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Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Steve Ferriss (View posts)
Posted: 1045800619000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Soule, Hatfield, Cass

Still looking to verify the relationship between Jonathan Soule and his daughter (?) Elizabeth (Soule) Cass. New Information on this quest: A fellow Soule Hunter has mentoned that Jonathan Soule may have died in Susquehanna, PA.

I'm trying to trace Elizabeth Soule (b. 16 Feb 1783) the daughter of Jonathan Soule and Sarah Hatfield. She was born in Dover (I believe) Dutchess County, NY. I believe she married Joseph Judd Cass from Kent, CT and died in Kent, CT on 16 Dec 1855 at 72 years of age.

This family is in the Hatfield Genealogy, the Soule Genealogy, and a bible record published in NY Settlers mentions Elizabeth's birth. The Mayflower Silver book on George Soule brings the family down to Jonathan but does not mention his marriage.

Does anyone have any additional information on this family? Where did Jonathan die? Did he leave a will?

Any assistance / advice is greatly appreciated.

Steve Ferriss in Connecticut

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Martha Everett Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1048467444000
Classification: Query
This is the same line I need documentation for. I believe Jonathan's son George is the father of my great grandmother, Diana Soule Everett.
Do you have anything to indicate who his offspring were?
Where were they born? I don't know where to start. Thank you.

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Posted: 1053306783000
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Jonathan is mentioned in the george Soule "Silver Book" by the Mayflower Society.

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Posted: 1053342241000
Classification: Query
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Hi Martha and Steve,

I might be able to help you if you could add a few more dates to this query. >:) Any information would be great.


Lynde C. Randall
Asst' Historian
Soule Kindred

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Martha Everett Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1054741793000
Classification: Query
I have searched for a week for a letter from another researcher that lists the children of Jonathan Soule. I recall that there were several children, but I cannot find it. If it's any help, her information on the line reads:

1 George Soule m. Mary Becket
2 George m. Deborah Gifford (?)
3 William m. Hannah Brewster (?)
4 George m. Lydia Howland
5 Benjamin m. Elizabeth Davis
6 Jonathan m. Sarah Hatfield
7 Benjamin m. Susanna Norton

Benjamin 7 had a brother, George (B.?) Soule who married Eleanor Clements (b. 1805??)

Their oldest child, Diana (b. April, 1825 in Herkimer County, NY. --- d. about 1900 possibly Elkhart IN) is almost certainly my great grandmother.

She married William Everett, (b. 1822, Farmington, NY--- d. Angola, IN 1859/60) and he bought land in Ingham County, MI in 1842 and 1844.

They evidently had children so frequently that a daughter named Phoebe was shuttled between relatives. Benjamin and 2nd wife, Mahala ( nee Collins) took her in soon after she was born (I think in 1828). She shows up living with Jonathan in one of Matilda's letters. Matilda is Benjamin's daughter.

Hope you can help. Thanks, Martha

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Martha Everett Smith (View posts)
Posted: 1054742909000
Classification: Query
OOPS!! Should hve proofread my message before posting!!

Pheobe Ann Soule was Diana's sister ... NOT her Daughter as it appears!


Pheobe Ann married Simeon P. Collins. They were living in Lenawee County, MI in 1844, and both Pheobe Ann and her mother, "Aunt Ellender" had new baby girls that spring, according to another newsy letter from 16-year-old Matilda (living in Farmington, NY) to brother Caleb in Binghamton, Broome County, NY.

Benjamin Soule and family removed to MI that same year.

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Posted: 1065198620000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Collins, Soule
Finally a break! I have just received a death cert. from Michigan for my husbands 3X great grandma Mahala Dalrymple. Have been searching for her parents for some time now, I have them Martin Gibbs and Marbell Soule. Searching the census Marbell shows up the census as daughter of Benjamin Soule and Mahala. Elsewhere online I have found her as Mahala Collins. And that brings me to you.
In the 1850 census in Lenawee Co, MI Benjamin and Mahala's family consists of Sarah M., Benjamin C. (Collins), Marbell (named as Mabel, in a later census she is Marbell and on her daughter's DC shows Bell), and youngest as Mahala L. (later be been seen on census as Lillis and as Mahala) Marbell named her daughter after her sister and grandmother Mahala Lillis and she married Jay Dalrymple.

