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Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Surnames: Kelly, de Grimaldi, Rainier
Subject: Grace Patricia Kelly
Born November 12, 1928 Philadelphia
Died September 13, 1982
Occupation—Film Star / Princess of Monaco
Cause of Death—On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace was driving Stephanie back to the Palace in Monaco and had a stroke behind the wheel. She lost control of the car and it plunged off the road down a steep embankment. Stephanie suffered serious injuries from the crash and Kelly, critically injured, fell into a coma. Stephanie survived, but Kelly died the next day when Rainier, Albert, and Caroline decided to remove her life support.

Graceful Kelly fitted well into royalty
Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929 to John and Margaret Kelly. John B Kelly was a wealthy contractor. From a young age, Grace Kelly decided she wanted to become an actress, and studied acting (primarily theatre) at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and worked as an actress and model in New York before moving to Hollywood. When in New York, Grace promoted Old Gold cigarettes and appeared on the covers of magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

Subject: Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand De Grimaldi
Title: Prince Rainier III of Monaco
Born May 31, 1923 Monaco
Spouse Grace Patricia Kelly
Parents Pierre de Polignac, Princess Charlotte of Monaco
Parents Full Titles
Father—Pierre, Count de Polignac, cr Duc de Valentinois, cr Prince of Monaco
Mother--Charlotte Louise Juliette, Duchess de Valentinois
Occupation—Ruler of Monaco Prince Rainier III May 9, (1949). He succeeded
his Grandfather Louis II.

Biography of Prince Rainer III--Prince of Monaco; born in Monaco on May 31, 1923, as Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand de Grimaldi, the only son of Pierre de Polignac and Princess Charlotte of Monaco. His twenty-four legal titles included the Duc de Valentinios, Marquis des Baux, Baron de Saint Lo, and the Compte de Carlades. He was educated in England, Switzerland, and France before enlisting in the French army in World War II, where he was cited for bravery and offered a colonelship. After the war, he attended university in Paris, then ascended to the throne on May 5, 1949, after Prince Louis II relinquished his rule due to poor health and Princess Charlotte renounced her rights to succession. Prince Rainier III then took control of the tiny principality, known as a tax haven for European royalty with ninety percent of its income derived from its myriad casinos.

Married April 18, 1956
Place Cathedral of Saint Nicholas Monaco

Biography—Before the wedding--The bachelor prince immediately began to seek out a wife, and at the Cannes Festival of 1954, he briefly met a young and dashing film actress who captured his heart. The prince sought out Grace Kelly over the next few months and longed for another meeting. On Christmas, 1955, Rainier, his priest, and his doctor were invited to dinner at the Kelly’s home in Philadelphia. On January 5, 1956, after a whirlwind romance, Rainier and Kelly formally announced their engagement in New York and Monaco. They were married in an elaborate public ceremony in Monaco later that year.
Religion—Roman Catholic / Location of Marriage / Career
Then, on April 18, 1956, as if life couldn’t get any more glamorous for her, the young actress was wedded to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The wedding was held at the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, with the Bishop of Princedom, Monsignor Gilles Barthe, presiding. The couple met in Monte carlo during the filming of Grace’s 1954 movie, To Catch a Thief (Paramount Pictures). Her "long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes took the prince" and it was at this point that the prince decided that he wanted Grace to be his princess.22
The royal couple, although reported by Lewis as not always being happy together,23 had three children during their marriage: Caroline (1957), Albert (1958), and Stephanie (1965).24 Princess Grace, along with her family, often traveled to Philadelphia in order to visit relatives or attend charity galas. In fact, in April of 1965, the royal family traveled to the U.S. for the wedding of her sister Peggy’s daughter, Margaret Ann (Meg) Davis to dRichard F. Roe. The wedding was held at Saint Bridget’s Church in East Falls, and Princess Caroline performed as flower girl.25
However, on September 12, 1982, a tragedy occurred. Princess Grace and her daughter Stephanie were out for a drive on the streets of Monaco, when Grace suffered a stroke at the wheel. The automobile crashed, injuring Grace, age 52, and her 17-year-old daughter. The two women were taken hospital where it was determined that Princess Stephanie had suffered only a fractured neck vertebra. Unfortunately, Grace was not so lucky. Princess Grace was diagnosed as being brain dead, after which she was placed on life support. Approximately 30 hours after the accident (Tuesday, September 13th), the decision was made to remove the princess from life support, causing her to pass away minutes later. A funeral was held in Monaco on that Saturday, at which "royalty, entertainers, relatives, and friends from around the world arrived to pay their final respects."26

1. Princess Caroline Louise Margueritte Grimaldi
Born January 23, 1957 Monaco
Died Still living
Spouse: Philippe Junot 1st
Stefano Casiraghi 2nd
Prince Ernst August of Hanover 3rd
Parents Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly

