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James SHACKELFORD -- b. 1808 KY

James SHACKELFORD -- b. 1808 KY

dixie whitt (View posts)
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Surnames: Shackelford
Looking for James Shackelford b. 1808 in Ky. m. to Mary ann Arnold and lived in Clay co. His parents were James M. Shackelford and Eliz. Bainbridge from N.C.


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Surnames: Shackelford, Bainbridge
Hi Dixie,

I can give you informaton on James M Shackelford, from Virginia, that married Elizabeth Bainbridge. Not sure if your only interest was in His son and descendents. or anticedents. Please drop an email and let me know if you would like information, on Father, Brothers etc.


James M SHACKELFORD m. Elizabeth Bainbridge

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Hi Dixie,

I can give you informaton on James M Shackelford, from Virginia, that married Elizabeth Bainbridge. Not sure if your only interest was in His son and descendents. or anticedents. Please drop an email and let me know if you would like information, on Father, Brothers etc.


James M. Shackelford

Dixie Whitt (View posts)
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Art: I am so excited about finding someone who has information on the Shackelford's. If you have any information on his anticedents and brothers, etc. Right now I am away from home and do not have my files with me. I may have information that I can share with you on this line. I will contact you in the next day or two. Would appreciate any information you have. E-mail me at:


dixie whitt (View posts)
Posted: 948716242000
Art would you send me your E mail address

Re: James SHACKELFORD -- son of Henry

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Surnames: Shackelford, Nance, Berry
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Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:53:06 -0800 (PST)
arthur reece | Block address
James M Shackelford

Add Addresses

Hi Dixie,

Hope we are on the same wave length. So many James
Shackelfords. according to my records The one that
married Elizabeth Bainbridge is a son of Henry
Shackelford Sr.

I will begin with Herny Sr in King William county, Va
1757. At some point, don't know the date Henry Sr
married Mary (Polly)"MY NOTE...Most Mary's were
nicknamed Polly".....Berry. I cannot document Mary's
surname as Berry, just family legend.

Henry Sr and Mary(Polly) Shackelford had the following
children. Not completely sure of the order of

Susannah B. ? m. a Henry Jacobs
John b. ? m. Jeane Shields 1784 (Pitts'vania Cty
William b. King William County Va 1759
Henry Jr.b. " " " " 1764 m. Mary
JAMES B. ? ...................
Samuel b. ? ................... died before 1805
Daniel b. ? Married Tabitha Nance

All or most of the family were in Pittsylvania, or
Henry County Virginia by or before 1790.

Henry Sr. died in Henry County in 1805. Mary lived on
for a good many years.(all of this is from memory, it
takes days if I stop to document every date.)

Incidently I descend from Henry Jr, and although in my
many trips to Virginia I always copied all Shackelford
data. I have followed up very little on Henry Jr's
brothers and Sister.

Most of the family did scatter after Henry Sr. death.

Henry Jr moved to Harlan County Kentucky.
John died in 1812, in Pittsylvania County Va. and
eventually his children moved to Ray County, Missouri.
John's oldest son John Jr told his Grandaughter,
Henrietta Shackelford that , and I quote ,hopefully
close to exact" that three of his uncles moved to
Kentucky, This would be JAMES. Henry Jr. And
Daniel...... William spent the rest of his life in
Henry County Virginia. I want to think that Susannah
might have moved to Kentucky with one of her
I think Daniel and Tabitha (Nance)Shackelford left
Kentucky and eventually moved to Missouri.
It was suggested that JAMES might have moved to West
Virginia. I cannot document this, but you might well
have information to clear this up. If his son James
was born in Kentucky????

Dixie, there is a tremendous amount of Shackelford
Data on the Internet Enough to Keep you busy for
months's or years. I am going to try to put clickable
URL's on this to take you directly to some of the

A man by the name of TK Jones published an 8 page
"Newsletter" The Shackleford Clan magazine from 1945
to 1957. This covers about 1160 pages....

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Dixie Whitt (View posts)
Posted: 948893685000
Art I'm not sure why you have had trouble getting E mail to me. here is my e mail . C as in cat a as in apple l as in large one-one-three-one dot aol dot com or Thank you for being so persistent I haven't had a chance to read the material yet but it looks like what I'm looking for I will get back with you tomorrow. What is your e mail address.

