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BRAGG - George William - England

BRAGG - George William - England

Teri (View posts)
Posted: 959843852000
Anyone researching BRAGG in England? I'm looking for info on a George (maybe A. George) BRAGG son of William BRAGG. William was deceased by 1888 when George married Catherine Elizabeth WAYLEN in East Ham, Essex, England.

George states his age as 38 in 1888 making him born circa 1849/50.

Any connections?

Teri in Oz
Posted: 962037426000
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I'm just getting into this but I know some how
my Bragg side of the family came for England.
I only have my grand fathers name as John T. Bragg
and I think his mothers name was Ruth but I'm not sure.
My grandfather died in the early 50's


Teri (View posts)
Posted: 962082834000
Hi Rosemary

When you say early 50's, which century! My elusive George was born 1850 but I have a feeling you may be meaning 1950's?

Posted: 962090579000
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Hi Trei
Your right Terri It was about 1950 or 1952.

Bragg 1950's

Teri (View posts)
Posted: 962164981000
Hi Rosemary

Any idea at all where they were from? I've got a couple of Bragg lines and my Father his cousin remember quite a few so if you've any clues, I'll try to help you.


Bragg 1950's

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I've talked to my mother but she either doesn't remember that much or she's not telling.
I haven't been at this too long but I did find out that my grandfather's name was John T. Bragg.
he was born in Ontario and died in Winnipeg in the early 1950's at the age of 75. He was raised on
\Flora Ave. in Winnipeg and had his own printing business here.
He had a sister by the name of Annie who married Bill (William?) Eisler. they had three children
Earl, Fern, Clifford who were all born in Winnipeg. and my mother says all died here as well no
dates however.
I think that my Grandfather's mother's name was Ruth as I found a Mrs. Ruth Bragg at my grandfathers
address in a directory in 1922. My grandmothers name was Alice Ester Bragg (maiden name Watson) also
born in Ontario.

If any of this resembles any thing that you know it would be
appreciated Thanks Rosemary

Bragg 50's

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My mother also told me that her grandmother came to Canada on a sailing ship. Apparently she used to tell her stories about the boat and the big sails when my mother was a little girl. The only name I have for her so far is Ruth and my mother doesn't even remember if that was her grandmothers name. My mother will be 93 in August. I only wish she was more help, or I had started to ask all these questions years age. Rosemary

Bragg 1950's

Teri (View posts)
Posted: 963287468000
Hi Rosemary

Afraid I cant help you out as I dont know any BRAGG's in Canada...sorry. My tree's only in the UK and I can only help there. If you ever get back to England, give me a yell and I'll try to assist you there.


Bragg 50's

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Hi Teri:
I have been doing some research and found out that my great grand father was John Bragg born August 19, 1859 in England. He immigrated to Canada in 1863. This info came for the 1901 Canadian Census but it only lists the country of birth.
Also fornd out that my great grand mother was Ruth Bragg born Nov. 8, 1845 in England and Immigrated to Canada 1853 on a sailing ship. No maiden name though. His religion was listed a Methodest and hers as Baptest. Un fortunately I don't know where in England they were both born or their Parents names. If you can help with this info it would be appreciated.
Thanks Rosemary

Re: Bragg 1950's still searching of England info.

Posted: 1080663449000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bragg, Jessop
Hi Teri:

It's been a long time but I'm still trying to trace my Bragg's back to England. And thought I would give you a update. I have a little more than befor but not much.

This is what I know:
My grandfather was: John Thomas Bragg, born April 25, 1875 in Elzeiver Twp. Hasting County, Ontario Canada.
He was the son of John and Ruth Bragg.
John Bragg was born Aug. 19, 1939, in England and died March 5, 1916 in Winnipeg, Mantioba Canada He imigrated to Canada in 1863. He is listed on several Canadian Census as his occupation being a Tanner. 1871,1881,1891, the 1901 census list his occupation as a teamster.
I have all kinds of different dates and years for him.
At his marriage he gives his age as 26 in 1865 (which would give him a birth year of 1939)
On the 1901 Canadian Census it lists his age as 61 years old, birth date as Aug. 19, 1859 - that would make him 6 years old at the time of his marriage?)
His death notice from the paper in 1916 gives his age as 76 years.
Manitoba Vital stats online site gives his age as 46 on his Death Certificate.

Ruth Jessop was born Nov. 8, 1845, Yorkshire, England and died October 22, 1926, in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She immigrated with her family at the age of 7, according to her obit. 1901 Canadian census gives her date of immigration as 1853, also have different ages for her as well.

When she is married she lists her age as 19 in 1865.
John and Ruth were married September 20, 1886 in Hasting County, Ontario. At the time of their wedding they listed this info:
Spouse: Bragg, John
Age 26,
Birth Place: England
Residence: Thurlow Township
Father: John
Mother: Elizabeth

Spouse: Jessop, Ruth
Age: 19
Birth Place: England
Residence: Thurlow Township
Father: Jebus
Mother: Mary

Microflim Roll: 1030057

In the 1871 Canadina Census at one residence:
Bragg, John, m, 32, born Eng., C of E. English, Tanner, married
Bragg, Ruth, f. 25, born Eng. Baptist, English, married
Bragg, George, m. 22, born Ont. W. Meth. English Tanner
Humphrie, James, m. 23, born Ire. W. Meth. Irish, Tanner

In the 1871 census close by is:
Bragg, John, m. 64, born Eng., C of E, English, Mechanic, married
Bragg, Elizabeth, f., 65, born Eng., C of E, English, married
I assum that this is his parents but not documented as yet.

Still no exact birth place in England however.
Do any of these connect to any of your Braggs?

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