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Harvey Genealogy

Harvey Genealogy

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Surnames: Harvey
I'm looking for the names of the parents of my GGGrandfather, J W Harvey, b. 1824 in VA. He married Emily J. (don't know her maiden name) b. 1827 in VA. J W and Emily moved to Van Buren, Keokuk, IA where my GGrandfather, James L. Harvey was born in 1846.

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Correction: My GGrandfather, James L. Harvey, was b. in Virginia and not in Van Buren, Keokuk, IA.

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Charles Harvey (View posts)
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Ron, some of my Harvey's moved to VanBuren Twp., Keokuk Co. IA..from Hampshire Co., VA -now WV around 1854. see below. Charles

Descendants of Gazaway Harvey, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. Gazaway3 Harvey, Sr. (William2, William1) was born June 11, 1776 in Frederick Co, MD now (now Montgomery Co. MD). He married unkown.

Children of Gazaway Harvey and unkown are:
+ 2 i. James B.4 Harvey, born 1810 in Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV ); died August 22, 1893 in VanBuren Twp., Keokuk Co. IA..
+ 3 ii. Gazaway Harvey, Jr., born Abt. 1814 in Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV ); died January 26, 1879 in VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA..
+ 4 iii. Eliza Harvey, born March 28, 1817 in Hamsphire Co., VA now WV; died April 15, 1891 in Keswick, Iowa.
+ 5 iv. Hezekiah R. Harvey, born 1820 in VA now WV.

Generation No. 2

2. James B.4 Harvey (Gazaway3, William2, William1) was born 1810 in Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV ), and died August 22, 1893 in VanBuren Twp., Keokuk Co. IA.. He married Mary Elizabeth Jane " Elizabeth" Junkins September 22, 1833 in Hampshire Co., VA ( now Mineral Co., WV), daughter of Benjarmin Junkins and Elizabeth //. She was born October 23, 1813 in Hampshire Co. VA, (now Mineral Co., WV ), and died December 04, 1900 in VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA..

Notes for James B. Harvey:
Could this James B. Harvey b. 1810, and Gazaway Harvey b. Abt. 1812 be the sons of Gazaway Harvey b. 7-1-1779 son William Harvey Jr. and Margaret Beall ( Bell ) ? ( Probable )

More About James B. Harvey:
Burial: Johnson Cem., VanBuren Twp., Keokuk Co. IA.

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Jane " Elizabeth" Junkins:

I am trying to gather information on the James and Mary HARVEY family, from Van Buren Twp., Keokuk Co., Iowa. I have a mystery I am trying to solve. I believe my ancestor, Augustus L. HARVEY, adopted the name HARVEY from the family he was raised by. On the 1860 census, an A.L. ANDERSON, age 8, is listed with Jane ANDERSON (30), James (50) and Mary (46) HARVEY, and Rachel FRIEND (18). On the 1870 census, A.L. ANDERSON (18) is listed as a farm laborer at the HARVEY's farm. (No Jane) Then in 1880 he is listed as Augustavus L. (27), border at the HARVEY's. Later that year, Augustavus marries using the last name of HARVEY and uses in throughout his life. He even refers to James and Mary as his parents on legal documents. According to census, Mary was childless. The HARVEY's did leave Augustus property in their will and they are all buried together. I believe Mary had a sister named Jane JUNKINS (married name).
Any information on this family would be greatly! appreciated! Thank you

Robyn Ashton

Mary Elizabeth Jane Junkins married James B. Harvey in Virginia ( now WV ). They had no children, and came to Iowa in 1855 a year after Gazaway and Ruth and family came.

In the Will of Mary Elizabeth Jane Harvey, She leaves land to Augustus L. A. Harvey and John S. Junkins. A sum of one doller each was left to : James W. Junkins, Nelson Junkins, Margaret Cole, Marion ,( could be Howard ) Junkins, Martha Grossman and Benjamin Junkins. The remained was to be divided between John S. Junkins and Augustus L. A. Harvey. ( Augustus Luther Anderson Harvey ) took the name Harvey while with living with James B. Harvey and Mary Elizabeth Jane Junkins Harvey. Benjamin, husband of Elizabeth Mary Jane, had a sister, Margaret Junkins, that married James Anderson 3-20-1820. Augusta went to live with James B. and Mary Elizabeth Harvey at a early age. He came with them from Viginia to Iowa in 1855 at the age 18 months.

Mary Elizabeth Jane's uncle, John W. Junkins second wife was Elizabeth Anderson b. 4-25-1816. Could James Anderson and Elizabeth be related to Augustus? Need more info on the Anderson family.

