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James Handibode

James Handibode

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Hello. I am looking for any information on my grandfather James Handibode. I know he came from Horseleap and was buried there when he died in 1930. Prior to that he was living in Dublin.He had married Catherine Birmingham and had 3 children, one of whom is my mother who is now 86yrs old. We would love to visit his grave.

Re: James Handibode

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There is a grave stone with the following in Horseleap Cemetary as i noted it on a visit last year.

In loving memory of The Handibode families
Ballinamill and Streamstown

Re: James Handibode

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Wow, what a find. If you want earlier information you can look up where they lived, who the landlord was and what the property consisted of. This will be in Griffith Valuations, free on

Griffith Valuation is used as a census substitute and there is no other to 1901/1911 census. There are 17 listed in the 1911, mostly Streamstown. This will have occupations for you.

The 1911 has no James Handibode, nor does the 1901. I think with a name like this they would all be related especially as they basically come from the same townlands.

In Griffith Valuation 1854 there is just one Handibody in Westmeath.

Mary Handibode, Parish of Dysart, Townland Rathnamuddah,
Union of Mullingar tenant of Sir F. Hopkins, Bt.

21a house, outbuilding and land 30.3.17
21b rented to Bridget Dignam by Mary Handibode

At that time she is the only Handibode in Ireland, most likely a widow as property is usually leased in the husband's name but with approval can be transferred.

Baptism/Birth and marriage records for Westmeath are located on an Irish History Foundation website, it is a non profit but does charge fees. I can't put its name here.
It certainly would be an easy name to find records for.

The only other record I found for this name is in the
Irish Wills Index.(most Wills destroyed by fire 1922)
Meath Diocese:

John Handibode 1835, executor Owen Handibode,Ballyhast
it is a will transcript and kept at the National Archives
1WR/1835/F/128 Vol.No. 4/236/26

Owen Handibode, Ballyharte is also the executor for Richard Geoghegan in 1830, so perhaps he is a lawyer or related??
Will Transcript 1WR/1830/F/482 Vol. No. 4/236/7 has civil records from 1864 to about 1950 it has birth, marriages and deaths which give an estimated birth year.

Information about the Townland Streamstown you can see on a posting dated today Oct. 5 for Conlave.

There are two Handibode's listed 'nearby' Westmeath and both are in Leixlip, County Kildare, both Joe but different addresses. Might be worth writing them for some family history. They must be related. Stamps are inexpensive genealogy.I wouldn't say that in the normal context but the name is so unusual. too bad that gravestone didn't have more detail some can be like a family tree.

The CD of Church of Ireland marriages from 1845-1862 didn't like the spelling of Handibode.

Annette Code

Re: James Handibode

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Although I have no in formation on the present Handibode family (Handebode is spelling sometimes used)the John Handebode you have found--Well Done--- is my Great Great Great Grandfather. His son Owen had a daughter Rose who married Owen Colgan.
John Handibode built his home in Ballyhast in 1798 the year of the rebellion.

Re: James Handibode

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I have a CD with the Claims and Compensation from 1798 and so I had a look at all the H, surnames:

Samuel Westby Handy, Bracca Castle, Westmeath
claim for property in Killala, Mayo
for cattle, hay, meadows 5 hundred and 68 pounds, 17 shillings and 0 pence, no record of any compensation?

So back to the marriages in Westmeath under just Handy!

Jane Handy married Edward Featherstone H(Fetherstoneha?)
17 October 1855 Clonfadforan, Westmeath
Fa: Cuthbert Featherston H.
Fa: Wesley Handy

Elizabeth Handy, married 24 Sept 1856 Frederick Lamport Barnard age 43 Moylescor, Westmeath #101379
Fa: Edward Barnard
Wife's fa: William Fetherston (step father, uncle?)

Jane Handy married Joel Dunsmore 26 April, 1856 Mullingar, Westmeath #101379
Fa: Nicholas Handy
Fa: John Dunsmore

Tried *Han* search

Handy, Hannaford, Hannan, Hannin, Hankinson in Westmeath

variations of the name Handibode?


Re: James Handibode

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I have info regarding the Streamstown and Dublin Handibodes, includding your James Handibode. You can contact me at this address (
and I will share what I know.
Gabriel Handibode attended a reunion in the states with his son years ago and I was there.
Frank Handibode

Re: James Handibode

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Surnames: Colgan, Handibode
This is very interesting information! Owen of Ballyhast, co Westmeath. He was married to the Colgans, whose genealogy I am working on - that is all of them. I have a 'Colgan Day' scheduled for Spa Hotel, Lucan, Co Dublin, on Sat, 14th Sept, 2013 - free to all Colgans. What I would like to know is: where did the Handibode's originate? It is not an Irish name. They are said to have come to Horseleap in 1798, but from where, if that be the case. JohnColgan at

Re: James Handibode

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Surnames: Colgan, Handibode
Like to know more of the origins of he Handibodes.. As it was 1798, I wonder was he an officer in the English militia or army, this being a year of rebellion? Or were they Hugeneot refugees? I will try and attach a picture of Ballyhast House, which I took recently. If you are in Leixlip, you will get me in the phone book there - last entry for Colgans! johncolgan at

Re: James Handibode

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Sounds like a challenging search. I did find the name in a surname history website which you have probably seen already. Handibode's you could correspond with.

It is an ancient name for sure as the history goes well back in time in a variety of countries.

I checked a British website and found no Handibode's at all.

You can check with the National Archives in Kew for a link to military records.

Just a thought if there were any foreign troops in Ireland, German Hussar's could be hired to fight in anyone's wars.


Re: James Handibode

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Another good website is
It shows many Handibodes in Westmeath, Offally and Dublin.
This is a subscription site but it also has a "pay as go" facility. It also offers a 14 day free trial which would give you time to download all the Handibode data.
The border between Westmeath and Offally is right in middle of Horseleap- Westmeath to the East and Offally to the west. It is likely that this area of Offaly would have Tullamore as its B, M and D registration location.
Hope this helps in your search.
Good luck.
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