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Hi Dixie,



Dixie Whitt (View posts)
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I also showed that my James came from Henry but I was never positive about it so it is good to find that someone else came to the same conclusion. James Sr. did in fact come to Mo. and settled in Clay Co. I have a copy of his original will where he states that his slaves are to be bought only by family members. One female slave he states is to be cared for and given a decent burial. James died 9-12-1859. In 1850 census the children are listed as being born in Kentucky. Do you go any further back than Henry or know their origins? I would of course think Irish. Thanks again I can't tell you how exciting this is.

Jacob Wynn SHACKELFORD -- b. 1830 in MO

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Classification: Biography
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Submitted by William (Bill) Shackleford Apr. 16, 1997

I am searching for information on Jacob Wynn Shackelford. He was born July 2, 1830 in Boonville, MO. He then went to Texas and Oklahoma and
finally Colorado. He was listed in the 1850 census for Platte Co., Mo. in the household of an H? Shackelford, right after the household of Richard
Shackelford who was born about 1812 in VA. The information I really need is Jacob's father and mother's name.

1850 Census/Paltte Co. MO/Preston Twnshp.,

Richard Shackelford M 48 VA? Celia F 43 KY , William M 12 MO, Richard M 10 MO George M 8 MO, Archer M 8 MO, Thomas M 6 MO,
Benjamin M 4 MO

Then Dwelling 151

Mary Margaret F 19 KY, Jefferson M 21 KY, Richard M 1/12 MO

Then Dwelling 152

H? M 59 VA, Susan F 61 FL, Jacob M 17 KY I believe this should be MO, Charles Minard M 20 MO, Michael Baker M 34 VA, Michael Baker,
Jr. M 10 MO

Any help would be appreciated.

Apr. 24, 1997

After looking over your chart I may have a match, but I need more information to verify it.

Richard Shackelford: I have a Richard who was born in VA about 1802, married a Cornelia/Celia Hubbard in KY (possibly Madison Co.) on
2/19/1829 and moved to Platte Co., MO. Is this possibly your Richard?

There is also a possible brother of Richard's listed in the 1850 census for Platte Co., MO, His name is H. (possibly Henry/Hiram/Hienz)
Shackelford and he married a Susan surname unknown in KY. He was also born in VA, year unkown.

Another Shackelford in MO at that time was a John Shackelford born about 1795 and he married a Malinda.

Let me know if these individuals may match the names you have and we could then share information.

Apr. 25, 1997

Descendants of Henry (Heinz) Shackleford

Generation No. 1

1. H. (HENRY or HEINZ?)1 SHACKLEFORD was born in VA. He married Susan

Child of Henry Shackleford and Susan is:

2. i. JACOB WYNN2 SHACKELFORD, b. July 02, 1830, BoonVille, Mo; d. April 04, 1913, Salida, Colorado.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB WYNN2 SHACKELFORD (HENRY (HEINZ)1 SHACKLEFORD) was born July 02, 1830 in BoonVille, Mo, and died April 04, 1913 in
Salida, Colorado. He married NANCY JANE PREWITT, daughter of John Prewitt and Mahala McAlister.

Notes: Cause of death: Gallstones.

1900 Census for Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation, ED #122, Sheet 18 has Jacob, Nancy J, Charles A, Alma (daughter in-law), Dorsey (grandson),
Lily (granddaughter).

Marriage Notes: It is believed that the Shacklefords were from Danville, MO and the Pruitts were from Boonville, MO.

It is believed that Nancy died in Wynnewood OK at Uncle Charley's place.

Children of Jacob Shackelford and Nancy Prewitt are:

i. MARY LOUISE3 SHACKELFORD, b. November 02, 1854, BoonVille, Mo Howard County; d. 1925; m. GEORGE MAXWELL.