I suspect that Augustus' mother may be the Jane ANDERSON listed on the 1860
federal census, age 30 and living w/ James and Mary HARVEY, Racheal FRIEND
(18), and A.L. ANDERSON (8). I have not been able to find out what happened to this Jane - maybe she married, died or moved away. Of course, she could have been married and they gave her
maiden name too... The only reason I say that is this family never gave the same answer twice
Augustus HARVEY is my GG Grandfather. ( Robyn Ashton - June 2001 )
More About Mary Elizabeth Jane " Elizabeth" Junkins:
Burial: Johnson Cem., VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA.

More About James Harvey and Mary Junkins:
Marriage: September 22, 1833, Hampshire Co., VA ( now Mineral Co., WV)

Child of James Harvey and Mary Junkins is:
+ 6 i. Augustus Luther Anderson5 Harvey, born March 27, 1852 in Hampshire Co. ( now Mineral Co. ) WV; died August 13, 1910 in Keokuk Co., IA.

3. Gazaway4 Harvey, Jr. (Gazaway3, William2, William1) was born Abt. 1814 in Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV ), and died January 26, 1879 in VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA.. He married (1) Ruth Junkins, daughter of Benjarmin Junkins and Elizabeth //. She was born Abt. 1817 in Hampshire Co. VA (now Mineral Co.), W.Va., and died 1856 in VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA.. He married (2) Mahala Nelson November 04, 1860. She was born in Illinois.

Notes for Gazaway Harvey, Jr.:
Could this Gazaway Harvey b. Abt. 1814 be the son of Gazaway Harvey b. 7-11-779 son William Harvey Jr. and Margaret Beall ( Bell ) ?
Could Gazaway Harvey b. Abt. 1814 and James B. Harvey b. 1810 be brothers ?

( The answer probable Yes ) From the notes of Nellie ( Mary Ellen Harvey ) daughter of Ruth Junkins Harvey and Gazaway Harvey. ( Charles William Harvey- March 2000 )

I believe Gazaway born in Hampshire about 1814 and James B. also born in Hampshire about1810 are her ( Eliza ) brothers, sons of Gazaway, Sr.. Henry and Eliza Harvey White moved to Garnett Co. Md. and had 4 children. They moved to Van Buren,Keokuk Co. Ia. in 1854. This is about the same time that Gazaway and James moved from Van Buren. ( Barbara Rowell ) 2001

1850 census, Virginia, Hampshire County, District 24, taken Sept 30, 1850
by Thomas White. Do not have page #. Image #38.
All born in Virginia. "Gazaway" and "Ruth" are shown unable to read or write.
None of the children are shown as having attended school. 1048/1048
"Gazaway Harvey", WM age 36 (1814), Laborer, No Real Estate. "Ruth", WF
age 34 (1816). "Benjamin", WM age 12 (1838). "Horace", WM age 9 (1841).
"Mary", WF age 6 (1844). "James", WM age 4 (1846). "Charles", WM age 2
(1848). "Nancy", WF age 3/12 (about June, 1850). ( Sam Bowser )

More About Gazaway Harvey, Jr.:
Burial: VanBuren Twp, Keokuk Co. IA.

Notes for Ruth Junkins:
Ruth Junkins Married Gazaway Harvey in Virginia and they had 9 Children, all born in Hampshire Co., ( now Mineral Co., WV ) on the plantation of the father of Ruth. They came to Iowa in 1854, lived in half the log cabin of another brother of Gazaway ( not James Harvey, who came one year later ) that first winter in Iowa.

Nellie gave no name for the brother of her father, in her life story, only that they spent that first winter there.

Ruth died in 1856 and Gazaway married a second time on November 4, 1860, Mahala Nelson from Illinois, and they had just one daughter--- Hester J. Harvey b 1863

Children of Ruth Junkins, born in 1817 in Hampshire County, Virginia, second child of Benjamin and Elizabeth Mary Jane Junkins, and her husband Gazaway Harvey, born 1812 in Virginia, probably Hampshire County as the Harvey family was affiliated with the Brethren Church in the capacity of ministers as well as members for over one hundred years in the Hampshire/ Mineral County area, are as follows:


1. Benjamin Junkins Harvey b. 18 Mar 1836

2. William Cullen Harvey died in infancy

3. Elizabeth Harvey died at 7 yrs.

4. Horace Hollin Harvey b. 13 Aug 1842

5. Mary Ellen "Nellie" Harvey b. 23 Jun 1844

d. after 1934

6. James Herman Harvey b. 2 Nov 1848

7. Charles D. Harvey b. I I Oct 1849

8. Nancy Susan Ann Harvey b. 1850

9. Catherine Martha Harvey b. 21 Mar 1851

Ruth died in 1856 and Gazaway married a second time on 4 November 1860, Mahala Nelson from Illinois, and they had just one daughter:

10. Hester J. Harvey
b. 1863

Re: Harvey Genealogy

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Charles, I appreciate the information you sent me, but I haven't had time to see if there are relatives of mine hidden in there.