You mentioned a Simeon Collins married Phoebe Soule was he a brother to Mahala? I have found in LDS parents for her as Samuel and Lillis Collins, any idea of this is correct?
I am so excited to finally have more info on this line.

I have been finding a lot of differences in the parents of Jonathan, in some places it is Benjamin and Elizabeth and in others it is Rowland and Mary.
And the same thing happens with Lydia Howland her parents are shown as Zoeth Howland makinghim a nephew to the pilgrim John and others show her parents as John son of John the pilgrim.
Very confusing on that part. I will visit the library and take a look at the Mayflower books, and accept what they do until it is proven otherwise.

Anyway can you give me some help with Mahala Collins and her parents and siblings? In meantime will look for Simeon in the census.

Thanks Ila Miller

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Lynde C. Randall (View posts)
Posted: 1065277015000
Classification: Query
Hi Illa and all others that are joined in on this query;

As genealogists for Soule Kindred we weren't quite sure whether to jump in on your question(s) as there are quite a few of you writing back and forth on this "quest". >:) But, we would like to be able to add to the Soule Kindred index, and, also we may have a little of what you want, but I think you have more information that we need. >:) We'll list a few questions and answers.


1. Soule Kindred has No info re: "Marbell" Soule nor any "Mabel" who was a dau. of Benjamin Soule & Mahala Collins. Could you supply any additional info regarding this lineage?
2. In para.#1 of your email are you referring to the 1850 census as you are in the paragraph #2? If, so could you site us the county dwelling and family numbers of this citation?
3. Soule Kindred has no info re: Simeon Collins marrying a Phoebe Soule. Might Phoebe have had a previous marriage to someone with the surname Soule?
4. Benjamin Soule #621/#622 also married a Susanna Norton.
We have arranged a lineage of Benjamin Soule of above.

621 3932 Soule, Benjamin 1790 CFL Collins, Mahala
622 3932 Soule, Benjamin 1790 MAI Norton, Susanna
641 621 Soule, Benjamin C. 1840 CFL Gibbs, Hannah D.
642 621 Soule, Benjamin C. 1840 RID Keyes, Ella
5074 621 Soule, Matilda 1828 CFL Lamb, George R.
6204 621 Soule, Sarah M. 1837 CFL Gibbs, [ ]
2nd marriage
792 622 Soule, Caleb Norton 1818 CFL Haynes, Elizabeth
1831 622 Soule, Elizabeth 1820 LTF Brewster, John
3285 622 Soule, Howland 1815 CFL Conklin, Harriet
3726 622 Soule, Joel 1813 MAI Conklin, Dorcas
4608 622 Soule, Lydia N. 1814 LTF Gage, Benjamin

From your info and our Sarah (Mabella[?[) m. [Martin] Gibbs.

5. I am currently endeavoring to extract all the Soule* families of the 1850 into an 1850 Soule Census Data Base. I have a long way to go by adding approx. 3500 lines that need extracting.

Let us know if we are on the right tract.

C. Jack Sowles
Lynde C. Randall
Soule Kindred Genealogists

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Posted: 1065626378000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1127234668000
Surnames: Soule, Collins, Lamb, Gibbs
1850 census Rollins Twp., Lenawee Co, MI roll M432-355 shows the follwing Soule/Soul families living next door to each other, Page number is not readable online.

Dwelling 522 Family 530
Benjamin Soul Male 60 NY farmer
Mahala Soul Female 44 NY
Sarah M. Female 13 NY
Benjamin C. Male 9 NY
Mabel E Female 7 NY (later seen as Marbell and Bell)
Mahala L. Female 5 MI (later seen as Lillis)

Next door is oldest son of Benjamin
Dwelling 523 Family 531
Joel Soul Male 36 NY farmer
Dorcas Female 36
Susannah Female 15
Alice Female 13
Jonathan Male 12
Azariah Male 9
Malvina Female 6 (Melvina)
Lawrence Male 2
Orlando Male under 1 (can't make out number of months)

George is living next door to his parents Roswell Lamb and Lovina Neff.
Dwelling 497 Family 504
George R. Lamb Male 55 NY Mason
Matilda M. Female 28 NY (Soule)
Nelson Male 2 MI