3. ii. CHARLES ANDREW SHACKELFORD, b. December 23, 1856, BoonVille, Mo Howard County; d. February 10, 1930.

iii. MAHALA ANN (ANNA) SHACKELFORD, b. April 22, 1858, BoonVille, Mo Saline County; m. JOHN H. BOCKMAN, January 06, 1889, Wood
County, Texas.

iv. SARA FRANCIS SHACKELFORD, b. February 03, 1860, BoonVille, Mo Howard County; d. August 25, 1891; m. JAMES CORBIN.

v. HENRY JACKSON SHACKELFORD, b. February 22, 1862, BoonVille, Mo Howard County; d. September 1948; m. KEZIA.

vi. DORA BELL SHACKELFORD, b. December 30, 1863, BoonVille, Mo Howard County; m. ALLIE BLANKENSHIP.

vii. RHODA A. SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1864.

viii. JAMES FRANKLIN SHACKELFORD, b. March 29, 1866, Marshall Mo Saline County; d. 1887.

ix. MARGARET JOSEPHINE SHACKELFORD AKA MAGGIE, b. June 08, 1868, Marshall Mo Saline County; d. May 18, 1918; m. ALEXANDER
STEPHENS HEAD AKA A.S. HEAD, June 22, 1892, Hunt Co, Texas.

x. SAMUEL PETER SHACKELFORD, b. July 26, 1870, Marshall Mo Saline County; d. April 21, 1956; m. MAMMIE OTT, January 31, 1892, Erath,

4. xi. FLORENCE EFFIE SHACKELFORD, b. March 02, 1872, MO; d. February 06, 1952.

5. xii. THOMAS LUTHER SHACKLEFORD, b. May 31, 1873, Sedalia, Mo; d.February 06, 1952.

Generation No. 3

3. CHARLES ANDREW3 SHACKELFORD (JACOB WYNN2, HENRY (HEINZ)1 SHACKLEFORD) was born December 23, 1856 in BoonVille, Mo
Howard County, and died February 10, 1930. He married ALMA OLINE HUTCHINGS August 13, 1895 in Hunt Co Texas.

Note: 1920 census lists Charles as widower.

Children of Charles Shackelford and Alma Hutchings are:

6. i. DORSEY4 SHACKELFORD, b. July 01, 1896, Wolf City, Texas; d. January 25, 1981, Mill Creek, Johnston OK.

ii. LILY A. SHACKELFORD, b. June 1899, Indian Territory.

iii. ERNEST SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1902.

4. FLORENCE EFFIE3 SHACKELFORD (JACOB WYNN2, HENRY (HEINZ)1 SHACKLEFORD) was born March 02, 1872 in MO, and died February
06, 1952. She married RICHARD ANDAS July 31, 1893 in White Rock-Celeste, Hunt Co. Texas.

Notes: Homesteaded in Colorado with father Jacob (who died in Salida CO).

Children of Florence Shackelford and Richard Andas are:

i. ALLIE4 ANDAS, b. August 1894, tx.

ii. MABEL ANDAS, b. November 1896, tx.

iii. BEATRICE ANDAS, b. December 1897, tx.

iv. PAYNE ANDAS, b. December 1899, Indian Territory.

Sedalia, Mo, and died February 06, 1952. He married IONA FLORENCE LINNEAR June 21, 1904 in Indian Territory, Southern district.

Notes: 1920 Census, OK, Pontotoc CO, Chickasaw Township, ED 174, Sheet 4: Thomas listed as Cement Mill Labor, wife listed as Beulah
birthplace TX.

Marriage Notes: Thomas was born on a wagon train from St Louis heading west, possibly Cass Co, Texas

Children of Thomas Shackleford and Iona Linnear are:

i. ARDECE4 SHACKLEFORD, b. June 09, 1906, OK.

7. ii. GAYLORD SHACKLEFORD, b. November 07, 1908, Wapanucks; d. May 1979, Ada, Pontotoc, OK.

iii. AZALEA SHACKLEFORD, b. November 14, 1910, OK; d. Abt 1912, OK.

8. iv. OPAL SHACKLEFORD, b. May 16, 1912, OK; d. February 1988, Sacramento, California Listed as Oather Shackleford.

9. v. ESTELINE SHACKLEFORD, b. April 09, 1914, OK; d. August 1984, Fresno, CA.

vi. THOMAS JIMMY SHACKLEFORD, b. February 20, 1918, OK1; d. August 26, 1990, Marysville, CA2.

10. vii. BRYDA EDMOND SHACKLEFORD, b. April 19, 1922, OK; d. June 1971, Woodland, CA Yolo Co..

11. viii. BILLY CHARLES SHACKLEFORD, b. August 05, 1929, OK.

