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Naylor in Trenton nj early 1900's

Naylor in Trenton nj early 1900's

Robert Pisauro (View posts)
Posted: 970307110000
My great grandfather Michael Pisauro Married Naomi Naylor in 1910. I have traced naomi back to her father Johnson Naylor, his father Thomas M Naylor, who was married to Francenia Douglas, and I believe thomas Naylors father was Named Johnson Naylor and he was from west amwell NJ Hunterdon county. this Johnson Naylor Married a woman named Mahala Malaby in 1828 in hunterdon county. I am trying to tie all this together. if anyone know any of these people, please post reply or e-mail me

Thomas M Naylor

Posted: 970317200000
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I am curious about your Thomas Naylor.
My father is Chapman Kirk Naylor, b 1905, PA
His father is Robert M Naylor, b Bucks PA
His father is David Reeder Naylor,b. Bucks PA
His father is Thomas Naylor born in 1793 in NJ. When and where is your Thomas Naylor born. Could they be the same person

Reply about Thomas Naylor

Robert Pisauro (View posts)
Posted: 970401104000
The Thomas Naylor who was my great grandfathers father, was born in 1830 in west amwell, Hunterdon county New Jersey. However, Thomas M Naylor's father Johnson Naylor, who was born between 1795-1800 could have been your thomas Naylors brother. I am still trying to tie a lot of this together. I am in the process of getting the marriage record of Johnson Naylor and His wife Mahala Malaby. they were married in 1828 in hunterdon county NJ.

Thomas Naylor

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Keep us posted, with what you find out. Thanks.

Johnson NAILOR, Huntterdon Co., NJ

Deborah Naylor/Farhar (View posts)
Posted: 970557698000
Hi Robert,

Are you looking for:

1830, Amwell Twp., p. 330 NAILOR, Johnson
1 male 20-30 1 female 15-20
(1800-1810) (1810-1815)
1 male 60-70 1 female 50-60
(1760-1770) (1770-1780)

1840, Amwell Twp., p. 322 NAILOR, Johnson
2 male 0-5 2 female 0-5
(1835-1840) (1835-1840)
1 male 10-15 1 female 10-15
(1825-1830) (1825-1830)
1 male 20-30 1 female 20-30
(1810-1820) (1810-1820)
1 male 30-40

1850, p. 240 E West Amwell, NAYLOR. Johnson
Johnson 49 Susan 24
(b. 1801) (b. 1826)
James W. 3 Rebecca 18
(b. 1847) (b. 1832)

1860 Johnson not found

1860, p. 7 Delaware Twp. #41-41
James W. Naylor age 13 living with James Fisher

1870, p. 64 Delaware Twp. #481-539
NAILOR, James 25 NAILOR, Lydia 31
NAILOR, Ann R. 4

If so, and you will fill in the above blanks, then ...

Johnson NAILOR/NAYLOR m. 6 Sep 1828 in Lambertville, Hunterdon Co., NJ to Mahala Mahaby by Studdiford, P., Minister, Presbyterian Church, Lambertville, NJ., filed 9 Jun 1830. [FHL #0807006] (I will also double check the resource and give you the full title and entry).

I do have your genealogy done back to the Brick Wall, but your wall is pretty shakey.

If you wish this information, I will be happy to post it.

Deborah in OK

Naomi Naylor Pisauro

Deborah Naylor/Farhar (View posts)
Posted: 970591636000
Hi Robert,

NAYLOR, Johnson b. NJ, ae 66
NAYLOR, Augusta b. Germany, ae 64 (N)
NAYLOR, Frank b. NJ, ae. 39
NAYLOR, Emma b. NJ, ae 16 grandchild
NAYLOR, Dorothy b. NJ, ae 16 grandchild
PISAURE, Naomie L. b. NJ, ae 37 daughter
PISAURE, Frank b. NJ, ae. 8 son

They lived 131 Hewitt Street, Trenton.?

Francenia NAYLOR will 1900 (6404K)?

NAYLOR, Johnson b. Nov 1853, ae. 46 NJ
-131 Hewitt Street, Trenton, NJ
NAYLOR, Augusta b. Nov 1855, ae. 44 b. Germany (NR)
NAYLOR, Warren b. Mar 1878, ae. 22, b. NJ
NAYLOR, Frank b. Sep 1879, ae. 20, b.. NJ
NAYLOR, Naomi b. Jan 1882, ae. 18, b. NJ

With your Johnson being b. 1853 in NJ - is it possible that his father Thomas was the Thomas Naylor, age 20, male, wheelwright, born in New Jersey, living in the household of Jeremiah Craft, age 29, Laborer?

See Message #298, posted Sept 27, 2000 from Mary Mild "Subject: Smith and Thomas Naylor, 1850 Census-Hopewell".

Do you know what the "M." in Thomas M. Naylor stands for?

Thomas and Franceonia had a female born named Mehala NAYLOR in Trenton, NJ on 1 Nov 1858?

Forgive any mispelling, this is what is on some of the photocopies that I have.

Robert M. Naylor, Bucks Co., PA

Deborah Naylor/Farhar (View posts)
Posted: 970591998000
Hi Mary,

What does the M. stand for in your Robert Naylor's name?

Robert M. Naylor, Bucks Co., PA

Deborah Naylor/Farhar (View posts)
Posted: 970592044000
Hi Mary,

What does the M. stand for in your Robert Naylor's name?

Robert M. Naylor

Posted: 970674335000
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Don't know, wish I did.
I know it is his middle initial, as I have his marriage licence. It could stand for Robert McNeely which is his mother's (Elizabeth McNeely) father's name, but I do not know for sure.
This family has a habit of giving children the names of people they know, using first and middle names. For instance David Reeder Naylor is named for David Reeder. No where have I seen the middle name spelled out.

naylor family

robert pisauro (View posts)
Posted: 970684145000
All the people in your posting are my family. Johnson Naylor is the father of Thomas m naylor. thomas in turn had a son named Johnson. this was my great grandfather and yes they lived at 131 hewitt st. I have thomas naylors civil war dress sword, given to me by my father, who got it from naomi naylor pisauro my great grand mother. i want to trace this naylor family as far back as i can in the usa. all of this help is just great. thank you very much
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