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Casper Walters

Casper Walters

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I am looking for any information on a Casper Walters born abt 1744 died 1818. I belive his wife was Mary. He had a daughter Mary Frances Walters Born in Pa. The family may have relocated to Ohio becuase Mary married Peter Lamb in fairfield county, Ohio in 1811.

Re: Casper Walters

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Casper moved to Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, OH, about 1804. He had a will, there are land records, and his name appears in a History of Fairfield and Perry Counties (available online).

I am tracing Michael S. Walters who lived in Hocking Twp and may have been the Michael who bought a lot in Lancaster, OH, in 1803.

Bill Summers

Re: Casper Walters

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Surnames: Walters, Anderson
I found this information on Michael S. Walters at I am looking for Michael's parents. I am aware of Casper Walters, but have not be able to make a connection to my Michael S. Walters who was born Aug. 14, 1774 in Philadelplhia and died Feb. 13, 1861 in Bradner, Wood Co. Ohio. His wife was Elizabeth Anderson born 1776 in Delaware and died July 27, 1846 in Bradner, Wood, Ohio. Do you have a copy of Casper's will or know where to find it? Hope this helps and thanks for anything you can provide about Casper.

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Below is a letter I wrote that should help answer your question. After writing the letter, I did research at the Fairfield County courthouse and genealogical society building in Lancaster, OH. Based on name similarities, it seems there MIGHT be a relationship between Michael and Casper, but I do not believe it was father/son. A Jacob Walters (born 177501780) lived adjacent to Michael in Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co, OH, and they may have been brothers. But that Jacob was not Jacob, son of Casper in Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, OH (see below).

There are 15-20 genealogies on Ancestry that list a Solomon and Elizabeth Walters of Knox Co, OH, and ADOPT the 1808 marriage of Michael and Elizabeth in Ross Co, OH, as well their burial place ... Bradner, Wood Co, OH. Evidently, these genealogies claim the "S" on Michael S. Walters' tombstone stands for Solomon. And now, the letter:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am interested in lookup research at the Fairfield County Genealogical Society Library. I imagine early marriages, wills/estates, land partitions, indentures, guardianships, histories, newspaper abstracts, and church and cemetery records might be searched. Please advise me regarding payment arrangements.

My ancestors, Michael and Elizabeth (Anderson) Walter(s) once lived in Hocking Township, Fairfield County. Their children were Susannah, Pauline, John, Joseph, Johanna, and Emanuel. My questions are:

(1) Was Michael related to other Walter(s) in Fairfield County, possibly a Casper (Gasper), Jacob, and John? From where in Pennsylvania did Michael and/or Elizabeth come? When?

(2) I have traced Joseph, Johanna, and Emanuel, but want to learn about the first three children.

I have good documentation for the following related information that may guide you:

8 December 1808 - Michael Walter(s), a resident of Fairfield Co, married Elizabeth Anderson of Washington Twp, Ross (later Pickaway) Co.

February through August, 1814 - Michael, a resident of Pickaway Co, served as a lieutenant in the War of 1812.

December, 1816 - Michael, a resident of Pickaway Co, received subsistence pay for his military service.

February, 1820, son Emanuel Walters born in Fairfield County.

1820 census – resident of Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co, OH. I have a vague recollection that I read Michael Walters was a downtown lot owner in early Lancaster history, but I am unable to find such a reference and may be mistaken.

1823 – Pickaway County court case shows a Betsey Anderson, wife of Michael Walters, was the daughter of John. Sr., and Susannah Anderson, first permanent settler (1797) of Washington Twp, Pickaway Co, OH

1830 census – resident of Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co, OH

1835 – A history of Wood County reads, in part, “Emanuel Walters, whose parents, Michael and Elizabeth Walters, came from Pennsylvania and settled in this (Wood) county in 1835, is the youngest of six children - Susannah, Pauline, John, Joseph, Johanna, and Emanuel. He was born in Fairfield County, February 20, 1820, and came to Wood County with his parents in 1835”. The same history indicates that, beginning in 1835, Michael served in various township (Montgomery Twp, Wood Co) offices.

1840 census – Michael’s residence was Montgomery Twp, Wood Co, OH

1846 - Elizabeth (Anderson) Walters died in Wood Co, OH. Calculated DOB is 1781.