Submitted by William (Bill) Shackleford Apr. 25, 1997

Descendants of Richard Shackleford

Generation No. 1

1. RICHARD1 SHACKLEFORD was born Abt 1802 in VA, and died September 13, 1862 in Platte Co., MO. He married CELIA/CORNELIA
HUBBARD February 19, 1829 in Madison Co. KY, daughter of George Hubbard and Mary Ballew.

Land Records: Richard and Celia moved to MO Pike CO by 1856.

BURIAL: Sep 1862, Platte CO.,,Missouri

Children of Richard Shackleford and Celia/Cornelia Hubbard are:

2. i. JEFFERSON2 SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1829, KY.

3. ii. MARY E. SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1830.

iii. JAMES R. SHACKELFORD, b. March 15, 1833, Boone Co., MO; d. 1879, Platte Co., MO; m. SALLY BERRY, 1857.

iv. WILLIAM SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1838, MO; d. 1908, Platte Co., MO; m. MINERVA J. HURST, February 07, 1862, Platte Co., MO.

v. RICHARD LIONEL SHACKELFORD, JR., b. Abt 1840, MO; d. 1927, Platte Co., MO.

vi. ARCHER SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1842, MO; d. Aft 1860; m. FANNY MICHAEL, December 05, 1875.

vii. GEORGE SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1842, MO; d. Aft 1860.

viii. THOMAS SHACKELFORD, b. Abt 1844, MO; d. Aft 1880; m. ELIZABETH HEATH, February 25, 1863, Platte Co., MO.


x. PHILLIP SHACKELFORD, b. October 18, 1854; d. April 07, 1920, Platte Co., MO.


Generation No. 2


Child of Jefferson Shackelford and Mary Margaret is:


3. MARY E.2 SHACKELFORD (RICHARD1 SHACKLEFORD) was born Abt 1830. She married (1) HENRY JEFF MAYO January 03, 1850 in Platte
Co., MO. She married (2) AMOS CARPENTER June 01, 1856 in Platte Co., MO.

Children of Mary Shackelford and Amos Carpenter are:





Patricia here is the information you requested. I have more information on newer generation that I did not include, due to file length. Also, have
the Hubbard line back to 1600's. In the 1850 census Richard and H. Shackelford were in dwelling 151 and 152 which leads me to believe they were
related. Also, the only birth information I currently have come from the census. Still trying to track down more concrete info. I am not sure if Jacob
Wynn is Richard's or H.'s son. If anything looks good let me know.

Descendants of William De Shackelford

Generation No. 1 page 1

1. WILLIAM1 DE SHACKELFORD1,2,3 was born in England, and died in Netherlands. He married UNKNOWN ST. PIERRE Aft. 1550.

Notes for WILLIAM DE SHACKELFORD: Only one child of record. Source for most information: Donald Carlton Jeter and Echos of the Past
Vol II.

Notes for William de Shackelford: William de Shackelford, grandson of Henry de Shackelford, left England in 1550 and went to France. There he
married _____ St. Pierre. They went to the Netherlands where they both died.

The American branch of the Shackelfords is generally believed to have descended from Baron Jacques-le-Forte, who was a nobleman in
Normandy and an officer in the army of William the Conqueror, when he overran England in 1066. William the Conqueror granted him land, and
this land became the ancestral seat of the family in Godalming Parish, Surry County, England (about 39 miles northwest of London) [actually SW].
The town was called Shackelford Village, but in 1620 it passed from the Shackelfords to the Earl of Middleton. (The name appears in old records
with the spelling "Shackleford" as well as "Shackelford.")

Henry de Shackelford was a Gentleman in Waiting for Henry V circa 1390. William de Shackelford was a descendant of Henry. He joined the
Huguenots in 1550 and moved to France, where he was in the army of Navarre (1553-1610). He later left France and settled in the Netherlands,
where he and his wife (name not known) died. His son (name not known) returned to England, where he joined the army of Charles I (1600-1649).
(Information provided by: J. D. Brittingham


2. i. JOHN2 SHACKELFORD, b. England; d. Bef. March 26, 1647

Descendants of William De Shackelford page 2

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 SHACKELFORD (WILLIAM1 DE SHACKELFORD) was born in England, and died Bef. March 26, 16474.

