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Beegle/Beagle Surname, PA

Beegle/Beagle Surname, PA

June (View posts)
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Surnames: Beegle, Beagle, Guy

I've just started to do research on the Beegle family from PA. I was told they were Pennsylvania-Dutch and that there was a difference between German-Dutch and PA-Dutch.

I married Robt. Beegle from Detroit, Mich. in 1955. My father-in-law was Joseph Homer Beegle, who married Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Guy, also from N. Braddock, PA; that's where my (ex)husband was born; they moved to Detroit where my was a Chrysler Corp. executive. He died in Fla.

Any links??? I have my ex's grandparents names if you think there is a connection. I would love to exchange info.


Beegle/Beagle Surname, PA

Katrinka Beegle Pavlisin (View posts)
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Surnames: Beegle
All my Beegles are from PA. Starting with David and Ellen Beagle.There is also George, John,Catherine and a lot more. Let me know if we can exchange any info. I would like to know if there is a difference between PA-Dutch and German - Dutch. Katrinka

Beegle/Beagle Surname, PA

June (View posts)
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It was a kind of a way to identify with individual tribes, if you know what I mean. It was sort of kidding but not really.
My in-laws (ex) were PA-German (the good guys or the best); the Dutch were the other guys, not their tribe. These are my words and what I have derived from their banter a long time ago. I was married in 1955 and divorced in 1967.
It was an ethnic thing.
Of course, everyone had emigrated from somewhere else, and in my opinion, forming new identities.

Jos. & Margaret Guy Beegle/Allegheny Co., PA

June (View posts)
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What county in PA are your Beegles from. I live in No. Calif.; where are you?

Beegle Name Origin

June (View posts)
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Surnames: Beegle
Do you knw the origin of the Beegle name? I think it's German.

What is the Origin of your name Pavlisim?

Beegle Name Origin

Katrinka Pavlisin (View posts)
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Surnames: Beegle, Pavlisin
I also believe that Beegle is German,but no absolute proof yet.

Pavlisin is Czechoslavakian. My husband's family came here about 1922. they are Slovak

Beegle- PA county

Katrinka Pavlisin (View posts)
Posted: 978963261000
They seem to be in the Beaver Co. area. Also greene. Some distance relatives are in Bedford Co. I live in New Martinsville WV. That is about 45 miles south of Wheeling WV. and abotu a 1 1/2 hour drive from Pittsburg PA.

Scranton Beagles

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My great grandmother was Caatherine Malissa Beagle Comstock. If that is a name you have, please email me at

Re: Name Origin

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You have two diffrent versions the german and English.English Beegle,Beagles.German Bickle,Beigle .at this time early 1700 hundreds and later. you had the german Frederick Beigles coming in through Philadelphia 1736 became a citizen and settled in Loudoun co. Va.At this sasme time you also had the English version of the Beagles and this I feel is Ground Zero VarginaThis is where my gggGrandfatheris from David D. Beegle with his wife Elizabeth Reneau She came from north carolina.So when they started having children the surnames were spelled Beagles But we also find like with my ggrandfather Theopholus mackager Beagles and his brother Alvin w Beagles that after the civil war they are made to sign Oath of Allegiance's to the United states. TM singed Beegles and his brother Alvin signed it Beigles So what is in a surname any way and they were not good spellers to begin with.Later >>Bob Beagles

Re: PA> Beegle/Beagle

Mary (View posts)
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I am looking for information on a Shaddai Isaiah Beighle, born in Allentown, PA, in the 1800's. Oral family tradition said that he was Pennsylvania-Dutch. His mother never learned English, and spoke only German. Shaddai married Mary Elizabeth Lawrence in Trinidad, Colorado. He died in Oklahoma in the 1930's. He had a sister named Alice, who was thought to have lived in Boston. Shaddai was a carpenter.

The headstone spells the name "Beighle" but the marriage certificate spells it "Beigle". (It is pronounced like Beachley.)

Can you help me?
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