1850 census – Michael’s residence was Montgomery Twp, Wood Co, OH, native of PA

1861 - Michael Walters died in Wood Co, OH. Calculated DOB is August, 1774.

The following information from an online source seems to be partially documented and may be helpful:

• Name: Casper WALTERS
• Sex: M
• ALIA: Joh. Caspar /Walther/
• Birth: 22 FEB 1756 in Lancaster PA 1
• Death: JUN 1818 in Fairfield Co, OH
• Burial: Ziegler Cemetery, Pleasant Twp 2
• Will: 25 MAY 1818 Fairfield County Will Book No. 2, p. 83
• Event: Will probated 26 JUN 1818 Peter Lamb, executor
• Baptism: 4 APR 1756 Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA 1
• Note:
JOH. CASPER WALTER was born 22 Feb. 1756 in Lancaster, PA and baptized in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church there. That church's records show that his parents were Joh. Valentin and Anna Catherina Walther. It seems highly probable that it was this man who came to Pleasant Twp, Fairfield Co, Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1804 (Scott, p. 199), probably with sons Jacob and John. Jacob and John would have been 24 and 15, respectively, at that time. Graham's history (p. 237) states that "Gasper" and Jacob Walter were among the first settlers of Pleasant Twp. He bought 158 acres of federal land in Pleasant Twp. in 1804 (Kocher, p. 32). Both Casper and Jacob were listed among the tax payers of Pleasant Twp in 1806 (Scott, p. 46). Casper Walters was on Fairfield County tax rolls in 1810 for 316 acres in Range 18, Twp 15, Section 5, which identified him as the original proprietor.
Casper's great grandson, Arthur C. Walters, remembered Casper's house as being a "brick house, painted red," near S. R. 37, six miles of north of Lancaster, in Pleasant Township. He also recalled being told that Casper came to Ohio from Lancaster PA in about 1804.
The 1790 US Census of Pennsylvania listed only one Casper (Gesper) Walter, a resident of Westmoreland County, S. Huntingdon Twp, whose household consisted of himself, two males under age 16, and three females. These data would fit with what is believed about the family of Casper Walter of Fairfield County: Jacob b. 1779; John b. 1788; Catherine b. 1780-1787; and Christina b. 1789.
In 1815, Casper sold land to his son, Jacob (Deed Book J-273), and in 1817 to his son, John (Deed Book L-490).
Casper's will was written May 25, 1818 and probated on June 26 (Case 255; Will Book 2, p. 83). His will named his wife, Mary, and his children: Caty, Christina, Mary, Elizabeth, and John. His executor was Peter Lamb, his son-in-law (the husband of Mary/Polly). Genealogy of the Lamb family gives the dob of Mary Walters, wife of Peter Lamb, as 28 Feb 1793 - a year later than the church record for Anna Maria Walter. Even so, it seems highly possible that it was Anna Maria Walter, born February 1792 in Westmoreland County, who became the wife of Peter Lamb in Fairfield County, Ohio.

- Arthur C. Walters personal records and recollections
- Scott, H., "A Complete History of Fairfield County," 1877
- Graham, A. A., " History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio," 1883
- Smith & Weiser, "Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730-1796," (3 vol's)
- Fairfield County tax records
- Fairfield County deed books
- Fairfield County Will Book 3
- Lamb family Bible and genealogy
- Ruff, P. M., "The German Church Records of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania 1792-1804," 1981.
- Kocher, L. R., "A Listing of Entrymen on Lands in Fairfield Co, Ohio," 1993.

Bill Summers

Re: Casper Walters

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Thank you for all the information you provided. I am relatively new to genealogy, but I have made good progress in finding information. The hard part for me is deciding if the information I have found is actually about an ancestor. I do believe that Michael S and Solomon are the same people, but I can't confirm that. Thanks again.