Notes for JOHN SHACKELFORD: Birth Source: Donald Carlton Jeter. Death: Kathleen Allen (

Notes for John Shackleford: John Shackelford, a butcher in Alresford (pronounced "Alford"), Hampshire, England, was a descendant of William.
His father's name is believed to have been Lancelot Shackelford. His will, dated 26 May 1647, left the bulk of his estate to his children: John
(baptized 23 Dec. 1627), ROGER [the IMMIGRANT] (bap. 23 April 1629), Charles (bap. 25 Jan 1630), Christopher (bap. 10 Mar 1632), Anne (bap. 16
Mar 1634), Ingram (bap. 12 Oct. 1636), and Sarah. (Information provided by: J. D. Brittingham

Children of JOHN SHACKELFORD are:

3. i. ROGER3 SHACKELFORD, b. April 23, 1629, Baptized, England; d. 1724, Kings and Queen Co., VA.

ii. CHARLES SHACKELFORD, b. January 25, 1629/30, Babtized 1-25-1630, England.

Notes for CHARLES SHACKELFORD: Birth Source: Donald C. Jeter 1732 White Dr. Lewisburg, TN 37091 date-1977)

4. iii. CHRISTOPHER SHACKELFORD, b. March 10, 1631/32, Baptized 3-10-1632, England.

iv. ANNE SHACKELFORD, b. March 16, 1633/34, Babtized 3-16-1634, England; d. Bef. 1647.

Notes for ANNE SHACKELFORD: Source: Donald Jeter and Echoes of the Past Vol. II.

v. SARAH SHACKELFORD, b. Aft. 1636.

Notes for SARAH SHACKELFORD: Birth Source: Donald C. Jeter and Echoes of the Past Vol. II.

vi. INGRAM SHACKELFORD, b. October 1636, Babtized 12-Oct-1636, England.

Notes for INGRAM SHACKELFORD: Birth Source: Donald C. Jeter and Echoes of the Past Vol II.

vii. JOHN SHACKELFORD, b. December 23, 1627, Baptized, England; d. Bef. 1647.

Notes for JOHN SHACKELFORD: Birth Notes: Echoes of the Past Vol. II gives Date as 12-23-1627 and died before 1647, Donald C. Jeter gives

page 3 Descendants of William De Shackelford

Generation No. 3

3. ROGER3 SHACKELFORD (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 DE SHACKELFORD) was born April 23, 1629 in Baptized, England, and died 1724 in Kings and
Queen Co., VA. He married MARY PALMER 1660.

Notes for ROGER SHACKELFORD: Death: Also listed as 1710, Gloucester Co., VA. (Donald C. Jeter) 1724 Date is Echoes of the Past Vol. II.


It is generally conceded by those who have been interested in studying the history and genealogy of the Shackelford family in Virginia that the
immigrant was named Roger. One writer has stated that the immigrant was John, but it is my belief that John was a son of Roger. The above
referred to writer states that John was living in King and Queen County in 1649. I have not been able to substantiate this. King and Queen was not
formed from New Kent until 1691.

It is known, however, from the records that Edward Palmer, from England, received a patent or grant of 400 acres in Gloucester for the
transportation of eight persons, including Roger Shackelford. The date of this grant was June 4, 1658. The actual arrival of those transported must
have been a year or more before this date.

Edward Palmer had a sister, Mary, on this list and there is good reason to believe Roger Shackelford married Mary Palmer.

The following land grant (Land Book VI, p. 665) to Roger appears under date of Nov. 20, 1678, during the Governorship of Sir Herbert Jeffries.
"Roger Shackelford-313 acres of land in Gloucester County, Virginia, beginning to be measured at a corner chestnut tree standing near
Mataponyold path and touching the land of Edward Parker (or Palmer?), Mr. Patridge, by the branch on the back side of the said Roger
Shackelford's now plantation. The land being due the said Roger Shackelford by two several purchases and by virtue of a deed of sale from Mr.
Samuel Patridge and Thomas Hawks (?) who are now both deceased and now plainly marked with lines and corner trees according to the above
mentioned bounds". (Note: - By the wording of the above it is seen that Roger already had one plantation.)

In Virginia Quit Rent Rolls taken 1704, "a true account of the lands in King and Queen County, Virginia, as it was taken by Robert Bird, Sheriff, we
find the name Roger Shackelford, 250 acres".

