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CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Does anyone have any information about the CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath? My ggg grandmother was Ann Cully who married James Bruton in the early 1830s in the RC parish of Kinnegad and civil parish of Killucan.

I see the name in the area but would like to know more. Some say it is a version of McCullough--is that true? Any info on the roots of the Cully family in Ireland? Thanks.

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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There are just 3 Cully's listed in the Westmeath telephone book, 8 in County Meath.16 Bruton's in Meath and 6 in
Co. Westmeath.

An Irish History Foundation a not for profit but fee
paying website has the following, locally collected from parish registers:

The RC Parish of Kinnegad has records for baptisms
from 1827-1899 with a missing year of 1839. Marriages
from 1842-1900 and deaths from 1869-1884.

If there is a birth for Ann Cully 1830 the record would give her father's name and mother's name and maiden name.
Usually the couple married in the bride's parish. I would imagine she married in the 1850's.

I doubt if you would be able to go back in Parish records much earlier because of the dates.

I'm not sure there is a 'truth', about names. Scotland has records that go back a significant time but not Ireland, most Catholics could not read or write and at one time forbidden to go to school. Even by the 190l census you would be amazed how many people still could not read or write.

If you want to see where they lived and details of the property: Griffith Valuations (simple version Parish & Townland see neighbours, landlord, size of

One source of names sugget these varients, Coloe, Cullagh, Culley, McColley, McCully. MacCulley/MacCullough most in the North.Surprisingly Gaelic spelling MacCu'Uladh meaning Hound of Ulster. Culloo being rare although a mention of Coloe as being old. Mostly names Mc are Scots, probably those brought over as farmers from Scotland after Cromwell
s invasion. Mostly settled in the north.

The name Bruton has variations also Brewton, Burren/Brutton, Brutan/Bruten, mostly known in Dublin
area, originally English from the Somerset area. The family might of gone over to Ireland as part of the Cromwell
invasion as the name sounds french/norman and many of his
supports were from the south of England, Wales, Cornwall
area where many Norman names resided. for civil registrations 1864+
and copied microfilm from the National Library in Dublin.
available on the above website by scrolling down the main
page to records UK/Ireland, click, next page scroll down to the left and find Ireland (6).

Annette Code

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Thank you, Annette. I do have much of this info but I appreciate the time you took on it.

The IFHF is not accurate in the dates it gives for its records. I have looked at the microfilm for Kinnegad parish at the National Library in Dublin and the parish records don't really go back that far except a few here and there. Many records are missing or illegible. I would guess this is true of most old records. So if your family member is not doesn't mean they weren't there.

The reason Irish records don't go back as far as those of some other nations is that the Catholic church was illegal in Ireland until 1829, altho 90% of the population was Catholic. I will say no more.

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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I think they mean just for the records they have.

Although I did some parish registers in Wicklow and one of the births I was able to get from the registers is not on roots when the records became available on line.
Roots only put on what is given them by their local genealogy office member. When I asked them if they wanted the persons details that weren't in their records they told me to contact the Wicklow office.

I did but they never answered. I do know they collected the local parish registers and transcribed the information themselves before joining roots. I was in the office for an appointment with the Archivist and she had just returned from the Church. Errors are made I guess as we are all human, but this is so important. One of the reasons there are so many errors in the Latter Day Saints materials is that 'students' did the copying of the parish records from
the National Library.

The Earl Fitzwilliam built Catholic Churches and schools on his lands before 1829 as well as Protestant. I think he was the Member of Parliament from the area as well as the Deputy Lieutenant Governer for Ireland. Or some such position. He came into
disfavour as he was in favour of returning of land to the irish.


Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Yes, Annette, many errors are in those transcribed records. Some parishes were done more accurately than others, I find. Whoever did Kinnegad didn't even bother to enter baptismal sponsors' names tho they are there on the microfilm and of course the original parish register. As you well know yourself, knowing who family and close friends were is a critical clue in digging up our family history.

I was told those microfilms are available thru LDS family search centers here in the US. Is that true? If so, it would be well worth the trip.

And the Earl Fitzwilliam, if that info is accurate, was an exception.

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Yes, the FW#4 family were an exeption, but they had a sympathetic Estate Agent as well. This changed after he died
and his son appointed new estate agents, one fired because of being a jerk then he appointed his brother in law and things
became better but not like before.

LDS should have the microfilm in Salt Lake City, however, you can phone a local Heritage Center and see if they have it or they can order it in. See for the parish's and their #'s.

I don't have a lot of experience as I've only been to mine
twice to look for Guernsey Is. records which they had in.
Photocopying was about $1.00 a page but compared to the
National Archives in Dublin at 3 Euro a page it was a bargain. Plus if you have a note book you don't need to pay.
A light blue sheet of paper on the screen helps you to read the film and restful on the eyes.


Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Hope this link still works after these years.
My Cully's are from Delvin, Co. Westmeath. My great-grandfather was Peter Cull(e)y who married a Plunkett. His brother, Thomas, was the stewart to the Greville-Nugent family, the local aristocracy. Thomas went by the name 'Boss' as he was tasked with handing out jobs on the estate. Their father was Michael Cully who married a Ms. Molloy.
They are all buried in their own plot immediatly behind the Delvin Catholic church (not in the graveyard), which was probably a function of Thomas' influence in having the Greville-Nugent family subscribe to funding construction of the church. Th pulpit in the church is engraved as a gift of Thomas Cully.
According to my grandmothers' (Peter's daughter in law) oral history, years ago, there were 3 brothers at Hill of Down and had to go their separate ways based on financials (the diaspora ??).

Tom Cully
Howe Sound, BC

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Thanks, Tom. Interesting additions to the Cully/Culley families in Meath and Westmeath. There were quite a few of them, as can be seen in the Catholic parish records that came online two years ago. A lot of info there for the patient.

Re: CULLY family in Westmeath or Meath

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Surnames: Carty, Cully, Hope
I am searching for Cullys in Westmeath as well. I was able to trace my 4x Great Grandmother, Ann Cully (who married Henry Hope 13 Nov 1843 in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland):

Name: Ann Cully
Date of Baptism: 05-Nov-1824
Parish/District: COLLINSTOWN
County: Westmeath
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Father: Patrick Cully
Mother: Elizabeth Carty
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