Biography--Monaco: Princess Caroline
Caroline's personal life has been tumultuous, to say the least. When she was just 21, she married Philippe Junot, a much older French playboy. Her parents didn't think the marriage would last, and they were right. The couple divorced in 1980, after two years of less than wedded bliss.
In 1982, Caroline suffered the loss of her mother, Princess Grace, in an auto accident. The next year, Caroline married an Italian, Stefano Casiraghi. Their son Andrea was born six months later. They had two more children, Charlotte and Pierre. In 1990, Casiraghi was killed in an accident during a speedboat race.
The widowed Caroline was in shock for some time, but in 1991 her romance with French actor Vincent Lindon became public. In 1995, Caroline took up with a married man, Prince Ernst of Hanover. Ernst's wife eventually asked for a divorce. Caroline — already pregnant, according to the gossips — married Ernst. She gave birth in 1999 to Princess Alexandra of Hanover.
But that didn't mean the end of scandal for Caroline, thanks to her husband. In June, he was fined $440,000 by a German court for yelling over the phone at an editor of a newspaper that printed pictures of the prince urinating in public. The prince was earlier fined in connection with the beating of a disco owner on a Kenya island and for injuring a photographer in Austria.
Bottom line: Caroline may or may not tire of her hubby's churlishness. Meanwhile, she continues to fulfill royal duties in Monaco. And if for some reason her brother Albert doesn't marry, one of Caroline's children could eventually inherit the title.

Married Philippe Junot 1st 1978
Divorced 1980

Subject: Philippe Junot
Born April 19, 1940 Paris Seine France
Died Still living
Spouse Princess Caroline of Monaco

No Children

Married Stefeno Casiraghi 2nd 1983

Subject: Stefano Casiraghi
Born September 8, 1960 Milan Lomardia Itlay
Died October 3, 1990 Cap Ferrat Mediterranean between Nice and Monaco
Spouse Princess Caroline of Monaco
Parents Casiraghi, Biffi
Cause of Death Speed Boating accident [Stefano Casiraghi, in a powerboat accident off Cap Ferrat nine years ago.] St Jean-Cap-Ferrat is a seaside village in a beautiful location, on a peninsula jutting into the blue Mediterranean between Nice and Monaco

1. Andrea Alberto Casiraghi
Born June 8, 1984 Monaco
Parents Stefano Casiraghi, Princess Caroline

2. Charolett Marie Pomline Casiraghi [Looks like her mother]
Born August 3, 1986 Monaco
Parents Stefano Casiraghi, Princess Caroline

3. Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi
Born September 5, 1987 Monaco
Parents Stefano Casiraghi, Princess Caroline

Married Prince Ernst August of Hanover 3rd 1999
Date: January 23, 1999 Princess Caroline 42 Birthday

Subject: Prince Ernst August of Hanover
Title: Ernst August of Hanover [Duke of Brunswick Luneburg]
Born 1954 Hanover
Spouse Chantal Hochuli 1st, Princess Caroline of Monaco
Parents Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Countess Monika of Solms Laubach
Occupation—Is the present Head of the Royal Houses of Hanover and Brunswick

Note: His Cousin is Queen Elizabeth II She granted the permission to marry under treaty 1772--The marriage followed a long courtship, meticulously charted by gossip columnists, and an official blessing from the Queen. Her permission was formally required under a 1772 treaty concerning the House of Hanover, of which she is a member. Also by marrying a Catholic he is forced to remove himself in line accession to the Throne--The couple seem to have asked Queen Elizabeth II's permission, as Ernst August has to do being a descendant of Sophie of Hanover (1631-1714). By marrying a Catholic Ernst August forsakes his position in the line of succession to the English throne, yet retains his hereditary rights to the throne of Hanover.

1. Princess Alexandra of Hanover
Born July 20, 1999 Voecklabruck Austria
Parents Prince Ernst August of Hanover., Princess Caroline of Monaco
The only Child of Princess Caroline with a Royal title.

2. Princes Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi
Born March 14, 1958 Monaco
Spouse Never Married
Parents Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly

Biography--Monaco: Prince Albert
Such a little country, such a lot of scandal. When American movie star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III, it seemed like a fairy tale. But since the death of Princess Grace, her children have been never been out of the tabloid headlines for long.
Albert, the heir, now 43 and bald, apparently likes being playboy prince, and there has been a lot of speculation as to why he hasn't settled down yet. The prince has denied rumors that he's gay.
He certainly seems to enjoy female company: He's been linked with the likes of supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Angie Everhart. In 1992, the prince was hit with a paternity suit filed by a California woman who claimed Albert is the father of her daughter, Jazmine Grace Grimaldi. (Albert denied it.)
Bottom line: Albert may be the heir, but his father shows no signs of wanting to step down early. And he's often overshadowed by his elder sister, who has acted as first lady of Monaco since the death of Princess Grace.

