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Solomon McCray

Solomon McCray

Isabelle Felder Gillis (View posts)
Posted: 945993549000
Does anyone have any information on my GGfather Solomon McCray, d 1925, lived in Charleston, SC; married a Cherokee woman, Mary Bing and had four children. Their names were William Franklin McCray, Barney McCray, Emma McCray, George Reede McCray, who was my grandfather. If any of this is familiar, please e-mail me with information. Thanks.

McCray Ancestors

Posted: 947223961000
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Hello, I also am searching for my grandfather's relatives. Edward(Eddie) McCray born 1889(African American) married Ella Mae Moultrie in 1912. They have four daughters of which a set of twin. If this is in anyway related, please contact me. They were married in Summerville,SC.

McCray Ancestors.

Isabelle Felder Gillis (View posts)
Posted: 947246288000
My mother (Isabelle McCray)tells me her grandfather, Solomon McCray, who was from Scottland, was married first to an African American women and had several children. She died and then he married Mary Bing, a Cherokee Indian woman. They had several children, one of which is my grandfather, George Reede McCray. Both families of McCrays lived in Charleston, SC and knew about each other but were distanced from each other. Coincidently, Mary and her brother, Adolphus Bing, were twins; George had a son, Franklin who has twins and I have a set of twins also. Good luck with you search.

Finding Famil history

Lorrie (View posts)
Posted: 949662694000
Hi I am Lorrie McCray (Palmer) I am looking to find information on some of my family backgrounds I do know that my great-great-grandfather was from Scottland and came to US an settle in the Fla district and married a seminol indaian I am just looking for some answers that's all so if you could help I would appreciate it.

McCray Ancestors

Margie Weldon (View posts)
Posted: 964798004000
Thanks so much for the information Isabelle.
I too have'nt checked the board in awhile.
This is so interesting and I'm sure will
help in my search. Much success to you in
yours. By the way ...My mom is a twin and
had a set of twins and her older sister also.
Would you mind sending me a photo of your grandfather
too. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

George Reede McCray

Isabelle Gillis (View posts)
Posted: 964804518000
Hello Margie. I have a couple of snapshots of my grandfather..however no scanner on my computer to send them electronically. Apparently it is your mom, from what I gathered from your post, that you think might be related to my grandfather? Where does your mom come from...if she is of Cherokee Indian heritage and from Furman, SC, the Native American Settlement, we have a match. My grandfather grew up there and lived in CHarleston, SC for most of his adult life. Let me know.

McCray Ancestory

Margie Weldon (View posts)
Posted: 964969104000
Hi Isabelle,
My mother is African-American. My grandfather
left them whem they were young and went to
New York. That is all the information I can get
I don't know if he is part Indian. The oldest daughter
just died last month. They don't know anything about aunt did say she thought he had relatives
in cottageville.
Thanks for replying, I'm persuing all possible
avenues. My mother and grandmother lived in

Solomon McCray

Isabelle Gillis (View posts)
Posted: 964970915000
Hi Margie...from what I can gather, you mom might be related to Solomon McCray's first wife. She was Black/African American and died after having several children. He then married my ggrandmother, Mary Bing, the Cherokee woman that I mentioned and were the parents of my grandfather, George McCray. George grew up in Furman and his nickname was Chief. I knew him, my mother's father, well...he died when I was eighteen years old. He was not Black/African American, being that Solomon, his father, was from Scotland. I don't know if this helps....perhaps if I knew more about your mom, I might be able to fill in some of the gaps with some of the information that I've discovered. There is another branch of the McCrays that I've learned about...Carrie McCray. Born in Lynchburg, VA in 1913 and lives in Columbia, SC now. She is the author of the book, Freedom's Child, The Life of a Confederate General's Black Daughter. It is an interesting read, however, no relationship to my McCrays from what I can gather...but then we never know. Take care.

McCrays Ancestory

Margie Weldon (View posts)
Posted: 964971969000
Thanks Isabelle, I have read about Carrie McCray
online...she did marry a McCray. I got in touch
with the college who had ties with her book.
However, the book concerning her husband's life
was not published yet.
I did read your information about your ggrand-
parents. My grandmother married Edward McCray in 1912,
my mom was born in 1922. Maybe this will help,
it is so hard find any information regarding him.
Appreciate the help.

Re: McCray Ancestors.

Posted: 1137472252000
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Noticeing your last name I too am of Gillis descent. Do you have any Gillis relatives from Tenn or NC. I am desperately searching for Levi Gillis, DOB 1827, of Tenn. ??? Or members of his family...
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