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Bahneman and Richert Connections

Bahneman and Richert Connections

Dan Lawson (View posts)
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Surnames: Bahneman, Richert, Ellman
I have just started researching my Minnesota roots, and thought I would post to see what happens.

My grandfather was Edward Ferdinand Richert, (1903-2002). He married Adeline Hulda Bahneman(1909-1970) in 1928.

Eddie Richert was the son of Albert Richert, who died in 1909, and Augusta Myer, who may have died in 1921. I have thus far been unable to find much more than that about Albert and Augusta. I do know that they farmed in Afton, and Albert came from Germany. Albert and Augusta had Benjamin, Tony, Albert and Martha (who married Otto Thron). I know very little else about this family.

Adeline Hulda Bahneman Richert had 3 sisters and a brother- one sister's name was Irene who married Joe Runk. I do not know the names of the other children. The brother may have committed suicide.

Adeline's father was Henry Bahneman (1879-1970). He married Louise Ellman (1884-1937) about 1905. Henry was the son of Ferdinand Ernst Bahneman (1848-1936) and Marie D. Shultz (1851-1933), who married around 1874. 1880 census shows that Henry had two older siblings, George and Hulda.

Both Ferdinand and Marie were born in Niagara County, NY.

Ferdinand Ernst's parents were Martin Bahneman (1810-1885) and Maria Elizabeth Salzwedel (1814-1885), who married around 1848, emigrated from Prussia in 1845 and settled in NY before settling in Afton, Minnesota around 1866.

All the ancestry information farther back than Henry has come mainly from the Mormon's web site. In searching I have seen these names pop up, so I was wondering if anyone had any information more than what I have.

I am particularly interested in Albert and Augusta Richert, as I can find very little about them, but also the Bahnemans or even Louise Ellman's family. Thanks.

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

Cindy Sileo (View posts)
Posted: 1133023779000
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hi Dan,
a friend in Mn saw your message and forwarded it to me this morning .... have done quite a bit of research on not only the Bahnemann side of it but also the Richert side, as my gr-grandmother was a Richert and her brother Aron married Alwine Bahnemann.... here is Ferdinand Bahnemann's baptism record from St. Martin Lutheran Church, Martinsville, Niagara Co. NY
Baptism record
Reference No: 1(17-6)
Family Name: Bahnemann
Child First: Ernst
Child M: Ferdinard
Father: Martin Bahnemann
Mother: Maria Elisabeth Bahnemann
Maiden: Salzwedel
Born: 1-31-1848 @ 1:30AM
Baptized: 2-2-1848
By: Pastor Rohr
Sponsors: Christian Mueller, Auguste Paetsch, August Teterling.

have so much more to share, so contact me directly and we can begin to share notes !

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

Dan Lawson (View posts)
Posted: 1133026290000
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I am new to the board, so as of yet I haven't figured a way to contact you directly, you may have to talk me through that.

A noteworthy tidbit- I live in southern Indiana. My father, Bob Lawson, met my mother, Darlene Richert (Henry Bahneman was her maternal grandfather), while he was in the service stationed in Wisconsin, and of course wound up in Hudson, and then Stillwater (where I was born).

So the two families were 800 miles apart before they met. However, the Lawsons settled in Niagara country, NY in the 1830's before relocating to southern Indiana. So did the Bahnemans, albeit a decade later!

I keep running into a Ferdinand A Bahneman who married Caroline- I think he gets confused with my ancestor Ferdinand Ernst who married Marie Shultz. Doubtful they were brothers, but I think FA was Martin's brother, FE's uncle. I think the timing makes a little more sense.

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

Posted: 1133033152000
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am sending you an e-mail... watch for it :-)

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

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Surnames: Bahneman -Brunner - Ellman- Kurtz- Salzwedel
Adaline was my mother's cousin. I rember her well I played with her daughter Darline & son Harry. I have a lot of information on the Bahneman family also the Ellman. My grandmother was Lillian Bahneman & my grandfather was William Ellman. So Adaline, Wilbert, Gladyis, Irene, & Lorrine were double related to my mother. I still see Gladyis daughter Betty. Lorrine's daughter lives 2 blocks from me. I've been working on this family history thing for many years but still don't have every thing. Would love to get in touch with you & share information. (Jay) nickname. Jacquelyn Kuehn at If you live in the St. Paul area you can call 651-777-9684 ask for Jay

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

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Please call me or E-mail me again I would like more information on your family. I haven'tbeen working on this for a while but trying to get it going again. Jay Kuehn

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

Posted: 1278815321000
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I have some information on the family of Augusta Richert. She was a cousin of my maternal grandfather's Augusta's mother, Louise Hellert Meyer was my grandmother's great aunt. Augusta's maiden name was Meyer.

Bev Graf

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

Posted: 1311458084000
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Surnames: Bahneman/Kumm
Hi. I have been looking for information on the Martin E. Bahneman family. My great granmother, Caroline was one of his children. I am wonderig if maybe this is the same Martin Bahneman you are talking about. I believe Lillian Bahneman would have been the niece of Caroline. I have that Martin Bahneman came from Prussia in 1845, settled in Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, New York and then moved his family to Minnesota, purchasing 300 acres of land. Caroline married my great grandfather during the Civil War (while on leave) in New York. They then followed the family to Minnesota, in the Afton area. Is it possible we are talking about the same families? I woudl love to hear from you. My email is

Re: Bahneman and Richert Connections

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I'm sure it's the same family only My great grandfather Marten Ferinand Bahneman was born in 1846 & came when he was 20 in 1866. His wife was Caroline Barbara Brunner. His father Martin Ferdnand Bahneman married Mria A Elizabeth Salzwedel & came to US in 1845. Thay had 11 children 2 named Caraline & 2 named Martin. the 1st Caroline & Martin died at early ages the 2ed Caroline B. 1842 in Prussia Married Carl Friedrich Kumm (August)Kumm I have she died in NY. I'm sure it's the same family but just how thay fit together I don't see now. My mothers cousin married a Richert so some place it all fits. E-mail me at I live in the St. Paul Minn area. If you live around here it would be best to get together & figure this out. or call me at 651-777-9684 ask for Jay
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