3. Princess Stephanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi
Born February 1, 1965 Monaco
Spouse Daniel Ducruet
Parents Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly

Biography—Princess Stephanie seems never to have recovered from the trauma of the auto accident that killed her mother. For many years, rumors have persisted that it was the underage Stephanie who was at the wheel. But it seems that Princess Grace was driving, and lost control of the vehicle when she suffered a small stroke. Reportedly, she had been arguing with her daughter about Stephanie's boyfriend just before the accident.
Since her mother's death, Stephanie had a string of highly publicized romances and dabbled in careers as a model and pop singer. But the scandal sheets had a field day when the princess became pregnant by her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet. Stephanie gave birth to Louis in 1992 and Pauline in 1994 before Prince Rainier finally gave his daughter permission to marry Ducruet. But the marriage didn't last long. Ducruet was caught on camera cavorting with a lady who bore the distinctive title of Miss Topless Belgium. Stephanie headed to divorce court.
When she gave birth to her next child, daughter Camille Marie Kelly, the princess declined to name the father. Gossip identified him as another of Stephanie's bodyguards.

Married Daniel Ducruet Her bodyguard
Date July 1, 1995 Monaco
Divorced 1996

1. Louis Ducruet
Born November 26, 1992
Parents Daniel Ducruet, Princess Stephanie

2. Pauline Ducruet
Born May 4, 1994
Parents Daniel Ducruet, Princess Stephania

Not Married Jean Raymond Gottlieb
1. Camille Marie Kelly Gimaldi
Born July 15, 1998
Parents Jean Raymond Gottlieb, Princess Stephanie

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Has anyone published a good family tree on Grace Kelly. I keep reading about people with possible ties, as do I supposedly. My gggm was Catherine, Brian's sister or cousin. It's easy to find her direct line but I have never found a sibling tree.
Thanks Tim

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

Yvonne (View posts)
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-- Previous Message --
>Has anyone published a good family tree on Grace Kelly. I keep reading about people with possible ties, as do I supposedly. My gggm was Catherine, Brian's sister or cousin. It's easy to find her direct line but I have never found a sibling tree.

I don't know of a "sibling tree" for the late Grace Kelly, but if you are so inclined, consider researching her ancestors (say the first few generations), then work forward and research her relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, and such). To get you started, I have found the following for you, gleaned mostly from the Usenet newsgroup

- the ancestry of Grace's mother, Margaret Majer, is found in three parts in the German periodical titled "Genealogie" (specifically in Band 7 (13. Jahrg.) Heft 1, 1964, pages 1-10; Band ? (14. Jahrg.), 1965, pages 454-463; Band 8 (16. Jahrg.) Heft 4, 1967, pages 673-702).

- Grace's German ancestry makes her and her children distant cousins of the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, as well as of Klaus Schenck Graf von Stauffenberg (the German aristocrat who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944).

- one of Grace's German ancestors was married to an ancestral aunt of U.S. President Eisenhower.

- Charles *Wayne* Knecht (b. Philadelphia, PA 23 Nov. 1944), son of Richard Wayne Knecht and Evelyn Elaine Gruice (Grace's first cousin), married in 1972 (and div. 1976) Baroness Christine Alix de Massy (1951-1989), Prince Rainier III's niece by his sister (Princess Antoinette of Monaco).

Alternatively, you might consider posting your question in the Usenet newsgroup called (where discussions about royalty and nobility of any country and time frame are welcomed), or in the list group called GEN-ROYAL (where the primary focus of the group is the genealogies of the European Sovereigns, but genealogies of the national nobility or of non-European Royalty or nobility is encouraged). For information about posting to a.t.r. using Google, see "Frequently Asked Questions About Posting" at, and for information about GEN-ROYAL, see "Frequently Asked Questions for the GEN-ROYAL mailing list" at

Finally, if you find books about Grace or her family, you might be able to piece together some of her family tree and find her relatives. Examples include:

*That Kelly Family: The complete, dramatic and authorized story of the Philadelphia Kellys. An inspiring success story of Jack, Walter, George, "Kell" and Grace Kelly*, by John McCallum (New York: A.S.Barnes, 1957)

*Those Philadelphia Kellys, With a Touch of Grace*, by Arthur H. Lewis (New York: Morrow, 1977)

*Grace: The Story of a Princess*, by Phyllida Hart-Davis (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1982)

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Thanks Yvonne
I can't believe it isn't easier to find a complete tree on Grace, as she was the Dianna of our time. I check some of the info you gave me.

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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She is a public figure she was not the hard to trace.


Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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I opoligize for my ignorance. Your answer was not an answer but a rebuff. I'm not looking for current info on Grace, or her lineage, which is easy to acess. I am, as I stated looking for a family tree with siblings. If that is easy to acess then I would ask that you enlighten me as to her g-grandfather, Brian's sisters and brothers, if any. Or where I could locate this information.

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Have you found any connection to your Kellys and the Kellys of Newfoundland. Rumor has it that Grace Kellys ancestors came from Gambo, Nfld.

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Have you gone back any further than Grace Kellys grandparents John Henry Kelly & Mary Costella and do you know where they were from?

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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It is pretty well documented that Grace's family came from County Mayo, at least the male Kelly line. What isn't documented is an extended family of any kind on the Kelly side; or at least I can't find it. I have no info on Newfoundland. County Mayo to Philadelphia is the route.

Re: Grace Kelly+Princess of Monaco

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Graces Grandparents were John Henry Kelly & ---Costello.
Would you know who John Henrys parents were.
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