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More Native American Information

More Native American Information

Elmer Lewis Hicks (View posts)
Posted: 995716820000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: All tribes listed here
I have given you more information than most on all Native American Indians all tribes
more information here at:

Re: More Native American Information

Linda ( Byrd ) Williams (View posts)
Posted: 1022618518000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hicks, Horn & Byrd
Elmer, I was looking at the Hicks messages and saw your messages.It sounds to me like you are someone who knows about Elsie Hicks, her husband Jeremiah Horn, and Elizabeth Horn ( b. 1818 ).I am the GGgranddaughter of Elizabeth Horn and Samuel Byrd. I am the GGGgranddaughter of Rev. Jeremiah Horn. The info. I have is Jeremiah Horn was married to a "White" woman, unsure if that is her surname or her ethnicity,they had Thomas Calhoun Horn(b.1814),and Elizabeth Horn(b.Aug.05,1818). Jeremiah Horn married Elsie Hicks(1818). Any way you look at it Elsie was Elizabeths stepmom or mom,she was raised by Elsie Hicks. I heard somewhere that Thomas married an Indian and became the Chief when her dad died.It just seems strange to me that a "white" man could ever become the Chief of the Cherokee. Does this mean that Thomas & Elizabeth were adopted by Elsie Hicks-Horn and they became Indians??? I have just started my search for my roots and any help you can and will give me would be great. My line is as follows: Rev. Jeremiah Horn(b.1794) & "Unknown", Elizabeth Horn(b.1818) & Samuel Byrd(b.1814), Rev.Pleasant Wesley Byrd(b.1847) & Rachel Marinda Riggs, William (? Zedok-Zadock ?) Byrd(b.1873) & Minnie Bell Teague, Ira Sylvester Byrd (b.1894) & Lois Shuflin. I don't know if they took photos back then but would love to have photos of my grandparents. Do you have info. for me? or photos?? You can e-mail me at ( ). I thought maybe Elsie wrote down the name of Elizabeths mom, maybe it's in Jeremiahs Bible. Please help me find this info.,thanks a bunch,Linda

Re: More Native American Information

elmer lewis hicks (View posts)
Posted: 1022630840000
Classification: Query
I just sent yoou a private email on this, elmer

Re: More Native American Information

renee Perkins (View posts)
Posted: 1101987258000
Classification: Query
Hello Mr Elmer
I'm hunting wabbits too <LOL>
can I get this info also .

Re: More Native American Information/ HICKS and Cherokee History

Dolores Cobb Phifer (View posts)
Posted: 1101995481000
Classification: Query
Surnames: HICKS, BYRD
Hello Linda. I can't take too much time now... my dad has recently just crossed over and I am still trying to get things done. But, I did notice that you mentioned Hicks and American Indian and also Cherokee. Do a google search on HICKS and Cherokee and you will see lots. I am descended from Nathan HICKS who married Na'He'Hi' (not Nancy Ward... her name is spelled differently). I am through one of their daughters. Their sons William HICKS and Charles Renatus HICKS were great and powerful Cherokee Chiefs... of the Cherokee Nation. If you search on HICKS and me... then you will find my Cherokee HICKS' line and the links that I have used to find out more about my line. Please feel free to keep in touch... but just can't take the time now for obvious reasons. Run the Google searches and look for my postings and also look for my postings here on this board as well.

By the way... BYRD also shows up among the Cherokee mixed-blood surnames as well.

Nathan HICKS' and/or his parents came from England I believe... and if I remember correctly... he was a Trader.

Hope this helps.
Dolores Cobb Phifer

Re: More Native American Information

Dolores Cobb Phifer (View posts)
Posted: 1101997157000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hicks, Holt, Scott, Long, Walker, Oconostota, Conrad, Ryan, Bonner, Dougherty, Linder, Clanton, Rogers
Hello Elmer. I can't seem to get this link to work? Did you move?

I thinks that we may be related through Nathan Hicks and his Cherokee wife... Na'Ye'He'... it appears that you are out of one of their sons and I out of one of his daughters.

Some of my surnames on my Cherokee side: Hicks, Holt, Scott, Long, Walker, Oconostota, Conrad, Ryan, Bonner, Dougherty, Linder, Clanton, Rogers

Please fell free to write me off list.

Dolores Cobb Phifer
Chickamauga Cherokee Wolf Clan

Re: More Native American Information

Posted: 1297527203000
Classification: Query
I'm an ancestor of Evan Hicks--I'd like this information if you are willing to share. Please let me know!


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