This is information I recently received about my GGGrandparents that I thought you might want to look at:

1. J. W. HARVEY (my gggrandfather) b. 1/13/1824 in VA
d. 3/20/1895 in IA Married Emily J. (Unknown)
b. 11/25/1825/27 d. 9/6/1902 in IA

2. James Lewis Harvey ( my ggrandfather) b. 4/26/1846 in
2. Aquilla C. Harvey b. 1848 in VA
2. John G. Harvey b. 1849 in VA
2 Joab Harvey b. 1850 in VA
2 George B. Harvey b. 1853 in IA
2 Sarah P. Harvey b. 1856 in IA
2 Mary C. Harvey b. 1858 in IA

Let me know if you have questions or want more details.

Re: Harvey Genealogy

Charles W. Harvey (View posts)
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Ron, I think this is your family below. I come down from Aquilla Sharpless Too. On the Harvey's, I come down from Rezin brother, Elijah Harvey. I see the first three children were born in VA, now WV, and the other three born in IA, Looks like you found a cousin. Charles

Descendants of John W. Harvey

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN W.4 HARVEY (REZIN (REASON)3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1825 in Elk Garden, Hampshire Co, WV (now Mineral Co., WV). He married ELIZABETH "EMILY" SHARPLESS December 09, 1847 in Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV), daughter of AQUILLA SHARPLESS and SARAH TICHINEL. She was born 1826 in Elk Garden, Hampshire Co, WV (now Mineral Co., WV).

Notes for JOHN W. HARVEY:
1850 census Virginia, District 24, Image 38 taken Sept. 30, 1850-
"Nancy" born in MD; all others born in VA. 1052/ 1052
"Nancy Harvey", WF age 72 (1778), born in MD. "John W. Harvey", WM age 25. "Emily",
WF age 21 (1829). "James", WM age 6 (1844). "Aquilla", WM age 4 (1846). "John Gohean",
WM age 1/12 (Aug. 1850). "Mary Tasker", WF age 65 (1785).
Could this be Mary Brant, wife of Benjamin Tasker ( Sam Bowser )

Marriage: December 09, 1847, Hampshire Co., VA (now Mineral Co., WV)

i. JAMES5 HARVEY, b. 1844, Hampshire Co. VA (Mineral Co. WV).
ii. AQUILLA HARVEY, b. 1846, Hampshire Co. VA (Mineral Co. WV).
iii. JOHN GOHUN OR GOHEAN HARVEY, b. August 1850, Hampshire Co. VA (Mineral Co. WVV).

Re: Harvey Genealogy

Posted: 1078199283000
Classification: Query
Charles, I appreciate the 1850 census information you sent me, and I'm glad to find another Harvey cousin. I may have more questions for you later on.

Re: Harvey Genealogy

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Surnames: Harvey
I don't know if you can help me, I'm looking for any family member who is related to William A. Harvey. He married Anna Bechtol. He was born in TN. He was born in March 1868. I do know they lived in Walnut Ridge, AR that is where my grandmother Opal was born in 1894. His children were Opal, Ophelia, Ruby, Inez, Lorine, Celestia, and Edwin Jacob (Jake). Please let me know if you are connected. I have no more information on him.
Linda A. Collard

Re: Harvey Genealogy

Charles Harvey (View posts)
Posted: 1087139768000
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Linda, sorry, Ron and my Harvey's are from Maryland and West Virginia. Garrett Co., MD and Mineral Co., WV. Sorry that I can't help.
Charles W. Harvey

Re: Harvey Genealogy

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This post is most interesting to us. My girlfriend is a HARVEY, but we have been stonewalled in PA in the 1850's. Some of the other surnames in her lines came from Garret Co. Maryland, and we suspect that her HARVEY's may have come from there or from WV. The earliest HARVEY we have found in her line is Richard b. 1857 in Connelsville, Fayette Co., PA. His father is UNK and mother is Hester or Hesler ?. She decends as follows: Richard, Frank, b. 1885, d. 1919, Frank, b. 1916, d. 1969, Gerald, b. 1938, d. 1994. Other surnames traced to MD are MANAHAN, WILT, FOX. BROADWATER. One of Richard children moved from PA to MD, and was there when he died. Does any of this fit?
Pete & Tonya

Re: Harvey Genealogy

Charles Harvey (View posts)
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Pete, Sorry, I don't have a Richard who's father was born in the UK. This could be another Harvey line. There was another Harvey line that also came from Frederick Co., MD and moved to Washington Co., PA. I have no info on this line. I do have the sir names Wilt, Fox and Broadwater in my family file. If you could give me some data on these names, maybe I can come up with something. Charles
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