Roger Shackelford appears as a member of the vestry of Petsworth Parish, Sept. 13, 1679. On October 14, 1680, Roger was appointed Church
Warden, in same Parish for the "ensueing year" for upper part of Parish.

Roger was present as a Warden at a Vestry Meeting, Oct. 24, 1682 and again Sept. 24, 1683. At that time in Virginia's history Vestrymen and
Wardens and those elected "to procession", were chosen only from the most substantial citizens.

I do not know the exact location in either Gloucester or King and Queen counties where Roger and Mary Palmer, his wife, lived. Search has been
made to find Roger's will, but without success. The date of his death and place of burial are also lost to any records I can find, but he must have
died after 1704, as he appears on the Quit Rent Roll for that year.

It is not definitely known how many children he left to survive him, but certainly James, Francis and John were his sons, also Zachariah and very
probably others.

Source: Robert B. Shackelford, Lt. Col., Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.), The Shackelford Family - Its English and American Origins, And Some of
Its Branches (Jarman's Inc., Printers, Charlottesville, VA 1940)

Roger Shackleford was baptised in Old Arlesford, Hampshire, England 23 Apr 1629. He came to Virginia before 1658 and married Mary Palmer in

In his book The Shackelford Family, Its English and American Origins (publish ed in 1940), Robert B. Shackelford reprints his correspondence with
his English researcher, Anthony R. Wagner. (Shackelford and Wagner evidently developed a friendship by mail, and the Wagners eventually
visited the Shackelfords in the United States.) In a letter dated 6th December, 1938, Wagner wrote: His [Roger's] father's name, as has been said,
was John; but I have not yet established this John's identity or parentage definitely, though it is possible that he is identical with the John
Shackleford named as son and executor in the Will of Lancelot Shackleford, clothworker of New Alresford dated 10th and proved 29th April 1626.
Supposing this identity were proved, it will, I am afraid, prove difficult to carry the pedigree further, since two important Wills named in the
Calendar [referring to the register of Wills sbt] at Winchester--those of John Shackleford of New Alresford dated 1588, and of Laurence
Shackleford of New Alresford dated 1588 also cannot now be found.

In George Shackelford, Annette Jeter and Descendants (published 1941) E.M.

Shackelford and Franklin Shackelford Moseley make many references to the work of Minor Gibson around the beginning of this century. Gibson
evidently identified a Henry de Shackleford, a Huguenot sympathizer who went to France in 1550 and eventually died in the Netherlands. He
further mentions a William de Shackleford (son of Henry?--my notes unclear) whose son, probably John, returned to England and joined the Army
of Charles I. Gibson evidently assumed that this John was the same John as the father of Roger the immigrant. Shackelford and Moseley seem to
view Roger as a "knight cavalier" who fled England after Charles' execution. Their depiction of the Shacklefords is decidedly more upper class
than that reflected in the wills and other records cited in Robert Shackelford's book. It seems to me clear that there were Shackelfords of the upper
classes and even the nobility prior to our Roger's father. It seems likely that Roger was descended from them. However, I have not found clear
documentation of exact descent in the sources I have seen. According to Gibson, E.M. Shackelford, and Moseley we may all be descended from
Jacques le Forte, a Norman noble who came to England with William the Conqueror and was granted land by William for his aid in the conquest of
England. (Sara Binkley Tarpley)

Rogers' will has not been found, but the following list of sons is probably correct.

Roger was one of the persons transported to Virginia (USA) by Edward Palmer, who received 400 acres of land for so doing. This Roger was
supposed to have fled England to save his head. He is likely the same Roger baptized April 23, 1629. He would have been about 20 in 1649, the
date given by Minor Gibson as the date of entry into the colonies. He arrived in VA on 6/4/1658. (ref: Vol II, Echoes of The Past)







Notes for ZACHARIAH SHACKELFORD: Notes for Zachariah Shackleford:

The remaining son of Roger, the immigrant, Zachariah, also settled in King and Queen County. In the pews allotted to families in the "New"
Church, Stratton-Major Parish, we find Zachariah, Sr. and Zachariah, Jr., and others, including Major Richard Shackelford and family, John,
Benjamin, William, Lyne, Mrs. Frances Shackelford, widow, Daniel Shackelford and wife.