David Walters

Re: Casper Walters

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Hi David,
Regarding the Solomon/Michael issue, I posted a query today regarding facts about Michael. Here's a copy. By the way, did I see Gypsum somewhere re your location. If so, I'm very closeby.
Bill Summers

Many genealogies have adopted facts about Michael S. Walters (wife Elizabeth Anderson, children, death at Bradner, Wood Co, OH) as pertaining to a Solomon Walters. What follows are facts which can be documented about Michael S. Walters. I believe this information dispels any connection to a Solomon Walters. To start, Michael S. Walters was born about 14 Aug 1774 in PA and died 13 Feb 1861, at Bradner, Wood Co, OH. The middle initial "S" appears ONLY on his tombstone. Many dates &locations below conflict with the location of various Solomon Walters I have found.

On 8 Dec 1808 a Michael Walter of Fairfield Co, OH, married Elizabeth Anderson of Ross Co, OH, in Washington Twp, Ross Co by James Martin, JP. Washington Twp became a part of Pickaway Co and is adjacent to Fairfield Co. Elizabeth's father was John Anderson is acknowledged as the first settler of Washington Twp, Pickaway Co (1797). John married Mrs. Susannah Culbertson.

In 1814, a Michael Walters of Pickaway Co served in the War of 1812 under Captain George Hosher/Hushour. In 1816, he engaged an attorney from Chillicothe, Ross Co, for subsistence pay during his service. He received payment in 1818. George Hosher was in Fairfield Co as early as 1806 and appears in the 1820 census.

A Michael Walters appears in the 1830 and 1840 census of Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co, OH. A Michael Walters appears in the 1840 and 1850 census of Montgomery Twp, Wood Co, OH.

In 1816, Michael bought 90 acres in Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co, OH. In 1819, Michael & Elizabeth sold 13 of 90 acres. In 1823, Michael & Elizabeth Walters of Fairfield Co gave a quit claim deed to her brother, John Anderson (Jr) to land in Washington Twp, Pickaway Co. In 1824, an M. Walters was elected as a road supervisor in Hocking Twp. In 1835, Michael & Elizabeth sold the balance of their 90 acres in Hocking Twp, Fairfield Co.

In 1836 & 1837 Michael Walters bought land in Montgomery Twp, Wood Co, OH. Michael Walters was treasurer of Montgomery Twp in 1836 & was a township trustee in 1837, 1845 & 1851. A Wood Co history lists among "men of Montgomery Township in 1839 are Michael Walters, Joseph Walters, and Emanuel Walters".

Elizabeth died & her tombstone says "Elizabeth, wife of M. Walter, died July 27, 1846, aged 65 yrs". In the 1850 census of Montgomery Twp, Wood Co, OH, Michael Walters, 64, native of PA, was living with his son, Joseph Walters. On 9 October 1851, Michael Walters of Freeport (now Wayne), Wood Co married Mrs. Jane Eisenhour of (adjacent) Sandusky Co. In 1852 Michael & Jane Walters sold a lot in Freeport (now Wayne) Wood Co, OH.

A Wood Co history has a biography of Moses B. Walters which says Moses B. Walters "was born in Montgomery township, August 25, 1848, and is a son of Joseph Walters, who was married in Fairfield county, Ohio, and afterward accompanied his parents to Wood county, locating in Montgomery township. The grandfather, Michael Walters, there entered from the government a tract of land which he improved and after sold. He then removed to Wyandot county Ohio, where he spent his remaining days in the home of his daughter".

Another Wood Co history says "Emanuel Walters, whose parents, Michael and Elizabeth Walters, came from Pennsylvania and settled in this (Wood) county in 1835, is the youngest of six children - Susannah, Pauline, John, Joseph, Johanna, and Emanuel. He was born in Fairfield County, February 20, 1820, and came to Wood County with his parents in 1835... Mr. Walters relates that his father was nine days removing the family from Fairfield County to their new home on Section 11, in this (Montgomery) Township. They came by the way of Lancaster, Columbus, Delaware, Marion, Little Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, McCutchensville, Fort Ball, Fostoria, and West Milgrove. Where Freeport (now Wayne) now stands was then all woods. There were no roads or ditches. It required three days to make the trip to Fremont and return. Game was very plentiful. Mr. Walters killed forty deer in one fall, four in one day. There were many bears, and turkeys innumerable".

Michael's tombstone is decorated with a War of 1812 marker. The stone reads "Michel S. Walters, died Feb 13 (11?), 1861, aged 86 yrs 6 (?) mos".
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