry comes from FALCK in Denmark.

1. Volmer Birkedal FALCK bn Denmark 1856, to Ireland, then to PontyPridd, Wales, UK about 1890.
2. His father, Hans Peter FALCK bn Denmark 1815 was pastor at Vindinge, East Denmark and was instrumental in the foundation of a 'friskole'.
Internet search will return this man and details his work ('Hans peter FALCK Vindinge').
3. His father, Jens Christian FALCK bn Denmark about 1791.


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I am research a person named Oluff Due, who resided near Taagerup, Maribo, Denmark about 1665.

He may have named Oluff Hansen Due. I presume Due is a surname.

Thank You -
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