Source: Robert B. Shackelford, Lt. Col., Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.), The Shackelford Family - Its English and American Origins, And Some of
Its Branches (Jarman's Inc., Printers, Charlottesville, VA 1940)

5. vi. JAMES SHACKELFORD, b. Abt. 1660, Gloucester, VA; d. Bef. 1734, Gloucester, VA.

6. vii. FRANCIS SHACKELFORD, b. 1664, Gloucester, VA; d. 1722-1726, Carteret, NC.

7. viii. JOHN SHACKELFORD, b. Abt. 1670.

4. CHRISTOPHER3 SHACKELFORD (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 DE SHACKELFORD) was born March 10, 1631/32 in Baptized 3-10-1632, England.

Notes for CHRISTOPHER SHACKELFORD: Birth Source: Donald C. Jeter and Echoes of the Past Vol. II.


i. JOHN4 SHACKELFORD, b. April 25, 1657.

ii. SARAH SHACKELFORD, b. November 05, 1659.

page 4 Descendants of William De Shackelford

Generation No. 4

5. JAMES4 SHACKELFORD (ROGER3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1 DE SHACKELFORD) was born Abt. 1660 in Gloucester, VA, and died Bef. 1734 in
Gloucester, VA. He married ELIZABETH ROBBINS July 14, 1687 in Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA, daughter of CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS.

Notes for JAMES SHACKELFORD: References: (1) Donald C. Jeter (2) Robert B. Shackelford, Lt-Col, Med. Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.)--The
Shackelford Family-Its English and American Origins, And Some of Its Branches (Jarman's Inc., Printers, Charlottesville, VA 1940) (3) Echoes of
the Past, Vol II.

Notes for James Shackleford: James and Elizabeth lived in Abington and Ware Parishes, VA. James sold his wife's property, in Elizabeth City,
without her knowledge in the same county Elizabeth Co., VA (Ref: William W. Hening, Statues at Large, from the first session of the legislature,
year 1619, Vol IV pp 461-465).

James, son of Roger, born about 1660, married Elizabeth Robins, at Christ Church, Middlesex County, July 14, 1687. She was a grand-daughter of
John Robins, of Robin's Neck, Gloucester. She had a sister, Ann, who married Robert Freeman.

Through this marriage James came into possession of considerable land in Gloucester and Elizabeth City Counties, the final disposition of which
will appear in a later chapter. James and Elizabeth resided in Abingdon and Ware Parishes in Gloucester, where James died in 1734, leaving a son
James and many other children. Elizabeth lived to be very old, about 98, when she "was buried Aug. 2, 1748". James was evidently not a very
thrifty man, as will appear later on in this story.

There is hardly a doubt that the immigrant Roger left other children than those I have mentioned (James, Francis, John and Zachariah), but I am
not able to find their names. All of "Tidewater" Virginia is full of Shackelfords, even to this day, and they must be descendants of the immigrant,

There is a question as to the date James died - it was evidently prior to 1734, because in that year she is called a widow. James Shackelford and
Elizabeth Robins, his wife, left a large number of children, including James, born June 10, 1690, Mary, John, Charles, Roger, Robert, Richard, Jane
and Diana.

But it so happened that James Shackelford, and Robert Freeman, who married Ann Robins, Elizabeth's sister, had sold most of the land that
belonged, by inheritance, to their respective wives, with the result that they were left in desperate circumstances.

In an effort to rescue themselves and their numerous children, Elizabeth Shackelford and her eldest son, James, and Ann Freeman and her eldest
son, Robert, made the following petition to the House of Burgesses for their relief.

Henings Statutes at Large, Volume IV, Chapter XXIX, pp. 461-464. "August 1734 - 8th George II"

"An Act for docking the intail of certain Lands in the Counties of Gloucester and Elizabeth City and vesting the same in Henry Willis in fee simple,
and for settling other Lands and Tenements, and several slaves to the same uses."