1860 census Rollin Twp., Lenawee Co, MI
Benjamin Soul 69
Mahala 54
Benjamin C. 19
Hannah D. 20 (his wife)
William Gibbs 23
Mabel (Marbell) 18

George R. Lamb 35
Matilda 32
George 11
Albert 10
Nancy 7
Benjamin 4
Irene 2
Mahala Soule 15 domestic (s/o Matilda, d/o Benj)

1870 census Rollin Twp, Lenawee Co, MI

Mahala Soule 64 Wd housekeeper in the home of Henry Ransom

Lillis Gibbs (Mahala L. d/o Benj & Mahala) 25 MI
Carrie E. Gibbs 6 MI
Betsey Gibbs 87 (grandmother in law) CT
Marbell Gibbs 28 NY (d/o Benj & Mahala)
Marbell 8 MI (Mahala Lillis d/o Wm. Martin and Marbell)
Robert Gibbs 27 MI (h/o Lillis above)

I do not know why the household was listed in such a way and why Robert wasn't first. Living in the preceeding residence was Alphonso Gibbs Robert's father and Betsey was Alphonso's mother his father was Martin.

1870& 1880 census Adams, Hillsdale Co, MI
Geo R Lamb and Matilda
Matilda's mother is in the household count as Mahala Card

1870 & 1880 census Fork, Mecosta Co, MI
John H. Gibbs and Sarah M.

1880 census Rollins, Lenawee Co, MI
Robert Gibbs and Mahala Lillis

1880 census Day Twp, Montcalm Co, MI
1910 census Bushnell Twp, Montcalm Co, MI
Benjamin C. Soule and Luella

Benjamin Soule died 1863 Stanton, Montcalm Co, MI

Mahala Collins Soule Card has an online death record MI
DOD 10 Feb 1881 age 75y1m4d, place of death Fork, Mecosta Co, MI, probably was with daughter Sarah.

Have not located cemetery

Benjamin Jr. died 1911 while living in Bushnell, Montcalm Co, MI.

Since this line has just come together for me I have not done a lot of research, will be visiting the counties later this month to verify records. I do live in MI within 2 hours of the counties involved.

Other information on Benjamin Soule and Mahala Collins
Sarah M. Soule married John H. Gibbs
Mahala Lillis Soule married Robert Gibbs
Marbell (Mabell) E. Soule married William/Martin Gibbs
All three sisters married three Gibbs brothers. They were the sons of Alphonso Gibbs and Mary. All were married in Lenawee Co, MI.
In the 1860 census Marbell is married to William and on her daughters DC it says Martin was her father and Bell Soule her mother. Either William died shortly after the CW and she then married Martin and the son in law never knew of William or he was known by his middle name of Martin. I have not found a Martin Gibbs in the area of the others. This leads me to believe he was William Martin Gibbs. Will keep digging on this.

I don't know anything on Simeon Collins and Phoebe Soule, found a tree where they were listed with her as daughter of George Soule the above Benjamin's brother. No sources were given so was just asking if you knew if this was a connection to Mahala Collins.

Have not been able to locate Marbell/Mabel/Bell Soule Gibbs in the census after 1870 or William Martin Gibbs. I know they were living int he late 1800's and she was certainly alive in 1903 when a four generation photo was taken of her, d/Mahala, gd/Mary, ggd/Neva. Also a photo of Bell and Martin taken around the same time which appears to have had another man in it, but he was cut off. In this photo Wm. Martin was wearing a GAR medal (had a CW expert look at the photo). Both photos were taken in a studio in Edmore, Montcalm Co, MI.

As I come across more info I will let you know.

Ila Miller

Re: Jonathan Soule Dutchess County and Duanesburg, NY to Susquehanna, PA ?

Posted: 1065651616000
Classification: Query
Robert R. Gibbs (age 18) and John H. Gibbs (21) of Rollin, Lenawee Co. MI both enlisted in the 4th MI Infantry on 8/26/1862. Robert was discharged for disability on 3/2/1863. John was discharged for disability on 9/8/1864, he had been wounded at Fredericksburg VA. I didn't find any record of William/Martin having served.
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