I. Whereas John Robins, late of Robin's Neck in the County of Gloucester, deceased, was in his life time, seised in fee simple of two thousand
acres of land, with the appurtenances, lying and being in Robin's Neck aforesaid, between the rivers Ware and Severn, in the parishes of Ware and
Abingdon in the County aforesaid; and of five hundred acres of Land with the appurtenances, lying and being in the parish of Elizabeth City in
the County of Elizabeth City and so being thereof seised, did make his last will and testament in writing bearing date the two and twentieth day of
November in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and fifty five, and thereby, among other things, did devise unto his second son
William Robins, the plantation lying in Elizabeth City County in the possession of lieutenant Lee, George Martin, and Mr. Linnor; and all that part
of his dividend, in the County of Gloucester, lying on the Westward side of Gowlett's Creek, part whereof was in the possession of John Walker
and Robert Gowlett, to him, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, forever - and devised to his third son Thomas Robins, and to the heirs of
his body lawfully begotten, forever, the plantation lying in Elizabeth City, in the occupation of James Andrews and John Hanson; and six hundred
acres, part of his dividend, in Gloucester County - and he devised his plantation, in Elizabeth City, in the possession of Robert Gray, John Lee, and
Simon Sleeder; and his plantation in Gloucester County, where he then lived with all the remainder of that dividend of land, not before given, to his
eldest son Christopher Robins, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever; and declared his will to be, that if either of his sons died
without heirs of their bodies, the two surviving sons should enjoy all the said lands, equally to them and their heirs, forever. And if two of his
sons should die, without heirs of their bodies, then the survivor should enjoy all the said lands to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten,
forever. And if it should happen, that all his three sons should die without issue, then he devised all the said lands to his two daughters, their
heirs and assigns, forever, as by the said last will, relation unto being had, as more fully and at large may appear.

II. And whereas the said William Robins, the second son, some time afterwards departed this life, without issue, whereby the land devised to him,
vested in the said Christopher Robins, and Thomas Robins, according to the said will, and the said Christopher Robins thereby became seised in
fee tail of one moiety of the said several dividends of land, in the counties of Gloucester and Elizabeth City, and so being thereof seised, departed
this life, leaving issue two daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, who enterTried three more Emails, no luck. I will write some data here and then download a longggggggg History by
William Shackleford that was on the Shackelford Main Page. I do not know how much of a message I am allowed to send you. but be ready to either print this out or download to your documents. I will start with the immigrant Roger Shackelford that was in Gloucester County Virginia in 1658. I am in the process of writing Shackelford History, but I am still gathering data. to write the History will take some 300-400 pages.
90% plus of all Shackelford Researchers accept that ROGER SHACKELFORD WAS THE IMMIGRANT. I am not aready to concede that , and think that there is the possibility that one of the immigrants was John Shackelford that settled in King and Queen County VA in 1649. There are several Shackelford Books, and or Magazines , Most but not all of these think tha Roger Shackelford, in Gloucester County VA 1658 was in fact the ONLY immigrant. I have to keep this relatively concise or I will drop before finishing. The Literature. "THE SHACKELFORD FAMILY' by Robert Baylor Shackelford. Written in 1940, Good book useful, but in my opinion it contains many errors. (all of the literature that I have read contains errors, mostly Hind Sight that we know now, but they didn't know then. A Book about George Shackelford and Annette Jeter(descendents of Francis, descendents of Roger,I have not read, but I think in part they are not willing to concede that Roger was the only ShAckelford immigrant. I know this is going to be a jumbled mess because I am writing fast, and with this format I csan only see one line, and not what I wrote three lines previously. To jump to OUR Henry.... Most of the researchers think that he discended from James Shackelford a son of Roger, that marriedd Elizabeth Robbins. I ALSO QUESTION THIS, BUT I AM NOT AT THIS TIME WILLING TO OFFER AN ALTERNATE, SINCE I DON'T HAVE WHAT I CONSIDER SUFFICIENT DOCUMENTATION. From 1945 to 1957 a Man, Shackelford Descendent published an 8 page Phamplet entitled the Shackleford Clan magazine. The Man was TK Jones. These are on the net and I will send you the URL. These also contain errors, but here again with hindsight, and the fact that over the 12 year period that he published these , He made corrections as the errors were discovered. The Information from the Shackelford Main Page by Bill Shackelford , On the internet also contains errors. But there is a lot of information concerning the early shackelfords in England, and not as hard on me trying to type 30 pages. I am going to download, the data, I trust that it is ok with family Had I been able to contact you by email,It would have been easier to send URLSdoesn't come off right I will send the data later .NOTE....This download does not start correctly...Scroll down to Generation 1 William or Henry De Shackelford. It wil be confusing, but a lot of data to digest. Good luck, Art<P><P><P><P><P><P><P><P>
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